Random Thoughts On Tuesday…

Whoa!  I do believe fall may have officially arrived in our neck of the woods today.  For us, this means lows in the upper 50’s and highs in the mid-seventies!  The cooler temperatures feel so nice for a change, and I hope they stick around with us for a while.  This cooler weather makes me want to go out and pick a pumpkin!

Snakes alive!  We’ve had three snake sightings within the last few days–and one of them was a rattlesnake!  The rattlesnake was sprawled out in the dirt lane leading up to our house!  Unfortunately, Ed was on his way home from work when he discovered the snake, and didn’t have anything to kill him with.  The snake slithered off into the woods–and I hope he stays there!  Next, our oldest son found a small snake in his yard on Friday evening.  He called Ed to kill it for him, but when Ed saw that the snake wasn’t poisonous, he refused.  Over the weekend, Ed caught a quick glimpse of a third snake who was hiding among a pile of trash on our property.  Ed spotted the snake as he accidentally tossed him into the fire, along with a pitch fork full of trash.  Wow!

Some of you may recall me mentioning my brother-in-law’s plight last week.  He was released from the hospital, still bearing a PIC line, and requiring IV antibiotics every six hours.  He was having to drive 17 miles (one way), at 2:30 in the morning so his wife could administer his medication in the nursing home parking lot!  Not an ideal situation, to say the least.  Well, God works in mysterious ways.  Some much-needed help came to my brother-in-law– in the form of my husband!  Ed felt compelled to lend his brother a helping hand, so he’s sacrificing a few hours of sleep per week.  When our sister-in-law has to work nights, Ed has volunteered to get up at 2:45 a.m. to administer the IV medication.  One week down, two more to go!  Ed’s a bit sleep deprived, but he’ll make it.

Yesterday the weather was overcast and a light drizzle of rain fell off and on.  I hated to do it, but I got dressed, put on some make up, and made the trip to town–to buy some light bulbs and a pair of animal toenail clippers!  I don’t travel to town much these days, since it costs nearly four dollars for the gas  just to get there, but I  really needed those light bulbs and toenail clippers!  On the journey to town, I encountered a dead deer on one side of the highway–with its leg torn off, no less, then I saw a dead chicken on the other side of the highway.  The chicken had fallen off of a chicken truck (bound for the local poultry plant)–only to be run over by a car!  Talk about a run of bad luck–and there is nothing like the sight of a little early morning road kill to start the day off on a bad note!  

When I finally made it to town, I had to go to three different stores searching for my particular type of light bulb.  The light over our kitchen table requires small based,  40 watt candelabra bulbs.  Sometimes it’s frustrating living in Small Town USA, and trying to find what I need!  Worse yet, in two out of three of the stores I visited, the clerks were rude!  What ever happened to customer service?  (I’m convinced it’s dead!)  I purchased my light bulbs and clippers, without so much as a nod from the cashier, much less a “hello”…

In case you’re wondering what I need those animal toenail clippers for, they are for our aging rabbit, “Honey Bun”.  Since he became paralyzed in his hips, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed his toenails needed trimming something awful!  He also needed a bath to clean him up a bit.  Ed and I took care of the bath on Sunday.  After Ed got home on Monday to help me, “Honey Bun” got his manicure…Oh, the things we do for love!

Last, but not least…yesterday I mentioned I had been doing a bit of sewing.  What a deal that turned out to be!  The sewing part was fine, it’s the threading of the needle that was the challenge!  By wearing two pairs of bifocals I could actually see the eye of the needle, but getting the thread to actually go through that needle was quite a chore!  I’ll leave you with this thought–Now I think  I know why more elderly people don’t sew much 🙂

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