Sharing Some Photos…Of My Favorite Newlyweds

Hey guys!  If it’s Monday, then I’m most likely traveling back home today.  I hate the idea of not having a Monday post, so I’m preparing something ahead of time.

My favorite newlywed couple celebrated their two month anniversary while on a memorable road trip last Thursday.  Jennifer’s three month’s checkup in North Carolina was on Wednesday.  It’s always a 7 hour drive–one way–to this appointment, so they usually spend the night on the road.

You may recall that Wednesday was the day of the earthquake on the east coast.  The couple missed feeling the quake because apparently they were traveling when the quake occurred.  However, they did experience other excitement later, when they locked their keys in the car at the motel!

The following day, Brad and Jennifer experienced more excitement while dining at Zaxby’s for lunch.  Apparently, one of the waitresses slipped down on the wet floor just outside the kitchen, and injured herself badly.   911 had to be called!  Brad says Jennifer went into “nurse mode” while they were waiting for the ambulance to arrive!  Oddly enough, the girl who fell had just taken Brad and Jennifer’s order a few moments earlier!

Fortunately, the fallen waitress was the last of Brad and Jennifer’s excitement, and they arrived safely home.  As promised, they brought their disc of wedding photos to share with us that evening.  I’d been waiting patiently for several days to see those photos–all 698 of them!  Here are a few interesting photos that I like…

Aww…that’s my baby!  He’s 26, but he’ll always be the “my baby”.   I’d give a penny for his thoughts right about here…

Now here is a sight rarely seen!  Hubby and me on a dance floor!  He and I are second and third people from the left of the photo, and we are doing–the twist!  Hubby wasn’t thrilled when I asked him to dance!  Ha!  Check out our little granddaughter, sitting at the table watching us!  I wonder what she was thinking!  Madison’s Aunt Sarah appears to covering her eyes…Perhaps we were just too painful to watch!  Or it could be because we were wearing our “old people shoes” with our wedding clothes!

I call this one “Men In Black”.  All these guys need are a couple of machine guns!  They look like men on a mission!

This was an interesting shot.  The photographer photographed me, while I was photographing the bride.  Funny!

The lighting of the unity candle.  The preacher talked so long, the tapers were very short!  Thankfully, we didn’t have any burned fingertips!

Presenting…the leaning tower of cake!  You couldn’t really tell that the cake was leaning this much from the front view, but from this angle…oh, my goodness!  The southern heat was taking its toll…  Jennifer and Brad cut the cake shortly after this picture was taken!

See, the cake still looked good from this angle.

Finally, here’s a shot of my entire family–our children, their spouses, the grandchildren, and Ed’s mother, and  I think this is a great place to end this post, don’t you?  Have a great Monday!

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