This-N-That On Monday…

Another weekend has quickly come and gone.  It was a cloudy, dreary one, but at least it wasn’t hot!  Believe it or not, we haven’t seen the sun, in our neck of the woods, in almost a week, but it hasn’t bothered me since the temperatures have been mild.

Baby, the cat, survived her spaying surgery, and was back at home late Friday afternoon.  Baby didn’t look so good when I picked her up, but she was fine by Saturday afternoon.  She spent Friday night in the laundry room, again, but went back outside the following day.  I’m so glad the surgery is behind us, and so thankful for the ‘glue’ they use, these days, instead of stitches!

Ed got a little work done on the chicken coop, but not much.  It took us a while to decide how we were going to build it, and, by the time we figured all of that out, we had to quit.

You see, Ed and I were scheduled to keep our two oldest grandsons, on Saturday, while their parents attended a wedding.  Of course, there wasn’t much ‘keeping’ to it.  Chase took a nap, while Caden and our granddaughter, Madison, who lives next-door, watched ‘Super Mario World’ videos on YouTube! Eventually, Chase woke up, they all played with each other, ate supper with us, then went home.

Speaking of grandsons, this weekend,  I saw a video post, on Facebook, of our grandson, Evan, taking!  He said, “Da da. Da.  Bye bye Brad.”–just as plain as day, and I almost fell off the couch when I heard it! Evan’s not even eleven months old, yet!  Both of Evan’s parents like to talk,  so I guess he is destined to be a ‘talker’, too.   It’s times like these when I’m most thankful for social media, and the fact that Jennifer keeps her iPhone handy 🙂

Much of our town spent this weekend mourning the loss of three of its citizens.  Two members of one family died, in separate incidents, on Thursday, while a third, unrelated person, passed away Sunday morning. The first lady passed away from a fatal blood clot, following recent shoulder surgery, while an elderly, gentleman relative passed away from causes unknown.  A young high school teacher died of complications from Schleroderma (an autoimmune disease), yesterday morning. I didn’t personally know any of the deceased, but know some of their family members.

In other news, Ed had to add another cardboard box onto the ‘chick condo’, this weekend!  These chicks are growing like wildfire!  They’ve quadrupled in size, with no end in sight!  We now have three large boxes hooked together, and could actually use a fourth, but we’re out of space.

The chicks are three weeks old, today, which means it’s time to lower the temperature in their ‘chick condo’ by five degrees (to 80 degrees).  I had to switch to a smaller wattage of bulb, but only had yellow bulbs in 60 watts, instead of the usual red ones I’ve been using.  What all of this means is, last night was another sleepless night!  Since the yellow bulbs are brighter than red ones, the chicks thought they were supposed to stay awake all night!  There’s nothing quite like listening to chicks pecking and scratching all night…  I wonder if they are feeling as tired as I am!

I’m happy to say, the pears are almost gone!  We’ve picked up literally thousands of pears over the past month or so, and I’m ready to be done with them!  We gave away pears to anyone who would take them, but we threw away more than we could give away.  I made pear cobbler and pear tarts, and I put pears in the freezer.  I’m tired of pears!  It was the same way with grapes, this year.  We couldn’t pick or use them all.  I’ve fed grapes to ‘the girls’ (my hens) until they’re sick of them!

Before I go, I just have to say…  Just when I think this world can’t get any crazier, it does!  On Saturday, I looked on Yahoo and noticed the #1 trending topic was…are you ready for this?…Vagina Cookies!  Of course, being the curious sort, I had to click on the topic to see what the story was.  According to the story, some mother, thought it was a good idea to make and decorate cookies resembling  vaginas, then sent them to school for her child’s second grade class to have for a Friday snack!  Oh my word!  Of course, the teacher told the mother she couldn’t serve this inappropriate snack, then the mother got mad, ranted and raved, and even demanded that her child be removed from this teacher’s classroom!  In the end, the story said, out of desperation, the teacher scraped the decorative frosting off of the cookies and served them anyway…  If this story is true, I’m at a loss for words, except to say, What is this world coming to?

That’s it for me, this cloudy Monday!  I need to get up and get moving.  It’s already time to redecorate the ‘year round tree’ for Halloween, and get ready to celebrate my daughter’s birthday on Wednesday!  Where oh where did the month of September go???



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This-N-That On Tuesday…

For some reason, lately, I’m having trouble sitting down and writing a ‘themed’ post.  It could be the heat, or my age creeping up on me, but I can’t seem to stay focused on one particular subject anymore.  I have a couple of ideas floating around in my head, but they haven’t found their way to this blog yet!

Meanwhile, did I mention that it’s hot here?  Apparently, summer has decided to arrive in earnest!  I’ve become a prisoner in my own house, due to the ridiculously hot (90’s and above) temperatures outside!  I’ll spend some time outside first thing each morning, and a little more time in the early evening–sometimes.  If I didn’t have chickens, cats, and plants to take care of, I probably wouldn’t ever go outside!

Yesterday, Ed picked up and counted all of the pears that had fallen from our two over-loaded trees.  Would you believe there were almost 500 pears on the ground?!  That’s a lot of pears!  The branches of the poor trees are really struggling under the weight of the remaining fruit.  Where are the squirrels when you need them?!

pear cobbler, anyone?

We once had a plum tree that over-produced like this.  We gave away buckets of large, red, plums and I made lots of plum jelly, too.  The plum tree died the following year!  I guess you could say it went out in a blaze of glory.  I hope the same isn’t true for these pear trees, but they are getting pretty old…

The garden is doing remarkably well, considering it’s so hot and dry!  The peas are beginning to bloom, so it won’t be long until it’s pea-picking time–again!  I sure hope the weather cools down between now and then!  I’m not in a pea-picking mood, these days.


not welcome on the porch!

The sick ‘girls’ (aka the hens) seem to be doing better since we dewormed them.  I need to devote an entire post to that experience, for the sake of ‘newbie’ chicken owners.  Within days of applying the topical treatment (sort of like you apply flea treatment to dogs/cats) the hens began eating again, and having more energy.  Who knew?!  (The sickest hen lost vast amounts of feathers, and still isn’t quite over the hump, yet.)  Through it all, two of the three girls have continued producing eggs, believe it or not!  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to eat their eggs for 14 days, due to the medication in their systems. I recently purchased eggs–the first I’ve had to buy in over two years!

My girls free-range all day now, but have become obsessed with the new front porch!  Shortly after the above photo was taken, we had to put up a baby gate to keep them out!  I’ll share my porch with cats, but I draw the line at chickens 🙂

Lately, things have been quiet at Ed’s job.  Let’s hope this is not the quiet before the storm.  The hospital administrator announced, last week, that she will be leaving at the end of this year.  I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen between now and then.  The CFO will be leaving at the end of this month…  Have I mentioned this is the second failing hospital Ed’s been employed with in his lifetime?  He spent twenty years working at the previous one, before it closed its doors in 2000.  How’s that for luck?!

On that note, I’ll just say “Happy Tuesday”–at least I hope it will be!


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Pears And Pecans…

the last of Ed's golden pears...

A while back I wrote a post about my husband’s on-going adventure with squirrels who were intent on stealing our pears.  For weeks, Ed and the squirrels had “the battle of the pears” going on.  The squirrels knocked the pears off the trees, while Ed constantly shot in their direction with his “BB” gun, attempting to scare them away.  Trust me when I say, those squirrels were never in any danger!

It turned out there were more than enough pears for man and animals.  Those three little pear trees had literally hundreds of pears on them this year!  The squirrels ate pears, the rabbits ate pears, the grandchildren ate pears, and Ed ate pears!  I made four pear cobblers, and then froze some cooked pears for future cobblers.

The pears are almost gone.  If I had to guess, I’d say there are less than a dozen total left on the trees.  However, we now have a new crop of something to take their place…pecans!

our pecans are getting ready to fall...

Years ago, Ed’s daddy planted several pecan trees down the dirt road leading from the highway up to our house.  About every other year, the trees bear nuts.  I don’t know why they only bear on odd numbered years, but they do!  It’s 2011, so this is the year they are bearing nuts.  It’s also the year that pecans are bringing record high prices at the market!  We’ve been told that China wants to buy America’s pecan crops this year, so the market is better than usual.  Chinese fruitcake anyone???

For some reason, our pecan trees drop their nuts later than others in the area.  While many people have already harvested and sold their nuts, ours are just beginning to fall…a few at the time!  If we don’t gather the nuts as they fall, the squirrels will!  It’s a little like hunting very small eggs at Easter time–before the squirrels find them!

Gathering nuts…this brings me to the topic of the “pecan picker-upper”!  This is the year that Ed and I have discovered the need for pecan picker-uppers!  In the past, we’ve scoffed at the use of such a thing, but alas, our time has finally come!  Our legs and backs simply aren’t what they used to be…

Has anyone priced a rolling pecan picker-upper lately?  We did.  The price for the small one is forty dollars–plus tax!  In case you aren’t familiar with the item that I am referring to, permit me to show you what you get for forty bucks…

a pecan picker upper

I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t seem like much for the money…unless you are stooping and squatting in an effort to gather all of those stupid little nuts–one at a time–in which case, it’s worth more than forty bucks!!!

Nuts anyone?

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Miscellaneous Weekend News…

My weekend began with a home project on Friday.  I bought myself a new hobby table–you know, one of those small plastic folding tables, like we use at church.  My previous hobby table was a metal folding camping table, and it wasn’t very sturdy or steady.

Well, what should have been a quick and easy project–to swap out two tables–turned into an all afternoon deal, and I’m not finished yet!  You know how those home projects have a way of growing…this one grew, big time!  I’m still working on getting everything put back in its place.  Believe me, if you saw my work area, you’d understand.

All of that work on my home project made me hungry, so I went in the kitchen to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  There is a picture window over the counter in the kitchen, and I always enjoy watching the birds at the bird feeder while I’m in the kitchen.  On Friday, I saw a precious sight.  I looked up to see a bunch of brown birds walking out of the woods, coming toward the bird feeder.  They turned out to be quail!  I haven’t seen a covey of quail in years, although I’ve heard them calling each other this year.

Then I spotted Bobs the cat, crouched down beside the fountain, which is near the bird feeder!  Suddenly, I remembered why I don’t see many quail anymore!  We have cats, lots of cats!  I quickly grabbed my camera and managed to snap one picture before the quail spotted Bobs, and took a u-turn back to the woods.  They didn’t really leave in a hurry though, they just turned around and calmly walked away.  I counted fifteen of them as they walked out of the yard!  Fortunately, Bobs just sat and watched–probably because they calmly walked away.

Saturday, I published my SWS blog post early, then my hubby and I went shopping–to Wal-mart, among other places.  My SWS post contained a funny video about people watching at Wal-mart.  If you missed seeing the video, you missed a treat, and you can view it here.  Anyway, Wal-mart didn’t disappoint, and I saw a couple of sights comparable to those on the video!  Ewwwww…  We also went to some dollar stores, and bought a lot of stuff, but I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow…

I finally turned on my computer on Saturday evening to read comments and return visits.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I’d been chosen to win a $25.00 Wal-mart gift card from NanaThena’s blog giveaway, at Patiently WaitingThanks NanaThena!  To enter, I had to write a comment about the products that I buy to clip Box Tops for Education.  Easy as pie!  I’ve been clipping Box Tops and giving them to our local elementary school for years.  It’s easy to do, and it helps our children.

Believe it or not, on Sunday I felt compelled to cook a nice Sunday dinner for Ed and myself!  I don’t know how long it’s been since I actually wanted to cook a meal!  I made pot roast, with potatoes and carrots, along with some peas, corn, and fried squash.  For dessert I made fresh cobbler from the pears off one of our trees.  Sounds like a real southern, country meal, doesn’t it?  The pear cobbler turned out pretty good, and I took a photograph, see?
These pears are very special.  You may remember that my husband, aka Elmer Fudd, has been waging war with the squirrels over these pears for weeks!  Elmer–I mean, Ed, is still shooting at those squirrels with his BB gun.  Apparently, the squirrels don’t mind, they keep coming back!

I think that pretty much wraps up what’s been happening in our neck of the woods.  It was a nice weekend, it just ended too quickly.  So, what did you do over the weekend?

I’m joining a couple of Monday bloghops for the first time today.  I love meeting new friends.
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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