Thursday’s Thoughts ~ Thirty-nine Years Ago, Today…

Thirty-nine years ago, today, Ed and I moved to Ed’s parents’ farm, after living in the city for almost five years.  It was the best move we ever could have made!

I’ve told the story before,  of how Ed and I moved away from our hometown as soon as we got married.  We were so happy to be on our own, and loved the big city life…for a while.  I also told the story of how our car and our home had both been burglarized, during our years of living there, and how we knew we were getting ready to start our family, but had no desire to raise children in the city.

The years passed, one thing happened and then another, and before we knew it, Ed’s daddy offered to give us [our choice of] a plot of land, if we’d move back home to the farm.  It was an offer we couldn’t refuse.  We chose the ‘back field’ for our new home, and planned our move on St. Patrick’s Day, 1977.

Old Photos 1976 and 7744

1977 – our mobile home sitting in a former cow pasture

Of course, our “Bacon luck” came into play, and our move didn’t go smoothly.  We didn’t realize, until we were already in the actual process of moving our mobile home, that we would not be able to have access to electricity for another three weeks!  Since we’d be the only ones coming off the main power lines, a ‘reducer’ was necessary.  There was nothing else to do, except move in with Ed’s parents until our new transformer arrived and could be installed on a power pole close to our home.

To this day, I still remember sitting in the front living room of my late mother-in-law’s house, crying because we couldn’t stay in our home.  I also remember how Ed’s mama sat with me, and tried to console me. I remember the ten gallon aquarium of fish we had to set up, temporarily, in Ed’s old bedroom of his parents’ house!  His mother never said a word, but was probably dying a little inside, as we set up the aquarium–on top of Ed’s dresser!  I tell you, she was a special lady.


our former remodeled home, as it looks today (our daughter lives there now)

Eventually, the power company did get our ‘reducer’ installed, and we were able to finally spend the night in our home.  We had the entire back section of the family farm to ourselves.  Our only neighbors were some goats and a few cows!  We’ve always considered our place to be a little slice of heaven [on earth], and many who’ve visited have commented on what a beautiful place it is.

A lot of things have happened since that fateful day, thirty-nine years ago, when we moved back home.  Ed and added on to our mobile home twice, then, finally, remodeled the structure and removed the mobile home entirely–one piece at a time.  We became parents three times, then raised a daughter and two sons.  Ed worked at four different hospitals.  I stayed home and raised our family, with the exception of the sixteen and 1/2 years that I chose to work.  We built a game house next door to us, then, decided to add on to it and make it our new home, in 2007.  We lost all four of our parents, but gained a son-in-law, two daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren.  I had three surgeries. Ed suffered a heart attack, and had cataracts removed from both eyes…  We both now require several daily medications to control chronic health issues…  and life goes on.


our current home – the former game house (remodeled)

Ed and I are the patriarch and matriarch of the family, now. We have no idea how many more years we’ll be blessed to enjoy our little slice of heaven, here on the farm, but we’re sure trying to make the best of the time we  have!  We have some chickens and we grow our own food.

We’re SO grateful to Ed’s daddy for offering us the opportunity to share his farm as our home.  We’ve paid it forward  by extending the same offer to all of our own children. Two (out of three) children, and their families, currently share the farm with us.

Happy moving day anniversary to us!  For now, life is good.


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