A Winner and A Wipeout…

After an entire month of hosting  my blogiversary giveaway, I’m happy to announce that I have a winner!!!  The winning number was # 11, and was chosen by Random.org.

Congratulations, to Vicki from The Tapestry of Life!  Vicki is one of my newest blog friends that I met through Java’s blog hops.  As soon as I hear from Vicki, I’ll be getting her package in the mail!  Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to enter.  This concludes the “winner” part of this post, now for the “wipe out” part…

My daughter waited over 2 months to get in to see a rheumatologist, after being referred  by her primary care physician.  Yesterday was “the day”.   Her husband wasn’t able to go along, due to work commitments, so I went along with her.  We left at eight in the morning!

We weren’t sure where the office was, since it’s a different doctor than the one I go to.  Brandy’s husband had drawn us an excellent map to show us where to go, and we drove straight to the place without any problems, believe it or not!  Our first clue should’ve been that the doctor’s office is located in “a bank building”…the second clue should’ve been when we opened the door to the doctor’s office to find that we were the only people there–thirty minutes before the scheduled appointment…the third clue should’ve been when Brandy barely had time to sit down before she was called back to the exam room…Are you beginning to “feel” it???

The entire appointment was a waste of time!  Apparently, this doctor hasn’t been practicing rheumatology for very long, and he’s still a “textbook” doctor…he hasn’t learned how to “think outside of the box”.  Nothing about my daughter is “textbook”, after all, she has a “medical mystery mom”!  This doctor went on to say that he thinks all of Brandy’s abnormal test results are stemming from something else other than  autoimmune disease, so he promptly did an exam, did a little more blood work, then took her money, and we were out the door–before it was even her scheduled appointment time!!!  Brandy and I were shocked and very disappointed, to say the least.  We were hoping for some different answers, and some relief!  We don’t buy his theory.  I don’t know what the next step is… we’re still trying to process yesterday’s experience!  One thing for sure, as much as I hate the two-three hour wait, and the ridiculous fees that he charges,  my own rheumatologist is looking better and better after yesterday!

At least the day wasn’t a total “wipeout”…After my daughter and I left the doctor’s office, we had almost an entire day ahead of us (since her appointment went so quickly)!  We spent most of it in Party City and Michaels…Preparations for Brad and Jennifer’s rehearsal dinner are driving me crazy!  I’m a little bit of a “crazy, planning, perfectionist fool” when I have to host a party or a meal.  Details drive me insane.  I’ve opted to do the rehearsal dinner myself in the interest of saving money.  After purchasing those fancy plastic plates, silverware,  cups, and napkins–I’m not so sure about saving money anymore…

Little by little, bit by bit, I am getting the details of the rehearsal dinner worked out.  I make a decision, then change my mind.  One minute I’m sure about something, the next minute I’m not…If I could clone myself for a week, it would solve a lot of my problems!   If all else fails, there’s always hotdogs and chips, right?

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