Family Revelations…

I just love it when our adult off-spring get together, and begin reminiscing about the days of their youth. I almost always end up learning something new! Recently, the subject of the game of “kickball” came up as the topic of conversation.

You see, our granddaughter, Madison, has recently been introduced to the game of kickball at church. Her first experience didn’t turn out to be a pleasant one, and she came home saying that she no longer wished to attend AWANA on Wednesday nights! Madison’s kickball experience opened the door to an assortment of childhood revelations from the adults in the room.

Madison’s mom, Brandy, shared how much she hated the game of kickball, too, when she was in elementary school. This revelation came as no great surprise.  After all, she is her mother’s daughter! Anything involving a ball and kicking, throwing, or running has always ranked low on my list of things I like to do!  I’d do almost anything to avoid PE in school, and my daughter is a chip off the old block!   A headache would develop at the mere thought of running or playing ball…

Brandy recalled how, in the school’s version of kickball,  some of the children were required to line up on the wall of the gymnasium while other children tried to hit them with the ball.  What kind of game is this, where the children are lined up as human targets?!  Where’s the fun it that for the kids standing on the wall?

Our oldest son chimed in to reveal that his fear of the wrath of the kickball was the reason he quickly became a member of the fifth grade band. He recalled how a fellow classmate (who was apparently a bit of a bully) would always go out of his way to hit him  very hard in the head with the kickball! ( I had no idea!) We spent nearly eight hundred dollars on a saxophone because we thought our son was musically inclined–and all the while he was trying to avoid being blasted in the head by a bully with ball!  

All’s well that ends well,  so they say. Our son learned how to play that saxophone, in spite of these facts: (a) the band leader claimed his mouth wasn’t shaped correctly to play one, and (b) that saxophone was nearly half as big as he was! The following year, we made the choice to move our children to a private school;  thus ending the saga of the sax, and the kickball bully I never knew about!    The saxophone was later sold to a cousin.

Last, but not least, our youngest son offered up a couple of school memories of his own. Brad’s memories were purely the result of bad timing, on his part. Once, he walked into the gym, and straight into the path of a flying ball. The ball hit him square in the face, resulting in a bloody nose!  Brad’s second encounter with a flying ball…well, let’s just say, the ball hit him in an area even more sensitive than his nose!  Ouch!  Enough said.

I don’t know how Madison’s future encounters with kickball will go. For now, she’s chosen to sit and watch while the others play kickball at AWANA. One thing’s for sure, as time marches on, even if not about kickball, I’m sure Madison will have some revelations of her own, one of these days!

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Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary To Brandy and Clint…

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been ten years already!  It seems like just yesterday when the my husband and I were having lunch with our daughter–her last one as a single woman. 

We had Subway sandwiches for lunch on her wedding day, and as we were eating them, we made the comment that it would be our last such meal together…but we never lost our daughter.  Instead, we gained another son…and five years later, we gained a beautiful granddaughter.


Our daughter and her husband remind me very much of my husband and myself in so many ways. It’s not difficult at all to imagine the two of them growing old together.

I can also visualize Madison growing into a lovely young woman, and one day eating her last meal–as a single woman–with her parents…in the same kitchen where her mom ate that Subway sandwich with us!

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Brandy and Clint a very happy tenth wedding anniversary with a special video that I put together for them. We love you guys! Enjoy your special day! Wishing you many, many, more happy years together.

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Easter As A Mom Of Growing Children…

I am continuing to blog about Easter this week as the holiday quickly approaches.  Today I will blog about my Easter memories when my children were growing up.

Easter has always been my second favorite holiday–right there behind Christmas!  I am a Christian, so it only makes sense that those two days would be the most special ones of the year, right?

I spent almost as much time and effort in preparing for Easter, as I did for Christmas.  I usually began searching for just the right Easter outfits soon after Christmas was over.  It wasn’t so much of a task when I only had one child, a little girl. 

Brandy(age 6 mos) and me 1979...her first Easter


Brandy’s paternal grandmother took great pleasure in purchasing an Easter dress for her(then) only granddaughter.  In fact, she took great pleasure in purchasing lots of things for her granddaughter because she’d never had the opportunity of shopping for a little girl before(mother of 5 boys).

Once our first little boy arrived, it was fun to look for that cute little boy’s suit to go along with the frilly dress that I was used to looking for.  Our oldest son loved to dress up when he was small.  He enjoyed putting on his suit and tie, or his vest and matching bow tie.  He always said he was going to grow up and become a preacher…

Brett and Brad on Easter morning

After boy number two came along, sometimes I enjoyed dressing the boys alike, in matching shirts, slacks and ties.  Eventually, the oldest son decided that suits were not as fun as they once were…

The challenge came when we’d all get dressed for church, then (hopefully) gather outside next to some blooming azaleas for the annual Easter picture.  Oh how my boys hated those pictures–and the pictures show that!  My oldest son was particularly anti-picture then.  He’d usually have his hand over his eyes or such!

The most fun part about Easter was making the Easter baskets!  I began in  February looking for just the right trinkets, candy, and toys to fill those baskets with.  I made all three baskets myself every year, and I individualized them to each child’s age and interest.  I took great pain to arrange the contents perfectly in each basket, then wrap the basket in that colored paper and top it off with a bow.  I’d then hide the baskets, and pretend that the Easter bunny left them for the children on the night before Easter.

Brandy posing with her basket on Easter morning in 1982

Every Easter morning all three children would come running out to see what the Easter bunny had brought them.  They could hold and look at the baskets and their contents all they wanted, but were not allowed to open them until after church.  Now that they are grown, they have told me how much they hated the fact that they had to wait until after church to open those baskets.  What they didn’t realize is…if they’d opened those baskets up, we’d never have made it to church on time!

another yearly Easter photo...see how they grow!

My daughter continued to get an Easter basket until she was a teenager.  She wasn’t happy when I told her that she was too old for one!  By then, she had her first boyfriend, and I just felt that her time for Easter baskets was over!

Of course, we always did the traditional egg dying on Saturday nights–and boy did we have some interesting eggs in those days.  The boys decorated their eggs according to whatever they were interested in at the time…wrestling, super heros, sports, whatever!  Brandy and I just colored eggs and tried to make them look girly.

After lunch on Easter day, we usually had an egg hunt at my in-laws house.  They had a huge yard with lots of places for hiding the eggs.  We hid eggs for many years until the youngest grandchildren got too old to care about hunting them.

  Once, we got the bright idea to put money in plastic eggs and hide them.  EVERYONE wanted in on that egg hunt! Teenagers were scouring the yard looking for eggs containing some money.  The eggs that didn’t contain  money, contained papers with funny sayings or insults on them.  The teenagers enjoyed reading those out loud.  It was one of the most memorable egg hunts–and there weren’t even any small children there!

Tomorrow I will reflect on Easter as an older parent, and grandparent.  Please hop back over and share more memories with me.  Have a great day!

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