Thursday’s Thoughts ~ That’s Why I Pray…

Yesterday, while working in the kitchen,  I had the radio playing on a country music station. I love music a lot, but after first listening to pop oldies, then today’s new sound, I’d begun to think that music has gone to “hell in a hand basket” throughout the years. Then I heard a new country song come on the radio–and it stopped me dead in my tracks!

The song is called “That’s Why I Pray”, and it’s by the duo of Big and Rich. Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of Big and Rich’s music, but this time,  Big and Rich have a winner, in my eyes, and their message is so “right on” for today’s world!

Their song talks about all of the craziness of our world today, and how one person chose to make a difference by praying. I like that message–and the fact that someone was actually brave enough to make a song about it–and the fact that the song is actually getting airtime in today’s world where it’s not “cool” to mention God anymore.

I can’t help but wonder–How did we let our country get to the point where it’s not “cool” to believe in God?  Why did we let our government kick God out of our daily lives, and those of our children?  Could this be why there is so much evil, turmoil, and strife in our country today?  I believe so!

Last night, I went to YouTube to see if I could find a music video of “That’s Why I Pray”.  I found the video, and a whole lot more…I found a lot of nasty, negative comments about God and religion from non-believers. First it sickened my heart, then it made me want to pray…

God,  please help your children.  Deliver us from evil.  I pray for the hearts and souls of  non-believers, as well.  I pray for this country that we live in.  I pray that we will become a God-fearing nation again, it’s our only hope.  And, God,  thank you for helping someone to be brave enough to record a song about prayer in these troubled times!  We need to do a lot more praying these days.

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