Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

It’s been a long week, with cold weather, and lots of rain. I’ve been shut in the entire time, and, as a result, I have lots of fragments floating around in my head.  I’ll be linking them up with Mrs. 4-4-4-4 at Half-PastKissinTime.


The week started off with a ‘bang’, when Ed,and many of his fellow co-workers, learned they’ll be getting a reduction in pay, beginning next week. On the bright side, some said “At least we still have our jobs.” This is true, at least for now.

One fellow co-worker had been off work for several days, caring for her ailing mother, then fighting a case of stomach flu, herself, only to return to work and discover her salary was being reduced.   Talk about a run of bad luck!


Our youngest grandchild, Evan, was sick last weekend, and throughout the first part of the week. Without going into great details, let’s just say, he was requiring LOTS of diaper changes due to an upset tummy. He’s better now, thank goodness! Unfortunately, Evan’s dad is now sick with a cold and sore throat. Ed and I had planned a visit, this weekend, but I guess we’ll have to post-pone. It’s been three weeks since we’ve seen this family, and this Mimi is missing them a lot!


I’ve posted here, a couple of times, about the local guy who escaped from jail, back in January, and has been on the run ever since. He’s been spotted in Texas, Alabama, and, now, back here, in Georgia. (I can’t begin to tell you how many vehicles this guy has stolen, among other things!) On Tuesday night, our little town was ‘a buzz’ with another manhunt, after the man was spotted in town.  The manhunt made the local news, but wasn’t successful.

Recently, some somebody thought it would be amusing to start a Facebook page, in support of this fugitive!  Strange, but true.  The page has caused quite a stir, and, once again, the story made the local news.  We’re living in some strange times, when people begin to root for the bad guy!  There’s even been some talk about printing t-shirts.  That’s just wrong on so many levels.


Does anyone remember the saga of the cats living at my MIL’s house?  Well, ‘Trouble’ is still staying there, all alone, but ‘Jo Jo’ found his way to our house.  The third cat, known by our grandson as, ‘Stranger Cat’ is now living at our oldest son’s house.  Ed continues to go and feed ‘Trouble’ and ‘Stranger Cat’ daily, believe it or not.  He tried hard to tame ‘Stranger Cat’, without any success.  I suspect she’ll be delivering kittens in time for Easter, since she’s now ‘expecting’, thanks to a stray, red tom cat!


My heart is heavy, today, for a cousin and her family.  My cousin’s spouse has been fighting a three-year battle for his life, and the battle is nearly over.  They’re an older couple, one of the rare ones who married and stayed married for the long haul.  Fifty-plus years. Where you saw one, you saw the other, and one name was rarely spoken without the other.  I know my cousin will be lost without her ‘other half’.


Last, but not least, I just have to share a piece of our oldest granddaughter’s school work.  She’s a home-schooled first grader, and we are so proud of how much she has learned, this year!  Madison, recently, began learning creative writing, and she seems to have a real talent for it.  She’s, also, mastered the lost art of cursive writing, and I’m so happy about this!   Madison’s assignment was to write a story about Abraham Lincoln, and here is what she wrote, from things she’d learned in class:

3-6-2014 10;56;31 AM Story

Many public schools no longer teach cursive writing, and I find this unacceptable!  My heart sank, this week, when I saw a high schooler, on the news, printing his essay for the SAT…

On that note, I’ll just say, Have a great weekend 🙂

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Miscellaneous Monday…

I missed participating in Friday Fragments, so I feel the need to do a Miscellaneous post today.  In case you are wondering why I missed participating in Friday Fragments–I went to the circus!


I didn’t go to the circus alone, though.  I accompanied my daughter and granddaughter.  Daughter-in-law, Christina, had gotten circus tickets for everyone through grandson, Caden’s, pre-school.  Since son-in-law, Clint, couldn’t go, due to his new job, I used his ticket. Everyone sat together, in one row, so it was kind of nice to be able to watch the grandchildren, while they watched the circus.


The time spent at the circus was the only bit of ‘family time’  we spent over the entire weekend, which is quite unusual.

The circus was good, but I must admit, the circus isn’t nearly as big as it used to be, years ago.  I suppose the economy has taken a toll on the circus, too!  First of all, the circus has gone from three rings down to one!  There are no longer any tigers either, only elephants, camels, ponies, and dogs.  There didn’t seem to be as many performers as in the past, but the show was still good.

After twelve weeks of maternity leave, daughter-in-law, Jennifer, returned to work last Wednesday. Hubby, Brad, stayed home from work for two days to keep baby Evan, until his daycare slot became available.  I called to check on everyone, and discovered their first day turned out to be a crazy one!  In addition to being heartsick over having to leave Evan, poor Jennifer got ‘punched’ in the face by a patient!  She’s okay, but what a way to start the first day!  Meanwhile, Evan kept Brad busy, all day, trying to figure out how to keep him satisfied.  Everyone survived Jennifer’s first day back at work, and, I’m told,  the second day went much smoother for all.

Our weather, on Saturday, was cold and very windy!  I was so very thankful that we no longer have those tall pines surrounding our home.  There are still some pines, in the area of our chicken coop, and they were really swaying in the wind!  Needless to say, I didn’t spend much time around the chicken coop, on Saturday!

According to our weatherman, we have a chance of snow, on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning!  It will be interesting to see what happens with all that! Snow or not, there’s some cold, nasty weather heading our way.  If we don’t get snow, we’ll most likely get sleet and ice, or perhaps a mix of all three.  Here in the south, we don’t deal with any of those things very well, so it’s likely to be a mess.

We spent the weekend doing some mundane chores, including working at my late mother-in-law’s house again.  It’s slow-going, but Ed and I are beginning to make some progress.  At times, we both feel a bit over-whelmed, but we keep going.  Someday, there will be a light at the end of this tunnel, in the meantime,  we’ll continue to sort out sixty-seven years worth of  memories and possessions.

Speaking of family, today is my sister-in-law, Kay’s,  birthday.  Kay and my brother have been married for over 50 years, so I guess you could safely say Kay and I have known each other for a long, long time!  In fact, at one point in time, she used to be my baby sitter, since she’s nine years my senior.  How neat is that?!  Anyway, I hope Kay has a great birthday, ’cause she deserves it!

100_2529 (2)

Today’s Birthday Girl

I don’t know if anyone remembers my post Weekend Manhunt, but in October of 2012,  a local prisoner escaped from custody–and it took  law enforcement over a week to catch him!  He stole several vehicles, and broke into some homes in and around our area.  There was a massive manhunt  for him in our community[complete with helicopters flying overhead], which lasted several days.  The escapee eventually made it down to Florida, where he was apprehended.  Well, this same guy is back, and has managed to escape [from jail] again, along with a friend!  The men, somehow cut a hole in the ceiling of the jail,  hung sheets out of a window and escaped during Thursday night!  As far as I know, the two are still on the loose.

I think that pretty much covers what’s been happening around here.  The ‘Monday Quiz’ questions aren’t up yet, so I’m going to go ahead wrap this post up and publish it.  Have a great Monday, everyone!

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Thursday’s Thoughts ~ The Weekend Manhunt…

Last weekend’s manhunt began on Wednesday, with the arrest of a man, in connection with a probation violation and multiple burglaries.  The arrest turned into a manhunt after the suspect managed to give the authorities “the slip” before actually making it to jail.  (The suspect crawled out of the bathroom window, when allowed to use the restroom unattended.)  Suddenly the hunt was on!

Our town is small, and word spreads quickly.  The fugitive is a local man, who also belongs to a prominent, well-respected family in the area.  Soon Facebook was all abuzz–and we all know, sometimes this is not a good thing.

On Wednesday, the search for the suspect had begun many miles from where we live. It continued on through Thursday evening, searching wooded areas with tracking dogs, which the suspect somehow managed to elude.

By Friday morning, it was rumored that the suspect had obtained a smart phone, and had been able to keep up with the search through Facebook.  By then he’d also broken into a home, took a shower, and cooked himself a hamburger.

Imagine our surprise, when scores of police cars began streaming into our little community late Friday afternoon!  We soon learned the suspect was in our area!  They even brought in a helicopter!  The frantic search took place just over a mile from our house!  (Once again, Facebook had a busy night.)  After several unsuccessful hours,  the search was called off for the evening.  I don’t know about other Gooseneck residents, but our family locked up, lit up, and slept with one eye open!

The next day we learned the suspect had broken into three different businesses/residences of our neighbors after the search was halted!  He took everything from Gatorade to a four-wheeler–even some gasoline to put in the four-wheeler!

The fugitive then moved to the north side of us, just a few miles down the road, and stole a pickup truck on the following day.  The authorities had no idea where the suspect was headed after that.

The last we heard, the truck had been found in Brunswick, a city about 80 miles away!  Whew, finally we can start to breathe easy again.  So much for our relaxing weekend at home!  We’ll try again tomorrow…

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