A Match Made In Heaven, But “She” Has A Mind Of Her Own…

The “She” to which I’m referring is Ed’s car.  “She” has no name, but is the little silver Dodge Neon that’s been hauling my husband to work for several years.  Ed bought her used from a co-worker,  for a very good price.  “She” had been well maintained, had low mileage, and looked brand new!

This happy couple has traveled thousands of miles together.  There was a time when Ed drove at least one hundred and twenty miles to work and back each day.  Two days a week, his mileage ran even higher than that, due to his second job.

“She” has given Ed thousands of miles of faithful service, and never given him one minute’s worth of trouble, except for one thing–“she” has a mind of her own when it comes to her electric door locks.  Sometimes, for no apparent reason, “She” will lock her doors on her own!  “She’s” left Ed locked out  on several occasions, but it usually happens at home.  I do remember once I had to go and rescue him from our local  gas station, when “She” decided to lock  him out, after he’d gotten out, and left his key hanging in her ignition.

“She’s” been pretty good lately, until one day recently…Ed was on his way home, and it was raining.  He turned off the main highway, and onto the little dirt lane that leads back to our house.  After leaving the highway, he stopped to check the mail, because our mailbox is located at the intersection of the main highway and our dirt lane, about a quarter of a mile away from where we live.  Did I mention that it was raining and lightening that day?  (Of course it was raining–it’s been raining every day for two weeks!)

Since it was raining, Ed grabbed the trash bag out of his car, that he’d just used it for a raincoat at work, and put the bag over his head.  He also pushed the car door closed to prevent the car interior from getting soaked–and that’s when he heard that familiar sound of click!  It was then that Ed knew without a doubt– “She” had done it to him again!  Locked him out in the pouring rain–and lightening!

Poor Ed!  There was nothing left to do, but walk that quarter of a mile through the rain and the lightening to get home!  Thank goodness for that trash bag!  You can bet that old Ed wasted no time getting home since lightening was involved!  Like I always say, “they don’t call him “Fast Eddie” for nothing!”  He walked into the house looking a bit drenched and dismayed–still holding the day’s mail!

I quickly drove Ed back down to the mailbox to retrieve his car.  There “She” sat–with her motor still running, her headlights shinning brightly, and her right blinker still flashing.  I think if “She’d” left me to walk in the rain (and lightening!) I’d have been tempted to stick a match to her, or at the very least, give her a swift kick, but Ed just unlocked her door with the spare key, and slipped behind her wheel, and quietly brought her home.

Ed’s a man of great patience, but I sure hope “She” doesn’t decide to try that trick again–at least for quite a while.  One more walk in rain and lightening just might push him over the edge…

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