Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

What a week this has turned out to be!  All I can say is TGIF!  I’m a bit late in posting these fragments, but I figure better late, than never.

Ed’s off today, and I would have loved to have spent the day at St. Simon’s Island–but we couldn’t! When you are raising baby chicks, you can’t leave them unattended for very long. Instead, we made a speedy trip to Lowe’s to pick up building materials for the new chicken coop and run.  We could have spent the entire weekend on St. Simon’s for what we spent at Lowe’s! Ha!

Speaking of chicks, I’ve been up and down with ‘Della’, the sick baby chick, all week.  She continues to have ‘pasty butt’ (constipation) issues, and continues to be in solitary confinement, for her own protection.  I’ve tried, twice, to incorporate her back into the flock, but the others peck at her mercilessly.  (Chickens are notorious for picking on the weak flock members.)  At this point, I’m not sure what Della’s prognosis is.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cleaned poor Della’s ‘pasty butt’!  She’s become well acquainted with cotton balls and Q-tips, often needing help during the middle of the night 😦 Every time she needs to poop, she makes these pitiful little sounds that remind me of the noise a dolphin makes.  When I hear those little chirping sounds, I usually check on her to see if she needs any help.

Della outgrew her shoe box home,  this week, so Ed made her a larger home from a cardboard box.  He even put Plexiglas in one side of her box so she can still see her sisters, but they can’t peck her.  It’s been sort of sad to watch Della sleep beside her flock mates, with that piece of glass separating them.  She seems satisfied just to be able to see them.

In other news, I’m finally feeling better!  I began taking some cranberry gel caps, and drinking extra water.  Within two days, I began feeling better, which tells me the back/abdomen pain I was having must have been kidney-related.  I plan to continue this treatment for another week, then see what happens.

Ed, on the other hand, isn’t feeling much better.  His thyroid levels are low because he has inflammation of his thyroid.  He’s already taken one round of anti-inflammatory drugs, but they haven’t seemed to help.  After 9 days, we finally heard back from the doctor’s office, telling Ed his thyroid levels are low…excuse me, but we pretty much knew that already! My question is, what do they plan to do about it?!  (Their solution: retest!) These days, it’s become a sad situation concerning proper medical care 😦

We have a dozen cats, we have a dog, we have eleven chickens, and now, apparently, we have a skunk hanging around our yard!  Our daughter saw a skunk eating out of one of the  cat’s feeding bowls yesterday–in the middle of the afternoon!  She said the skunk was eating, then rolling around in the grass–like a cat would do!  YIKES!

Speaking of skunks, this week, my hair dresser told me, if I decided to let my hair color grow out, my hair color would be the reverse color of a skunk!  My sides are gray, but the top and back are still dark.  Ha!  I think I’ll stick with coloring my hair for a while longer:)

Speaking of gray hair, yesterday, I received my first little retirement check!  Hooray!  (I haven’t worked in nine years, but just now got old enough to draw the retirement I’d paid in when I worked.)  When I opened the check, I immediately noticed that no taxes had been deducted from it.  When I called TRS to ask why no taxes were withheld, they told me it was because my income was so low, the taxes wouldn’t calculate!  Now, that is sad!  I guess I’ll be dealing with the tax man in January.

That’s about it for today’s fragments.  I’m linking up with Mrs. Fours, at Half-PastKissin’Time.  Have a great weekend!

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