Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

It’s been a l-o-n-g time since I wrote five posts in one week, but I’m on a roll so I’ll just go with it. I enjoy linking up with Mrs. Fours for Friday Fragments whenever I can, so here goes…

Ed and I have not been feeling very good lately.  I’ve had back/abdominal pain since last Friday, and Ed’s thyroid apparently has gotten inflamed, causing him some issues.  On Tuesday, he made us both appointments to see the Nurse Practitioner.  Our appointments were for the same time, and we saw the Nurse Practitioner in the exam room–together.  After 42 years of marriage, this was a first!  Oh, and the Nurse Practitioner that we saw happened to graduate with our daughter!  Talk about feeling old!!!

Ed got a prescription to help heal his inflamed thyroid, while I had a urinalysis performed to rule out a possible kidney infection. My U/A didn’t show much, only a trace of blood. The NP didn’t really know what to make of this, and neither do I.  My back/abdomen is still bothering me, but I’m taking a ‘wait and see’ approach, for now.  The NP recommended that I drink lots of water, to flush the kidneys, and come back if the pain worsens.  Alrighty then!

Recently, I saw a post on Facebook that really hit home:


Of course, Ed and I are a little past middle age, but this applies to us, too!

The baby chicks made it through day two with only one incident.  One of the Delawares had a small case of ‘pasty butt’. (Yes, it’s an actual condition)  I had to gently moisten her fluffy butt with a wet paper towel, then remove the dried poop so it wouldn’t clog up her vent.  Afterward, she got a quick blow dry of her rear end, and was as good as new.  Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Those little ‘Delawares’ are still being feisty, and I even caught one of them trying to fly out of the brooder!  I’ll be covering the top of their box with some netting soon!  I switched the warming light over their brooder box to a red light bulb, and they rested quietly last night, thank goodness.

Recently, when I visited with my granddaughter, Madison, she wanted me to watch a show with her called ” Barbie Life In the Dreamhouse”.  I’d never heard of this show before, but I agreed to watch an episode, because, after all, who doesn’t love Barbie?! Apparently, some genius has taken Barbie and all of her friends, given them personalities, and made an entertaining little show. If you watched Toy Story 3,  and the scenes between Barbie and Ken, you have an idea what the show is like. Funny stuff!

I had a strange experience with eBay, this week!  I’ve shopped on eBay for ten years, and bought hundreds of items, but never had this experience before.  I bought a music box from a seller, then later received an email and a refund because the guy said he dropped the music box and broke it while trying to wrap it for mailing!  Rats!  I really liked that music box, too…

One last thing–love bugs!  We’ve been plagued with massive swarms of them for over a week! Yesterday, the entire front door of our house was covered in them–even the door knob!  Nobody around here loves a love bug–not even the chickens 🙂

Have a great weekend!






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A Quiet Weekend…

Once again, it’s been a few days since I’ve posted.  Sometimes the words just aren’t there, and sometimes I have other things demanding my attention, but today I’m beginning the week by blogging!

Ed and I are dealing with a few things, job related, that I can’t blog about, and at times, it gets to be quite stressful.  Sometimes I think we have problems, then I take a look at so many others around me, and our problems don’t seem big at all…  For instance,

Gene, brother-in-law of my good friend, Diane, just had a massive stroke, last week.  Ed and I have known Gene for many years, and, in fact, Ed just saw him at the hospital, recently.  Gene’s been in the NICU since Thursday, on a ventilator.  There’s been no improvement, and he’s not expected to recover.  His family will soon be faced with some tough decisions, concerning removal of the ventilator.

My friend, Diane, is dealing with several health issues of her own, as well.  Among them, chronic back problems, chronic foot problems (surgery needed for both), and her most recent problem –stomach ulcers.  In addition to all of this, Diane’s husband suffered a mild stroke, just over a year ago, and Diane’s mom recently had to enter an assisted living facility, due to having Alzheimer’s.  When it rains, it pours, sometimes–or so it seems.  Like I said, suddenly my problems don’t seem so big, after all.

In other news, Ed and I spent a quiet weekend at home.  Ed finished a few chores around the house.  Mowing the grass, cutting down the last of the spring garden, washing cars, etc.  Meanwhile, I didn’t do a whole lot, other than a little grocery shopping.  Sometimes quiet weekends are good.

However, on Saturday morning, I did manage to hoe one-half of the fall garden!  Ed helped me hoe the other half.  Thank goodness the fall garden consists of only three rows of vegetables–but those three rows are 150 feet long each!

On Saturday evening, our family (minus three) gathered over at my daughter’s house for boiled peanuts and a cookout.  It rained, so we had to move our activities indoors, but we still had a good time.  While eating supper, I sat at the table in the dining room, admiring the beautiful view out of the front sliding glass doors.  Oh how I miss that view!  It overlooks much of the family farm, including our current garden. (In case you’re confused, Ed and I lived in our daughter’s current house for 30 years, before moving next door.)  I couldn’t help but wonder how many meals had been enjoyed, by our family, in that dining room, over the years.  Lots of memories, that’s for sure!

The high point of Saturday evening (other than enjoying the view and everyone’s company) was watching the wedding video of our daughter’s wedding.  Oh my goodness!  A lot happens to people in thirteen years!!!  Many of the wedding guests have since passed away, and many of us have not aged gracefully…  Enough said!

We didn’t see Brad and his family this weekend, but little Evan learned how to crawl last week!  Thanks to Facebook, I’ve already been able to see the little fellow in action!  His mama recorded and shared Evan’s feat.  Social media certainly makes being a long-distance grandma a little easier.

I’d hoped to go to the beach, on Sunday, but we didn’t make it.  I woke up tired, and the weather wasn’t cooperating either.  Ed and I ended up spending a lazy day at home, watching the sun play peek-a-boo behind the clouds.  We caught up with some television watching, and took two naps!  Hopefully, Ed went back to work rested today.

I hope we’ll make it to the beach sometime this coming weekend.  Ed has a three day weekend off, due to having to take another mandatory vacation day.  I’m sure looking forward to seeing this again…


Update:  I just received word, from Diane, that Gene passed away at 5:30 yesterday afternoon.   I know he’s in a far better place, but I will continue to pray for his family in the difficult days ahead…

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