Once A Mother, Always A Mother…

I still remember many of the talks I used to have with my mother-in-law.  She’d tell me stories about her children when they were growing up, and she’d tell me how much she still loved each one of them, even though they were all grown up.  She’d tell me how, one day, my children would step on my toes while they were little,  then, later, step on my heart after they were grown.  At the time, I couldn’t fathom what she was talking about, but over the years, I learned exactly what she meant.

When our youngest, a son, decided to move away, last year, I finally understood how mine and Ed’s parents must have felt when we married and moved away.  Ed and I were young and in love, and we quickly left our parents behind in a quest to make a new life for ourselves!  We didn’t have a telephone for many months, so our parents rarely heard from us between our visits home.  Somehow, it never occurred to either of us that our parents were missing us, and would have loved a phone call!  It’s no wonder, that five years later,  Ed’s daddy offered us our choice of land on the family farm, if only we’d move back home, which we did!

Just last month, when Ed came down with the shingles, and had cataract surgery, too, he wasn’t able to see his mom for several days.  I went to see her, and she was so worried about Ed!  There she was, ailing herself, but she was concerned for her son, and wanted to help.  I remember her saying, “If he needs any money or anything, just let me know.”  This warmed my heart, when she said this, knowing that Ed had been taking care of his mother’s financial affairs for the past three years.  Once a mother, always a mother.

Our oldest child, our only daughter, has been a mother for almost seven years.  Our oldest son, has been a father for nearly five.  Neither are the same people they were, prior to becoming parents.  I’ve watched both continue to grow and mature, as they care for and teach their children the things they’ll need to know to make them smart, productive adults.  I watch my children struggle and sacrifice to give their children what they need or want–just like Ed and I did, and our parents before us.  The circle of life continues.

Soon, our youngest, will become a father himself.  He has no idea of the ways his life is about to change, but he’ll learn, and I have no doubts that he’ll be a wonderful father, too.  He has a lot of his father’s ways.

Last night, our phone rang.  It was our youngest, Brad.  He was calling to say that his wife, Jennifer, has been admitted to the hospital, for observation.  She, apparently, is having some pre-term labor.  While she’d been at work, she’d started feeling bad, and ended up going to her doctor’s office.  The mother in me immediately wanted to get in the car and drive to the hospital to be with my children!  Instead, I called back with some unsolicited parental advice for our son–“Stay close to Jennifer tonight, she needs you.”  Giving unsolicited advice is what mothers sometimes do.

Hopefully, baby Evan will stay put a little while longer.  He still has seven more weeks until his due date.  Jennifer is receiving medication to help ease those labor pains, as well as steroid shots to help baby Evan’s lungs develop.  No matter what happens, it won’t be much longer until Brad and Jennifer’s lives take a new turn!  I’m looking forward to witnessing their journey as parents–a journey that will last until they take their last breath, just like Ed’s mom’s did.

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Marvelous Monday…

Acting Balanced

Once again, it’s time to begin a new week!  As always, I’m joining Heather for the “Monday Quiz”.  What better way to start out the week than with a set of four questions to answer about myself?!  Some of this week’s questions are tough ones, so I had to put on my thinking cap today!

1. Do spelling and grammar mistakes annoy you?

Yes, incorrect spelling/grammar bothers me very much.  Perhaps it’s because I’m still “an educator” at heart.
2. If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

I wish I could have witnessed the birth of our first grandchild.  My daughter had a very difficult pregnancy, and I spent a great deal of it with her–with the exception the birth, which was an emergency c-section.

3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I don’t remember ever wanting to be anything other than a wife and a mother.  I loved playing “house” as a child.  I also enjoyed playing “school”, so perhaps, at some point, I wanted to be a “teacher”, too.
4. If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Listen carefully to your parents/grandparents.  They have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, and much can be gained by just listening.

My question:

5.  Do you know how to knit, crochet, or sew?

Weekend Wrap Up:

Ed and I spent the weekend doing some things around the house.  We worked in the garden, then we began painting one of the porches on our house.  I trimmed some bushes in the yard, while Ed cleaned up his storage shed.  At the end of both days, we enjoyed spending time with our family, too!

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