No Hodgepodge Today, But There’s Still ‘Hummy’…

Our hostess, Joyce, has taken the week off from the Hodgepodge, this week.  So, instead, I’ll tell you about our resident hummingbird, ‘Hummy’.

For years, Ed and I have tried to attract hummingbirds, without a lot of success, I might add.  We don’t have many flowers in our yard, nor do we have an ideal spot to hang a feeder.  However, we still persisted.

Last year, a couple of hummingbirds found their way over to our daughter’s house, next door.  She has flowers planted all around her porch, and chose to put a hummingbird feeder among the flowers.  It worked!  Soon she had two hummingbirds–a big one, and a smaller one.

Late last summer, I purchased a new hummingbird feeder when they went on sale at Tractor Supply.  I hung the feeder from a shepherd’s hook in the yard. Before too long, I saw a hummingbird visiting!  It turned out that my daughter let her feeder run out of nectar, and when she did, her birds found their way to my feeder!  (My daughter says when the nectar would run out, the hummingbird would fly up and look inside of her sliding glass door, as if to say, “Hey, where’s my food?!”)  The two birds visited back and forth, between our houses, the rest of the summer. 

This spring, my daughter and I put out our hummingbird feeders again, but she accidentally mixed her nectar using twice the recommended amount of sugar.  Needless to say, the hummingbirds liked her feeder best!  I think they enjoyed their ‘sugar high’!  Eventually, her feeder ran low, and the two hummingbirds migrated next door to my feeder, although I’m sure they were disappointed with my regular strength nectar!

We’ve all enjoyed watching the antics of the hummingbirds, all summer.  The largest of the two hummingbirds is a bully.  He always chases the smaller one away, but the smaller one still manages to get some nectar.  We’ve named the largest bird ‘Hummy’, and Ed’s even taken his photograph.


‘Hummy’, the hummingbird

We enjoy watching ‘Hummy’ flying around, landing on various things in the yard.  This is the first year we’ve been able to do this (remember Ed had cataract surgery, last year!).  Before long, the weather will cool down, (I hope!) and ‘Hummy’ will soon disappear for a while.  Hopefully, both ‘Hummy’ and his friend will reappear next spring.  Perhaps, then, I’ll mix that first batch of nectar a little sweeter than usual 🙂

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