Leaping Into The Hodgepodge…

It’s Wednesday, and as always, it’s time for me to join my friend, Joyce, for her weekly meme, known as the “The Hodgepodge”.  Please, feel free to join us!  Here are Joyce’s questions for this final day of February:

1. The Hodgepodge falls on the last day of February this year, a leap year. How will you spend that extra day?

You know, it’s funny, but I didn’t even realize it was leap year until I read this question.  Guess that just goes to show how much attention I pay to the calendar these days!  Does anyone else out there call this day, “Sadie Hawkins Day”– or is that a “southern term”?  As for what I’ll be doing, I’ll probably just spend the day quietly at home.  If the weather permits, I’d like to spend part of the day outside.  I’m suffering from “cabin fever”!

2. What has recently required a leap of faith on your part?

Nothing recent comes to mind, and that’s a good thing!  It’s been my experience that “Leaps of faith” usually come from some kind of turmoil or change.  Our family had plenty of that sort of thing last year, with our son, Brad, and his new wife, Jennifer.  (Just in case you are new here or have forgotten–, Jennifer was diagnosed with cancer, lost her mom, and had surgery three times within just a few months!  During this time, Brad also came down with a “mega case” of the flu, and spent several days in ICU, but the couple still managed to find time to plan a wedding and get married, too!)

3. We’re one week into the season of Lent…are you marking these 40 days in some way? Giving something up or adding something extra to normal life? How’s it going so far?

Our religion doesn’t observe Lent.  I do enjoy reading about the experiences of others though.

4. When was the last time you sat beside a fire?

The last time I sat beside a “real” fire was around the end of October.  (I sit beside our electric fireplace all the time.)  It was late on a Saturday afternoon, after Ed and Clint had spent the afternoon burning limbs and stuff.  We decided to have a wiener roast, and it was fun!  By the way, there wasn’t a child in sight, just four adults.  Check out Ed’s “wiener roaster”–and don’t knock it until you try it!

5. Surf and Turf is on the menu. Do you order as is or do you ask for just the surf (lobster), just the turf (steak), or a menu so you can select another option?

I’d just order the “turf”.  I love steak, and prefer it over seafood every time!  Would you believe, I’ve never tried lobster?

6. If you could have any television program back, not in reruns but in new episodes, what program would you choose?  

I spent a great deal of time pondering this question.  I really loved “The Waltons” and “Little House On The Prairie”, but the one show that kept me glued to the television, without fail, on Friday nights, was Miami Vice!  I loved it!  The scenery, the music, and of course, I loved seeing Don Johnson, too!  It probably just wouldn’t be the same now that he’s older…sigh.

7. They say an elephant never forgets. These days would you say your memory is more like an elephant or a gnat?

These days my memory is more like a gnat!  If I need to remember anything of great importance, I usually write it down!  It’s one of the reasons that I started blogging!

Random:  Nearly four years ago, I finally did my civic duty and registered to vote.   I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’d always refused to do so in previous years, because I didn’t want to get called for jury duty.  Sad, but true…  Anyway, I registered to vote, then voted in the next election.  Well, I guess you could say, “It’s time to pay the piper”, because guess what came in the mail yesterday?  A jury summons–to Superior Court.  Oh my!  I can hardly wait…

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