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Until now, I’ve neglected to take the time to blog about our newest furry family member known as “Jack”.  Jack  is my daughter’s dog, which, I suppose, officially makes him my “granddog”.

Jack is a Chihuahua/Jack Russell terrier mix who joined the family back in September–and has been getting into trouble ever since!  It’s been eight years since we’ve had a puppy on the place, and we’d all forgotten how challenging having a puppy around can be.

Jack’s best described as a furry fireball of pure energy, always looking for something to get into!  If I’ve heard my daughter’s family yelling “Jack” one time, I’ve heard it a thousand times over the past seven months!  I can’t count the times I’ve seen someone chasing Jack around the yard trying to retrieve an item that he’s stolen.  He’s notorious for stealing granddaughter, Madison’s, toys and everybody’s shoes–but, also, for finding hidden plastic Easter eggs!  He actually found one of our prize eggs during our egg hunt this year.

My biggest pet peeves with Jack are the way he insists on running and jumping up on me every time he gets a chance, and the way he chases my poor old cats!  If only Jack would outgrow these annoying habits, we’d get along a lot better.  Since he’s less than a year old, I’m thinking there might still be some hope!

Of course, Jack does have his good points, too.  He’s made a good playmate for granddaughter, Madison.  He thinks he’s her brother!  Jack’s so expressive with his thoughts and moods, he can be quite entertaining to have around, too.  He has the cutest way of moving his ears around and turning his head sideways, and he moans and groans just like a person!

Jack’s very loving (to certain people), and seems to enjoy snuggling and showering his loved ones with wet doggie kisses, whether they want them or not!  Jack’s a great watchdog, too, and stays on high alert at all times–not just over his house, but over mine, as well!

Just yesterday, Jack wanted so badly to attack the Georgia Power crewmen while they were working in my yard to restore the power!  In fact, some of Jack’s antics finally landed him in “timeout” for a few minutes while I was spending time at his house.

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Just look at that face! Can you tell Jack’s not enjoying being in “time out”?  I can almost guess what he was thinking.

One thing I can tell you, without a doubt.  Life around here has been anything but dull since Jack joined the family, and you’ll probably hear some more “Jack Tales” in the future.

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