A Few Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

It’s been one of those weeks!  For some reason, I don’t feel like I have accomplished very much, this week.  That’s probably because I’ve spent a lot of time on the computer!  When I wasn’t blogging, I was doing  Christmas shopping.  As of this week, I’ve officially begun my Christmas shopping!  Yay for me!  Two grandchildren crossed off the shopping  list, two more to go…

On Monday I went for my yearly eye exam, and a field of vision test.  I look forward to this appointment almost as much as I look forward to my yearly gynecologist visit!  (There’s a hint of sarcasm here.)  My eyes are extremely sensitive, so I hate having those drops put into my eyes.  It’s not much fun staring into that machine for the field of vision test either!  (My medical doctor requires a yearly field of vision test because one of the medicines I take, for rheumatoid arthritis, can cause vision problems.)  My poor, tired eyes remained dilated for over seven hours after the exam was over!  The good news is, I didn’t need new glasses, and I don’t have to go back for at least a year!

On Tuesday, I went with my daughter to take her daughter to the doctor, for a check up.  We left early enough to eat lunch out, then shopped a little bit before and after the appointment.  It had been ages since the three of us had been able to go on an ‘outing,’ and we had fun.

After  almost seven years of taking her daughter to see a practicing group of pediatricians, my daughter, Brandy, decided to switch Madison over to the care of a family practitioner.  Apparently, it’s a good thing Brandy made the switch!  On the first visit, a nurse practitioner discovered that Madison has a heart murmur.  We found it amazing that none of the previous pediatricians had ever bothered to mention this before!  The nurse practitioner doesn’t think Madison’s murmur is serious, but she scheduled an echo cardiogram to check things out a bit further anyway.  This wasn’t the first ‘mistake’ this group of pediatricians this group of pediatricians have made concerning Madison, but it will, definitely, be their last!

Wednesday was Ed’s birthday, so I spent most of the afternoon baking a cake for him.  Since I can’t eat much sugar, anymore, I rarely bake.  I can’t even remember when I last used my cake pans!  Ed loves German Chocolate cake, so I always bake one for him on his birthday, and on Valentines Day.  Valentine’s Day may have been the last time I baked a cake!  I was ‘rusty’ and needed the practice 🙂

On Thursday I was supposed to have a mammogram, but the mammogram machine broke on Wednesday, so I had to be rescheduled.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it over with have it done next week.  I.Can.Hardly.Wait.  I don’t mind having the exam as much as I mind waiting for the results.  I had a cancer scare a few years back,  so now I dread mammogram time.

Ed’s taking a vacation day today, so he’s home with me.  For now, he’s required to take a day off every two weeks, due to low patient census at work.  I have a long ‘honey-do’ list awaiting his attention, so his day won’t be wasted :).  Fixing the toilet is at the top of that list!  Our toilet still flushes, but it takes ten minutes, or more, for the tank to fill back up with water.  Digging sweet potatoes is also on that list!  Sounds like a fun day, huh?

As for me, I plan to rake some pine straw, clean the bathroom, and if those sweet potatoes get dug up, I’ll help pick those up, too!  We’re having a family get-together on Saturday night, in honor of Ed’s recent birthday, and I need to do some preparations for that, as well!  It’s always great to have everyone together again, especially when birthday cake and ice cream is involved 🙂  Two cakes in one week–you go Ed!

In reading back over my fragments, I guess it wasn’t  such a wasted week after all!  I managed to get a few things crossed off my ‘to do’ list!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and thanks to Mrs.4444 at halfpastkissintime for hosting Friday Fragments!

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It’s Good To Know That You’ve Got A Friend…

I’m overwhelmed by the amount of  love and support being sent our way concerning Jennifer’s ordeal.  Brad and Jennifer both read my blog (and comments) so I’m sure they can feel your love and support as well.  Thank you so much for your prayers and kind comments.  You are all a special group of people and I treasure your friendship more than I can say.

I began this blog over two years ago as a way to record some of our  family’s history and my personal thoughts about different things.  I wanted to leave a bit of myself behind for my family to have one day after I’m gone.  I’ve always loved to keep journals, and blogging sounded like a fun way to journal.

I never dreamed I’d meet so many wonderful people while doing something that I love!  Whenever I read the blogs of my friends or read the comments that have been left on my blog, I feel like I’m spending time with  friends. I treasure time spent with friends.

One good thing about the “valleys” of life is they bring people closer together, and closer to God.  For that, I’m always grateful.  Our family has been through our share of “valleys”” over the years, and we always come out on the other side being stronger, better people.

I know that several of you out there in blogland are also traveling through some “valleys” at this point in your lives, too.  Just know,  I think of you often, and include you in my prayers, as well.  It’s my hope that you will feel my love and support just as strongly as I feel yours.

Speaking of  friends–I’m dedicating the following song to one of my dear blog friends (and personal friend) who has been going through some “valleys” of her own, but  is celebrating a birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Cindy!  I hope it’s a great one!

Ah…the seventies.  Those were the days, weren’t they?

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