Thursday’s Thoughts ~ Searching For Better Days

It has not been a good week in our neck of the woods.  First of all, my lap top died on Sunday night while I was trying to check my email.  I’ve spent the better part of this week trying to decide what kind of laptop to replace it with.  I’m not tech-savy and this chore is making my head want to explode!  Sitting in this computer chair (at the desk top) for hours on end is making my behind sore, too.  Computing from recliner is much more comfortable.

After four months of suffering, two rounds of medication by mouth,  taking probiotics twice daily, and two months of topical applications–my problem with overgrowth of yeast persists.  I’m ready to scream!  The weather here has turned cold, and wearing free-flowing dresses is not comfortable–but neither is wearing slacks.  It’s a “no-win” situation.  I’m currently on round three of Diflucan–and I sure would appreciate prayers.  My doctor says sometimes yeast can be difficult to get rid of.  No kidding!

Honeybun, our aging and paralyzed rabbit continues to grow worse.  Ed and I have both been working hard to keep him as comfortable as possible until the end, but the inevitable has happened to him.  He’s developed a “bedsore”, or as Ed would say in medical terms– a decubitus ulcer.  Bedsores are caused by pressure from staying in the same position for a long period of time.  They are horrific things– maggots actually get in them to eat the rotting flesh, but Ed explains to me that this is actually a good thing.  In the past, there have been cases where maggots were actually put in the bedsores of people to clean them out!  Enough said about that!

Last but not least, I couldn’t help but feel a sad and sinking feeling on Tuesday evening, as I watched the election results.  I was hoping and praying for a turnaround for our country, but alas, it was not to be.  The majority of voting Americans apparently approve of the direction our country is heading, but I’m afraid most don’t have a clue of what direction that truly is.  A couple of quotes keep running through my mind…”poor choices have consequences” and “you reap what you sow”…

Like the title of this post says, I’m searching for better days.  Hopefully, I’ll find them lurking somewhere just around the next bend of life!

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The Wednesday Hodgepodge…March 28

Hello there!  Once again, it’s time for the mid-weekly meme known as “The Hodgepodge”.  Thanks to our hostess, Joyce, for another great set of questions!  She always does a great job.  Here are my answers to this week’s questions:

1. What’s the last job you did that required elbow grease?

About 3 weeks ago, when I removed the old wax from the kitchen floor, and put a new coat of wax on it.  I was exhausted when I finished!

2. March Madness, aka the men’s Division I basketball championship, is nearing an end. What sort of ‘madness’ has your house seen this month?

The current “madness” in our house is in the form of six  baby chicks, who have been living in a very large box (actually 3 boxes joined together), in my husband’s pool room–for the past two weeks!  There’s a lot of noise and mess going on in that box, but they’re so darn cute!  See them stretched out taking their siesta…  A couple of them are really snoozing!

3. What’s your favorite shop for browsing?

Call me crazy, but I enjoy browsing in the gift shop section of The Cracker Barrel.  They always have a neat assortment of “stuff”, and I can always find something I like!

4. Is there ever a time when giving up makes sense?

I believe there is.  It depends on the situation, and what is involved, but sometimes you just have to “throw in the towel”.

5. What’s a song you love that contains the name of a city, state or country in its title?

There’s an old melancholy song called “Rainy Night In Georgia” which was popular back in 1969 when Ed and I first started dating.  I loved the song back then, and I still love it today!  Hearing it takes me right back through time.  I spent many lonely nights listening to this song while Ed was away (in the army)…

6. When did you first begin using a computer?

I’m not really sure when I began using a computer on a regular basis, but I believe it was sometime in the late 90’s.  We had a computer in our home, for several years prior to this, but I never really cared about learning how to use it.  Besides, I would have had to fight our children to get a turn!  Eventually, I was forced to begin using a computer, as a part of my job.  By then children had grown up and moved away, and I had the computer at home all to myself.  And so began my adventures on the computer…

7. Did you buy girl scout cookies this year? What’s your favorite?

No, I didn’t buy any girl scout cookies this year.  My favorites are the chocolate mint ones.


Eighteen years ago, today, I became ill with what would later be diagnosed as “Rheumatoid Arthritis”.  It has changed my life, but over time I’ve learned to deal with it.  This form of arthritis is very different than regular arthritis.  In addition to joint pain and destruction, it can make you feel ill in many other ways, too.  There are stomach issues, headaches, fevers, and a type of fatigue I can’t begin to describe.   If you still have your health, you have a priceless gift.  Don’t ever take your good health for granted!

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