Oh, The Joys Of Getting Older…

Just in case you didn’t know…today is the beginning of a brand new week.  It also means the ending of yet another week!  These weeks, they do pass quickly, don’t they?  I’m made even more aware of the speedy passing of a week, by the constant need to refill my little “medication reminder”–you know, the little plastic box that holds a week’s worth of daily dosages of medications.  Perhaps you haven’t been introduced to the “medication reminder” yet, and if not, you are blessed!  Quick! Enjoy a normal life while you still can!

My husband, Ed, says he is constantly reminded of how quickly time passes by the frequency he has to get our prescriptions refilled!  He doesn’t use a “medication reminder” yet (although he really should!), but he takes medication on a daily basis, too.  Between the two of us, he makes at least three trips to the pharmacy per month.  Oh the joys of getting older, and developing health issues like high blood pressure!

Speaking of health issues, after nearly three months of total bliss– in the absence of my dear friend, “Uncle Arthur” (aka rheumatoid arthritis), my life was made miserable this past weekend with his return!  “Uncle Arthur” does me that way–he comes and he goes.  I’d been in remission since sometime in February–until last week.  Perhaps picking 55 quarts of green beans had something to do with “Arthur’s” return, or the change in weather?!  Unfortunately, “Arthur” has a mind of his own, and doesn’t need a reason to visit.  Whatever the cause for “Arthur’s”  recent visit, I hope it will be a brief one!

Also, on the subject of health and growing older…Lately, everyone in the family has been remarking how much Ed has begun to look like “Grandpa” (Ed’s daddy).  Even Ed’s mom says he looks just like her late husband.  I’ve noticed it, too.  Due to his thinning hair, Ed now has to wear a cap whenever he’s outside (or risk getting his scalp burned), and he’s usually dressed in the same type of attire that his dad used to wear around the farm–dark blue slacks (with cuffs), and a long-sleeved, plaid shirt.

The other day I looked outside while Ed was sitting under the car port minding the pressure cooker.  He could have easily passed for his daddy sitting there!  How many times have I seen my father-in-law sitting outside watching a pot boil–except his pot usually contained boiled peanuts–not green beans!  I walked outside and made the following comment to Ed.  I said, “Sometimes I feel like I’m married to your daddy now!  Do you feel like you are married to  my mother?”  He quietly answered, “Yes.”  Ha!  Who would’ve seen this one coming when we married nearly forty years ago?!   Now, I didn’t ask Ed to elaborate on why he feels like he is married to my mother...some things are just better left unsaid!  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–“Oh, the joys of getting older!  Married to our parents, who would’ve thunk it?!

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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Thursday’s Thoughts…Holy Matrimony!!!

Our favorite newlyweds, Brad and Jennifer, came over to watch “Big Brother” with us last night.  As Ed and I sat  there listening to them talk–about “her hogging the bed” and “him turning the thermostat up and down“– it brought back early marriage memories of long ago, and got me to thinking about all of the adjustments of marriage!

Brad and Jennifer were discussing the problems of two people sleeping on a double bed.  I could totally relate!  It doesn’t take the “honeymoon” long to be over when it comes to sleeping arrangements.  When one person is used to having the entire bed, it’s an adjustment to learn to share–especially on a double bed!  It certainly didn’t take us long before we upgraded to a queen sized bed!

For the woman, there was the “ordeal” of giving up her maiden name, and having to get everything changed over to her new married name!  Add to that the problem of remembering the new last name!  It’s hard to break the old habit of writing that “maiden” name. (Just the other day, I wrote my daughter’s maiden name –and she’s been married for 10 years!)  Old habits die hard!

Then there’s the joy of finding your way around the kitchen!  Jennifer has been trying some new recipes, while practicing others.  Sometimes she will ask me how to cook something.  It’s hard for me to “tell” somebody how to cook something.  I cook without measuring or thinking, because over the years, it’s become an automatic function.  Of course, I still remember the days when it wasn’t–and we ate a lot of “less than perfect” meals, and Ed probably had a bottle of  Tums hidden away somewhere!

Of course, there is always the problem of figuring out how to handle the finances after marriage!  When Ed and I got married, I didn’t have a job, so there wasn’t any discussion about that–I didn’t have any money!  We opened a joint checking account, and the money that he earned was “our money”.  Ed paid the bills,  and kept the checkbook balanced. 

I couldn’t even write a check in the early years of our marriage because I didn’t have a driver’s license or any form of identification!  As time passed, I began working, got an identification badge, began writing checks, and eventually took over the duties of paying bills and balancing the checkbook.  I’m still doing it, after all these years.  It’s a job I’d happily relenquish. 

Sometimes, another marriage adjustment is   “sharing your space” with someone.  Ed and I didn’t have this particular issue, but it was an early issue with my daughter and her husband!   Our daughter owned her own place when she met her husband.  She had her home decorated in pretty “girly” things–like a canopy bed, and a pretty floral couch. 

Her husband is a “manly man”, he likes wrestling, John Deere tractors, trucks, and guns!  Brandy didn’t like “clutter”, so she didn’t have much in her house.  Clint loves “stuff” and brought a pile of it with him when he moved it!  As you can imagine,  the two of them had more than a few adjustments to make during the first year of marriage.  

Speaking of “space”, I remember one of mine and Ed’s first marital issues was about having “pets”.  I love cats!  Ed likes cats okay–as long as they are outside.  In the early days of our marriage, I was lonely, and I wanted a kitten to keep me company while Ed was at work.  We argued back and forth, and eventually I got my kitten, which turned out to be an inside/outside cat.  We’ve had many inside/outside cats over the years.  I’m happiest when they are inside, while Ed is happiest when they are outside!

Speaking of pets, I’ve had a laugh or two with Brad and Jennifer concerning their pets!  He had several cats, and she had “Nubie”, the dog, before they got married.  She likes dogs, while he prefers cats.  At first, the dog wouldn’t obey Brad, and “peed” on him every time he yelled at her.  Then, “Trouble”, the cat, actually bit Jennifer–and “pooped” on a pair of her pajama pants!  Trouble was the only female in Brad’s life for a while…perhaps she’s a bit jealous 🙂  Oh the joys of holy matrimony!

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