Something About December 10th…

What are the chances I’d have surgery twice on December 10th?  You would probably say, “Pretty slim”, but, yes, it happened.  The first surgery, on December 10th, 2004, was a cervical fusion, to correct a herniated disc in my neck.  I’d suffered with neck pain for several years, then, all of a sudden, my fingers began to go numb.  My neurologist said I needed surgery, immediately, to preserve nerve function in my hand.  The surgery was a day procedure, which they put me to sleep for.  Shortly after lunch I was released from the hospital, and, although I wasn’t supposed to, I felt well enough to stop by K-mart on the way home!

My second December 10th surgery was plastic surgery, to close the gaping hole in my face left by the Moh’s surgery I’d had earlier this week. (An M&M would’ve fit perfectly in the crater left by the skin cancer surgery)  Yesterday’s surgery was performed in the surgeon’s office, and I was wide awake for every minute of it!  Unlike the previous December 10th surgery, afterward, I didn’t feel well enough to go anywhere except home!

My daughter had the same [plastic surgery] procedure done, last week, and had warned me how unpleasant it was.  She didn’t exaggerate.  The surgery, itself, was fine.  I didn’t feel a thing, once the surgeon finished numbing my face, but the numbing part was excruciating!

That first shot was given inside of my mouth, between my gum and my cheek!  The entire right side of my face immediately went numb, including my teeth.  (Think of the worst dental shot you’ve ever had multiplied by ten)  My eye immediately swelled shut, and I couldn’t see a thing for a few minutes.  This shot was followed by two more [in the face], which I felt, in spite of my face being numb.  I think one of the shots was actually given in the wound that was to be repaired.  While getting the shots, I held my eyeglasses case in both hands and squeezed with all my might!  The nurse noticed, and commented, “If that glasses case was alive, it’s not anymore!”

The surgeon then explained he was going to “rob from Peter to pay Paul”, which meant he was going to “borrow” some skin from my cheek, and use it to cover up the hole left by the Moh’s surgery.  He says, “you’ll never miss it.”  Ha! Sure I won’t.

The surgeon was extremely nice, and I didn’t feel a thing, once the shots took effect.  The entire procedure took under 30 minutes, but I left the office looking and feeling like I’d been “sucker punched” in the face.

The surgeon gave me two prescriptions.  One for antibiotics, the other for a pain medication, which he said he didn’t think I’d need.  Ha!  Apparently, he’s never had any plastic surgery on his face!  All I can say is, “Thank God for Oxycodone and ice packs!”  Those two things are what got me through yesterday afternoon and last night.  So far, today has been better, and I’ve only taken some “over the counter” pain relief.

I have a bit of “a shiner” today, and I woke up with a bit of “a smirk” on my face, due to swelling in the cheek/eye area. Ha!  My daughter says I look like “the Joker”.  Thankfully, an ice pack helps reduce some of the swelling, as well as the pain it causes.

Of course, those antibiotics I’m taking will be causing some more problems, in addition to the nausea I’m feeling.  I’m already “doubling up” on my probiotics and yeast control medications, in anticipation of what’s to come. Fun times!

The good news is, the surgery is behind me, and the surgeon says I should have “good results”.  (Anything would be an improvement over the hole that was in my face) The affected areas of my face are covered with flesh-colored bandage, and will remain covered until next Thursday, when the stitches are removed.

Today, I’m lounging around the house, and catching up on Hallmark Christmas movies. Meanwhile, Ed has gone to take our daughter, Brandy, to have her stitches removed from last week’s surgery.  Her face looks pretty good, nothing like it did last week, so I know there’s hope for me!

My daughter and I had our picture taken, together, last night, as a souvenir of our Christmas surgeries of 2015!  I don’t know about anyone else, but I think we’re about ready to ring in the New Year 🙂


still able to smile…

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