A Few Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Yesterday, Ed had the cataract removed from his right eye. ¬†His surgery went well, and we both survived ūüôā ¬†One eye done, one more to go, in about another month. ¬†The whole experience was an interesting one, but it’s one I’ll share it in another post.

The toughest part of the surgery, so far, has been keeping Ed relatively inactive. ¬†He’s not one to sit around much, but he can’t bend or lift anything very heavy right now. ¬†He was thrilled, this morning, when, at his post-op check-up, the doctor cleared him to ride his new lawn mower tomorrow! ¬†Me? ¬†I’m not so thrilled with that idea!

Guess what?! ¬†We are continuing to get rain! ¬†It rained another inch yesterday, and, once again, our yard is underwater. ¬†However, after watching the local news the other night, I’m not going to complain anymore! ¬†Some people, in nearby towns, actually had their homes and cars flooded, this week. ¬†Thankfully, we’ve avoided that catastrophe, so far. ¬†Suddenly it doesn’t matter so much that our yard looks like a pond or that we have to wear rain boots to walk outside! ¬†At least it’s still dry inside!

We’ve also been having some random lightning strikes, along with our evening showers. ¬†This week, a football player at a nearby university was struck by lightning during football practice! ¬†Fortunately, he survived the strike, but the incident served as a bold reminder of just how dangerous lightning can be.

We had another interesting encounter with a Dish Network technician, this week. ¬†Our service went out on Monday night, and Ed called to report it. ¬†The representative blamed our signal interruption on the rain, and said she couldn’t do anything to help us until the weather cleared. ¬†The problem is, it wasn’t raining here at the time!

So, I called and reported the problem to a different representative. ¬†He, also, tried to tell me it was due to the weather, but I told him it was not raining here at the moment! ¬† I then proceeded to tell him that we had a spliced cable that had been taped together with electrical tape–and then buried! ¬†The rep finally agreed that we needed a service tech, but said he didn’t have an available appointment until two days later!

When the service tech arrived, two days later, he informed me that he had a “quick fix” for me–moving the satellite dish to my flower bed! ¬†I.think.not! ¬†The tech was not a happy camper when I declined his “quick fix”, but he smoked another cigarette, then remorsefully dug a long trench and buried a new piece of cable. ¬†We’re back in service again.

Sorry about that last fragment, it was a long one, but that’s it for this week’s edition! ¬†I’ll be linking my fragments with others, over at halfpastkissintime.

Have a great weekend!

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T’was The Week Before Christmas…

T’was the week before Christmas when…I came down with a UTI! ¬†Yes, on top of everything else, I’ve managed to contract a urinary tract infection, and we all know what cures those…antibiotics! ¬†I don’t know about you, but antibiotics give me–a yeast infection! ¬† In fact, antibiotics for a UTI are ¬†what started my chronic yeast problem in the first place! ¬†Now, in addition to medications for chronic yeast, I am also taking antibiotics! ¬† ¬†Quick! ¬†Somebody stop this ride, I want to get off!!!

T’was the week before Christmas… when our family celebrated the birthdays of our two youngest grandchildren, Caden and Chase. ¬†Our oldest son and his wife were twice blessed with children being born during the month of December. ¬†Their oldest was born four years ago, two weeks prior to Christmas. ¬†Their youngest was born two days after Christmas. ¬†On Saturday, a double birthday party was held for their little December blessings.

I simply can’t imagine planning a birthday party in the midst of Christmas activities, but their mom somehow pulled it off. ¬†The theme of their party was “C is for”, appropriate since both of their names begin with a “C”. ¬†Here’s a photo of the boys waiting for their party to begin–dressed in their birthday shirts, which sort of matched their cake.



T’was the week before Christmas…when I only had two gifts wrapped! For some strange reason, I’m not stressing about it either. Perhaps, it’s because I’ve been busy stressing over other things–like dealing with “The Problem Resolution Center” over a television, but hey, I finally have some good news concerning our television saga!

On Friday, we received a reimbursement check for our old television! I’m still waiting for someone to call and schedule a pick-up date for the new damaged television, but in the meantime, we got our check! Until they get around to picking up this 55″ television, we have no place to put another large tv, so we’ll continue to watch it, even with its smudges and blurriness. Hopefully, someone will be in touch soon, since we now have their television and their check! After Christmas, perhaps we can finally purchase a television that we can enjoy again–and forget this whole mess!

T’was the week before Christmas…when the airwaves of radio and television are filled with tragedy concerning Friday’s elementary school massacre. ¬†I’m shocked and saddened for all of those involved. ¬†I simply can’t imagine what these families are going through at this time. ¬†However, I could almost see the wheels in our President’s head turning (as he wiped away a fake tear from his eye during his speech), and I remember these words spoken by Rahm Emanuel--“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” ¬†I sense some sort of ¬†“gun control” ¬†just over the horizon. ¬†This disturbs me greatly, as it should each American! ¬†Guns are not the problem, the absence of God in our society is the problem. ¬†So many have lost their moral compass, if they ever had one at all.

T’was the week before Christmas…and I’m already tired of eating carrot sticks, raw broccoli, and wheat bread! ¬†I actually went to Burger King on Friday and ate a grilled chicken salad! ¬†Of course, I blew it on Monday when I gave in and ate fried chicken and french fries, but I’ll do better tomorrow. ¬†There has to be a little more to life than raw veggies and wheat bread, especially this time of the year!

T’was the week before Christmas…and I’m feeling the need to slow down blogging for a few days. ¬†I haven’t been well lately, and I have several things demanding my attention– including another doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. ¬†I may not be blogging or visiting on a regular basis for a few days, but I’ll do the best I can!

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Thursday’s Thoughts ~ Bumps In The Road Of Life

Have you ever felt like the Grinch was trying to steal your Christmas? ¬†It’s difficult to be “merry and bright” when life is not going smooth, but I keep trying. ¬†I am constantly reminding myself…”This too shall pass”.

I found myself trying to reassure Ed yesterday afternoon, when he arrived home bearing a paper showing the price of next year’s health insurance premiums at work. ¬†They’re going up from $418 per month to $718 per month! ¬†That’s well over the 49% increase we were told! ¬†While Ed’s feeling blue about our own situation, he still has to try to encourage his department employees, who make less than he does, and also carry family coverage, instead of only spousal coverage. ¬† Family coverage runs about $1043 per month! ¬†How in the world are people expected to survive?! ¬†They can’t, and this is how the government plans to force people on Obama Care in the end.

Under Obama Care, health care reimbursement¬†will be drastically limited to doctors/hospitals, so doctors will opt to see only patients with premium health coverage. ¬†It’s already happening, I’ve witnessed it first-hand (turning away Medicare patients), but who can blame them? ¬†They’re trying to make a living! ¬†Good luck finding a physician to see you if you have any type of government-funded health care!

Small, rural hospitals will feel the bite of Obama Care the worst, so they’ll be the first to close their doors. ¬†The closing of rural hospitals will mean less available jobs. ¬†Less hospitals mean less places for treatment, so we’ll all be forced to head for the city, take a number and wait. ¬† Once our wait is over, the government will then dictate what treatment we will be able to receive! ¬†This will be our healthcare of the future, and there’s nothing good about it.

In other news, our television saga continues! ¬†Ed’s taken over dealing with the “Wal-mart Problem Resolution” team because I can no longer stand it! ¬†We’ve been waiting over a week to get a scheduled pick up of this faulty television they sent us. ¬†Ed’s called twice about that already. ¬†We’ve been waiting twelve days to receive “proof of purchase” papers for this faulty television–and I’ve called twice about that! ¬†So much for “problem resolution”, huh? ¬†It’s almost a joke to deal with these people. ¬†I don’t believe a word they say anymore.

There’s been little improvement with my chronic yeast problem either. ¬†I keep hoping and praying, as I consume the last of the medications. ¬†I’ve also been modifying my diet somewhat. ¬†I’ve cut down on the amount of sugar I consume, ¬†and have been eating ¬†healthier foods. ¬†I’ve also been exercising. ¬†It hasn’t helped the yeast production, so far, but I’ve lost a pound! ¬†My goal is to try to get my cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure down. ¬†It would be nice to kill off the yeast in the process, but I’ll take what I can get!

The Dish Network guy came this morning and replaced our receiver. ¬†I’m not sure it solved our problems. ¬†There are still times when the picture seems to be a bit blurry, but not as bad as before. ¬†The man assured me that our signal is good, and the picture is better than it was before. ¬†Perhaps my eyes are just going bad, too!

Forgive me for being such a grouch¬†lately. ¬†It’s probably hormonal, and I know it will pass. ¬†Life is filled with bumps in the road, that’s a given. ¬†One of these days it will be smooth sailing again, and I’ll look back on these times and laugh. ¬†Until that day comes, I’ll try to grin and bear it! ¬†I do realize life could always be worse, and I am grateful for my blessings.

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Make Me Crazy Monday…

Acting Balanced

It’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve had an awful lot going on lately. ¬†I’ll do some catching up at the end of this post, but first I want to participate in Heather’s fun Monday meme. ¬†Here are today’s questions:

1. What is your favorite charity to donate to?

My current favorite charity is relatively new, and it’s known as “Mercury One” (mercuryone.org)

2. When was the last time you danced?

The last time I danced was June 25, 2011, at our youngest son’s wedding.

3. How do you show someone you care about them?

By spending time with them, telling them I love them, or doing something special for them.
4. Do you send holiday cards?

I don’t send “holiday” cards, but I do send Christmas cards–which reminds me, that’s on today’s “TO DO” list!

My question for you:

5.  Do you enjoy Christmas Parades, and if so, do you prefer daytime parades or illuminated nighttime parades?

I love Christmas Parades, and actually attended two this weekend–a¬†nighttime¬†parade and a¬†daytime¬†parade. ¬†I prefer the illuminated night parades.

My recap from the past four days:

Our daughter-in-law, Jennifer, got some good news regarding her biopsy, but she had to wait five  l-o-n-g  days to get the news.  It was a tense time for all, especially her.  We were all relieved to hear the good news, and greatly appreciate the prayers sent up in her behalf.

As for me, I’m still taking my yeast medications and trying to cope. ¬†There is some slight improvement, but the problem still persists. ¬† ¬†Today I will take my last Diflucan, but will continue the other two drugs for three more weeks. ¬†By then, I will have been dealing with this problem for six months. ¬†I have a follow-up doctor appointment next week.

I mentioned in an earlier post that my HRT has been reduced by one-fourth. ¬†My body is having a hard time adjusting. ¬†My emotions are all over the place. ¬†Hopefully, I’ll level off in another week or two. ¬†I go through this every time my dosage gets adjusted, and it’s pure hell ( for me and for Ed). ¬†No hot flashes or night sweats, so far, ¬†just terrible mood swings, and an inability to concentrate. ¬†If that’s not enough, I’m also having to limit¬†caffeine due to¬†fiber-cystic disease, but wait, there’s more…

My¬†gynecologist¬†called last week requesting permission to refer me to an endocrinologist because my fasting glucose level was a bit high (7 points) at the beginning of my glucose tolerance test. ¬†Since Ed works with my doctor, he ran this suggestion by my primary care physician. ¬†He wasn’t concerned about the slight¬†elevation,¬† since my glucose level was normal just a month ago. ¬†He monitors my glucose levels regularly, along with everything else, so I’m declining the referral unless my primary care doctor sends me later. ¬†For now, some lifestyle changes are beginning to happen.

My blood pressure has been high on the past two doctor visits, but I attributed it to being nervous. ¬†On Sunday, Ed checked it at home, and it was the highest it’s ever been-160/90! ¬†Not a good thing. ¬†I’ve never been one to have high blood pressure. ¬†I’m going to have to keep a closer watch on that. ¬† ¬†My¬†cholesterol has been on a steady increase, too.¬† ¬†Geez, I seem to be falling apart! ¬†A permanent diet change and more exercise is apparently in order. ¬†If I can’t get my numbers down through diet and exercise, then I’ll have to go on more medications, and I’d really like to avoid that, if possible. ¬†Age is apparently catching up with me!

On the bright side, I FINALLY finished decorating the house for Christmas! ¬†I’ve never been this late getting finished before, so I’m relieved to get it done. ¬†Next on my list is mailing Christmas cards and wrapping gifts! ¬†There’s some baking to be done, too, but it will be limited this year. ¬†Sugar and flour are on the “naughty list”…

In case you are wondering, our television saga continues. ¬†We’re still waiting for the trucking company to call and schedule a pick up of the faulty television that was sent to us. ¬†We’ve been waiting since last Wednesday…(This situation is probably not helping my blood pressure either!) ¬†We have to ship this television back before we can get it replaced. ¬†We’re heading into week four of this saga, with no end in sight yet.

If the television saga isn’t bad enough, something is apparently wrong with our satellite reception, too. ¬†Dish Network is mailing us a new receiver this week. ¬†I’m going to lose all of my recorded programs on the old DVR! ¬†I have some great concerts recorded, plus a ton of movies. ¬†A new receiver better solve our problem or I’ll really be bummed…

Now, doesn’t your life seem calm, compared to mine? ¬† Happy Monday!

P.S. ¬†I’m way behind on blog visits, so please be patient with me. ¬†I’ll get caught up with everyone as soon as I can.

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Ho Ho Ho Hodgepodge…

I’ve been having such a difficult week I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to participate in “The Hodgepodge” today, but here I am–because I am a creature of habit and I’m determined! ¬†The good news is- after three days I have finally finished decorating the large tree in the living room. Yay! The bad news is the ornament boxes are still sitting all around, and I have two more trees to go. Perhaps I’ll get them finished today–right after I answer Joyce’s questions and visit a few friends.

1. Share your traditions surrounding the Christmas stocking.
While our children were growing up, everyone in the family had a stocking. We didn’t have an actual fireplace, so I hung the stockings on the wall, near our wood burning heater which stood in the corner. ¬†Some years all of the stockings were filled, but usually it was just the children who found goodies in their stockings on Christmas morning. ¬†The goodies were usually an assortment of Christmas candies and perhaps a small toy or two. ¬†I still have all of our stockings, but no longer hang them. ¬†Here’s a photo from ten or twelve years ago:

7-15-2011 1;53;14 PM Christmas 20023

2. How many hours of sleep do you average at night? Is it enough?

On a good night, I average about 6 hours of sleep. ¬†It’s not enough, but it’s a lot better than the nights when I only sleep 3 to 4 hours. ¬†I’ve found 8 hours of sleep to be the perfect amount of sleep for me, but it rarely happens.

3. If you had to give up one thing for the remainder of this year what would it be?

Considering the television issues plaguing me for the past three weeks, I’m going to say “watching television”. ¬†Three weeks and counting since our big screen was pronounced “unfixable”. ¬†We’re still trying to resolve the problems concerning our new”replacement set”. ¬† It appears that we may end up sending this television back to the company due to its major “issues”. ¬†It’s a very nice television, with internet and 3D, but apparently it’s defective. ¬†What luck!

4. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (or Wills and Kate as I like to call them) have announced they’re expecting a baby. Do you follow news of the Royals?

I don’t follow the news of the Royals, but it’s hard since the family is always making headlines. ¬†I don’t really share the fascination that some people have with them. ¬†They’re just people.

5. For me, the sound of childhood is the musical sounds of an ice cream truck! ¬†To this day, I still get excited when I hear one, which isn’t often! ¬† These days there is no ice cream truck around here– only the sounds of our grandchildren squealing with delight while they play outside in the yard.

6. Fruit cake-yay or boo? What’s your favorite dessert made with fruit?

Booyay! ¬†I used to hate fruit cake, but have cultivated a taste for it in my older years. ¬†It’s still not among my favorite desserts, but I don’t mind having an occasional slice. ¬†My favorite dessert made with fruit is apple pie or peach cobbler.

7. What is one thing you want to accomplish before 2012 comes to an end?

To get my house decorated for Christmas! ¬†It’s never taken me this long to decorate before. ¬†By the time I finish, it will be time to take it all down…


Let me just tell you- introducing your body to four new drugs at once is not a fun experience! ¬†I began my newest phase of treatment for excessive yeast yesterday. ¬†My side effects ranged from dizziness to “the shakes”. ¬†(I’m so grateful I didn’t fall off the ladder while I was decorating the Christmas tree!) ¬†By the time Ed arrived home from work, I was a woman at the end of her rope. ¬†I’d dealt with the lady from the Tax Office, the television repairman, the television repairman’s wife, and I was in the midst of a hormonal episode. ¬†I cried while stirring my pot of chicken and dumplings, as Ed told me about his day. ¬†(He had to have his car radiator replaced, and of course it cost more than¬†anticipated.) ¬†So many issues to deal with lately!¬† ¬†Let’s hope today is a bit calmer, after all, ¬†‘Tis the season to be jolly ūüôā

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Happy Monday…

Acting Balanced

I hope it’s a happy Monday for you, I’m still trying to decide about mine. ¬†I’m thankful that Thanksgiving came early this year, so I’ll have more time to get ready for Christmas– ’cause it’s slow going here. ¬†I’m getting ready, but it’s at a slower pace than usual–probably because I keep taking so many blogging breaks! ¬†Speaking of blogging–I think it’s time to link up with “Monday Quiz About Me”!

1. When was the last time you had your picture taken with Santa?

Actually, I had my picture taken with Santa (at Bass Pro Shop) last Christmas–along with my daughter and granddaughter. ¬†We thought it would be neat to have a “3 generations” picture made with Santa. ¬†I’m the lady in the red top.

12-20-2011 1;50;18 PM 3 generations with Santa

2. Which do you prefer – ham or turkey?

I prefer turkey, probably because we don’t have it very often.

3. Do you give more to charity in December?

Sometimes, but not always, it just depends on what’s going on.

4. Which US City would you most like to visit and why?

I think I’d most like to visit Miami, Florida, because of its close proximity to the Florida Keys.

My question for you:

5. ¬†Do you enjoy watching Christmas movies? ¬†If so, what’s your favorite one? ¬†

I love watching Hallmark Christmas movies! ¬†There are so many good ones, I can’t pick a favorite, but among my favorites are “The Christmas Card”, “The Christmas Heart”, “Call Me Mrs. Miracle”, ¬†and “A Christmas Visitor”. ¬†I also enjoy watching National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation” and “A Christmas Story” each year, as well.

Weekend Recap:

‘Tis the season, and it was a busy weekend around our house! ¬†As I mentioned, I’m still working on getting up our Christmas decorations. ¬†Ed and I finished putting up the outside decorations on Friday afternoon, but I’m still working on the inside decorations. ¬†We had a lot of company on Saturday, then some shopping to do on Sunday, so the inside decorations have had to wait. ¬†Today’s top priority is finishing the tree in the living room. ¬†Wish me luck!

I stayed home all day on Friday, waiting for the delivery man to bring our new television. ¬†He was supposed to arrive between twelve and five, but it was after six when he finally called for directions. ¬†By then, I’d given up hope.

On Saturday, when Ed unpacked the television, we discovered we didn’t get any papers with our new television–no packing slip, no invoice, or any paper that we could ¬†use to purchase an extended warranty. ¬†Our plight didn’t stop there… ¬†We discovered our brand new ¬†replacement television already has “issues”! ¬†It has what appears to be two “smudges” right in the middle of the screen, but they don’t wipe off. ¬†Occasionally, the picture also turns a bit blurry for just a few seconds. ¬†Can you believe this? ¬†I talked with the warranty company last night, and they will be arranging repair service next week, while I wait to receive an invoice (for the television) from them. ¬†Here we go again…Can you believe it?

Tomorrow I will also be starting yet another treatment plan for the yeast overgrowth that’s still invading my body. ¬†After drinking the glucose for Thursday’s test, I’ve been in even more misery. (Sugar consumption increases yeast growth.) ¬† The newest cream from the doctor hasn’t helped either. ¬†I’m now moving into month six of this problem, with the yeast spreading again.

While my yeast problem is aggravating,¬†persistent, and a little threatening, our daughter-in-law, Jennifer, is dealing with a much larger issue. ¬†Her six months GYN check up, on Friday, didn’t go well. ¬†Once again, I am asking for prayers on Jennifer’s behalf. ¬†She has¬†to wait a few days to learn more results. ¬†Your prayers would be deeply appreciated.

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Thankful For The The Hodgepodge…

I’m thankful for many things in my life, and counted among them are Joyce and the Wednesday Hodgepodge. ¬†Mid-week just wouldn’t be the same without them! ¬†It’s hard to believe we’ve been participating in this meme for almost two years already–and it’s still fun! ¬†Speaking of participating and having fun–here are this week’s questions, along with my answers:

1. Turkey-love it or leave it? White meat or dark? What’s your favorite thing to make using leftover turkey?

I love turkey, probably because I only cook it twice a year. ¬†I don’t especially enjoy the preparation or cleanup, but the end result is so worth it! ¬†I really only like white meat, but will eat small amounts of dark meat if it’s chipped up and mixed among white meat. ¬†(I’m thinking of the school cafeteria, now!) ¬†As for my favorite thing to make using leftover turkey–that would be a turkey sandwich!

2. Gotta burn off all those carbs the day after a holiday feast so which would you rather do-run a 10K or climb a mountain?

I’ve always hated to run, so I’d rather climb a mountain. ¬†I can feel my legs burning at the mere thought of it!

3. Do you feel like social networking has made your relationships better or worse? Explain.

It depends. ¬†I don’t go out much, so Facebook is a good way to keep in touch with friends and family. ¬†I’m more of a reader than a poster though. ¬†On the other hand, I hate it when our children/spouses come to visit us, then spend part of the visit with their faces in their phones!

4. How do you find and express gratitude for the hard things in your life?

I read my Bible, and I pray–and I try very, very hard to understand! ¬†Finding that gratitude (for hard times) never comes easily, but it usually comes–eventually.

5. In the US, the day after Thanksgiving has been dubbed ‘Black Friday’. Is most of your holiday shopping done live and in person, or is it done more through the magic of the Internet? How do you feel about stores opening at midnight Thanksgiving night? Will you be out amongst the masses on Friday?

These days I do most of my shopping through the magic of the Internet. ¬†It beats fighting the rough and ready holiday crowds, and most of the time the shipping is free! ¬†Personally, I don’t see why stores can’t just open at a decent hour, rather than midnight or 5 a.m. ¬†What difference would a few hours make? ¬†As far as I’m concerned, stores being open on Thanksgiving is just wrong.

6. Speaking of the color black-which black item in your wardrobe would you say is your favorite?

I have two identical pairs of soft, black, knit slacks.  They are very comfortable, and I love them.

7. What do you appreciate about your life today?

I appreciate the freedom that comes with being in this stage of life. ¬†All of our children are grown and happily married, and I no longer have to work. ¬†Most of the time, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want to–and that’s a great feeling, especially after many years spent raising a family while holding down a full-time job!


Yesterday I posted about our television woes. ¬†Ed decided we’d get our old television back. ¬†He paid the repairman to bring it home, rather than having to go pick it up himself. ¬†After watching the old 36″ regular television for a couple of days, we were so happy to get our 55″ HDTV back–even with its issues!!! ¬†The repairman tinkered with its defective panel, and actually reduced the “quiver time” by a few minutes! ¬†The picture continues to quiver when the tv is first turned on, but once it warms up, the picture straightens out and plays fine until it’s turned off. ¬†We will use our old television until our replacement tv arrives, then we’ll have to decide what we’re going do with it. ¬†Decisions, decisions…but I’m thankful to still have the right to make them! ¬†Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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