Six Word Saturday– or Kathy & Ed’s Excellent Retirement Adventures…

Enjoying week two of Ed’s retirement!

It’s kind of hard to believe, but Ed and I have made it through his second week of retirement, already.  Time is passing quickly.  Ed has also discovered that time is irrelevant when you’re retired.  Most days are pretty much the same, and only the growling of our stomachs keep us in touch with what time it is.  No more clock watching for Ed!

Although we attempted to plow through some of our forms and paperwork, this week, we didn’t get very far.  We need a final date of Ed’s benefits from the hospital, and, apparently, these days, nobody there seems to know what’s going on or when that day will be!  When ten percent of a hospital staff is suddenly terminated, it leaves things in a bit of disarray, to put it mildly.  (This thought really makes me hope I don’t get sick!) Did I mention we’re also waiting for Ed’s paycheck to arrive in the mail?  I do hope someone there has mind enough to mail the paychecks of those who were terminated!  In the meantime, we’re living off of our ’emergency fund’.

Ed was able to sign up for his Social Security payments on-line, this week, but, for some reason, they needed a copy of our marriage license.  We decided to take this document to our nearby Social Security office instead of mailing it. The Social Security Administration office is where our latest ‘excellent retirement adventure’ began.

Since neither of us had ever been to this Social Security office, we had no idea where it was located.  The nearest SS office is located in a town 30 miles away from us.  Thanks to ‘Google’, we were able to get directions and drove to the office with little difficulty.  Did I mention that the office happened to be located near one of my favorite stores, known as ‘Hobby Lobby’?  (Yay for making side trips on our ‘excellent adventures!)

Upon walking in the entryway of the SS building, we proceeded to try to open the double glass doors, but were quickly stopped by a female security officer!  She quickly pointed out that we needed to ‘register’ the reason for our visit, on a huge computer screen, located in the left of the entryway.  So Ed registered (with the security officer trying to help, for some reason),  Ed took the slip of paper, containing the number the machine spit out at him, and, only then, were we allowed to come inside and take a seat!  The registration process took almost as long as our wait to be served, so we were in and out of the SS office quickly.  I’m still trying to figure out why they have a security officer at the SS office!  Perhaps the old folks get rowdy, at times?!

After a quick stop by Hobby Lobby, our adventure continued when we visited the new ‘Wal-mart Neighborhood Market’ for the first time.  Apparently,  Wal-mart is starting to build these huge grocery store/pharmacy combinations, for those who want to take advantage of Wal-mart’s low prices, but want to skip the hustle-bustle of a regular Wal-mart.  Believe me, Ed and I are all for skipping the hustle-bustle of Wal-mart, anytime we can!

Ed and I happened to be traveling in his mama’s 1997 Lincoln Towncar because Ed enjoys driving it.  So we pulled up to the Wal-mart Neighborhood Market, in what I commonly refer to as our ‘old folks’ car.  As we were getting out of the car, I noticed two young men gathering up shopping carts in the parking lot.  One of them was about to ride a parked shopping scooter back into the store, when he quickly turned to us and asked, “Do y’all need this?” ( Oh, my!)  I quickly replied, “No, not yet!”  I remember thinking, it must have been the ‘old folks car’…or, perhaps, Ed’s snow-white hair that made him ask such a thing!  Surely, it isn’t me!  Although, come to think of it, I’ve been off of my arthritis meds for over a week, and I am moving kind of slow and stiff…and I’m letting my hair color grow out, which now means random spots of gray for me, as well!  

And while I’m on this subject of being treated like ‘old folks’, let me mention  how we’re now being called ‘sweetie’ and ‘honey’ at certain places–like the restaurant where we go for ‘senior citizen’s’ buffet on Monday nights!  This is a totally new experience for me, and I can’t decide if I like it or not!

Anyway, Ed and I managed to pick up the items we needed, without the use of a shopping scooter, I might add!  We also managed to make it home with a few dollars left in our pockets, something that will continue to be a challenge, no doubt!

For the rest of the weekend, we’re planning to stay home, relax, and attend our daughter’s Super Bowl festivities. Who knows what adventures we’ll find to do on Monday?!  We might even make another trip to the ‘senior citizen’s buffet’…  I might even decide I like being called ‘sweetie’!

*** It’s been quite a while since I’ve done this meme, but today I’ve joined Kate and many others @ Show My Face for Six Word Saturday.  To find out more about this fun meme, click Kate’s button at the top of this post.





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The Male’s Version Of Wal-mart

A few months ago, my husband discovered what I like to refer to as “the male’s version of Wal-mart”, otherwise known as Agri Supply.  Our nearby store has been around for at least a dozen years, but we never saw any reason to check it out–until Ed needed a part for the tractor.

Ed came home from his visit to  Agni Supply bearing the latest copy of the Agri Supply catalog!  For a long time, every night I’d see him browsing through his catalog, just like a kid!.  (He reminded me of our children, and how they used to spend hours with the Christmas catalogs.)  I hadn’t seen Ed that excited over anything in a long, long time!

Now, lately Ed and I have gotten in the habit of taking regular Saturday morning shopping trips together!  (Sort of like his parents used to do about twenty years ago!)  The Agri Supply Store is located just down the road from the Dollar General Store, so Ed lets me out at the Dollar Store to do my grocery shopping, while he heads on down to Agri Supply.  Sometimes Ed’s gone a long time…

This past weekend, I decided I wanted  to go down and check out The Agri Supply Store for myself, so I asked Ed to let me ride along.  We did our shopping at Dollar General, then headed over to Agri Supply.  Man, by the time we arrived, that store was hoppin’!  The parking lot was forty times busier than the Dollar Store.  In fact, the crowd reminded me more of a Wal-mart crowd!

Once inside, I discovered most of the shoppers were men!  There were a few women and children, but the majority of shoppers were of male gender–and let me tell you,  they were all doing some serious shopping!  I don’t think the women over at Wal-mart were any more “intense” about their shopping than those guys were!  I enjoyed just doing a little “people watching”!

Agri Supply has a little something for everybody!  In fact, that’s their slogan!  There were tractor parts, truck parts, boat parts, gun safes, hunting gear, farming supplies, pet supplies, farm animal feed, cooking supplies, canning supplies, dinner bells, clocks, rain gauges, rope, buckets, hampers, hardware, and so much more!  There was even a toy aisle for the younger shoppers–John Deere, of course!

The store was huge, and I got tired before I got a chance to look at everything. However,  I did manage to discover a small “lobby area”, complete with a television and magazines, for anyone who needs a place to rest and wait,  while their spouse finishes his shopping!   Even Wal-mart doesn’t have that!   Perhaps I should suggest that to the folks at Wal-mart on my next visit!

***Let me just add a little footnote here before I go.  I’ve been busy as a bee, working outside in the garden, so I haven’t had much time for the computer lately.  I’ve found that , after a day in the sun and soil, I”m tired and ready for bed!  I’ll be around to visit and catch up soon!  Have a great Monday…

Living on Less with the Coupon Queen

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We Shopped ‘Till We Dropped…

I used to purchase almost everything at Wal-mart, but in recent years, I’ve become a fan of the dollar stores. The Dollar General Store and Fred’s are my favorites. I buy the bulk of my supplies at these stores, then I go to the local grocery store or Wal-mart for the rest of the groceries that I need. Dollar store prices are comparable to Wal-mart, and I love not having to fight the crowds.

A few months back, my husband and I decided to build an “emergency supply” of groceries. Prior to this time, I would never buy extra supplies, even when an item was on sale.  I would only purchase what I would use immediately. Well, with age comes wisdom!  I finally realized it’s always a good idea to have at least a few days worth of extra food on hand, in case of an emergency–or in these days, in case of a failed economy!

I began my “stash” about a year ago, by purchasing a couple of extra sale items each week. Before long, I had a week’s worth of supplies, then I just kept adding to it. These days I think it would be safe to assume that we could survive on our “stash” for several weeks, perhaps even months.

I purchased four plastic storage tubs, and filled them with the extra groceries.  I use a sharpie pen to label each item with its expiration date, so I can easily read it.  Every month or so, I rotate the older groceries to my pantry.  Larger items, like paper goods, I keep in the laundry room, or in my husband’s storage shed.

In addition to buying extra sale items each week, I have built my “stash” by using coupons from the Dollar General Store. Every few weeks Dollar General offers $5.00 coupons, good off of a purchase of $25.00, or more. That’s a twenty percent savings. Hey, I’ll take it!  The catch is, the coupon is only good for one specific day.  I am so dedicated to using these coupons, that I took some coupons on vacation with me last month–and used them at the Dollar General Store at the beach!  I couldn’t miss that “one day only sale”!

This past Saturday my husband and I participated in what can only be described as a Marathon Shopping Trip.  We left home at 9:30 a.m. headed for the nearest Wal-mart, over 30 miles away, to buy our monthly supply of pet foods.

Earlier in the week, my husband and I had collected five of those  $5.00 off coupons for Dollar General.  The coupons were only good for one day–Saturday, August 20!  So, on our way to Wal-mart, we stopped at three different Dollar General Stores along the way! At every Dollar General Store, we each bought  $25 worth of groceries, which ended up only costing us $20 with the coupon.  We found two more coupons wadded up in our shopping carts, so we used those, too–at different stores!

By the time we got home, the trunk and backseat of my car was over-flowing!  After we got the car unloaded, we both needed a nap, but we were proud of our savings–and our stash.  I spent the rest of the afternoon putting the groceries away, and rotating stock.  Let’s just say, if the economy goes “bust”, I will have more than enough sugar, paper goods, laundry detergent, and bath soap to last us a while!  My next Dollar General shopping excursion will be for personal care items.  Gotta’ stock up on deotorant, shampoo, mouthwash, and toothpaste!  Can’t wait for the next “one day only sale”!


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