Since I Last Wrote…

Since I last wrote, another weekend has come and gone. Ed and I kicked off the weekend by boiling the last of Ed’s peanuts, and grilling a few hot dogs. Our daughter’s family, who lives next door, decided to throw a few hot dogs and sausages on the grill, too. Then we all decided to eat them outside, on our daughter’s deck. Just as we were about to eat our meal, Brad and family came driving up (with pizza in hand), and they joined us, too. We had a fun, impromptu cookout.  Our oldest son, and family, joined us a while later, after supper. I need to get better organized and plan more Friday night get-togethers, like we used to do!

I’ve already forgotten what we did on Saturday, so it must not  have been too noteworthy!  Oh, now I remember!  Ed cleaned out our old birdhouses, and put one of them on a new post.  He also added a shelf onto the side of the post (and painted the post and shelf), so I’d have a place to put a little ceramic robin. Last, he placed a hanging bird feeder below the shelf.  We spent part of the afternoon sitting on the back terrace, and admiring his handiwork, too…

On Sunday, Ed and I hit the road, again, for another trip to Brunswick.  We packed a picnic lunch, and headed for St. Simon’s Island (even though we’d just been there, on Wednesday). Unfortunately, the sun played peek-a-boo with us all morning, and by lunchtime sprinkles of rain had begun to trickle out of the sky.  Our favorite tree protected us from the rain, for a while, but we had to eventually give it up, but I can’t complain.  We’ve taken lots of trips to St. Simon’s Island, but this was only the second time we’ve ever gotten rained out. We spent the rest of the day browsing through several stores.

It’s back-to-school time, and Monday was the first day of home-school for our two oldest grands.



grandson, Caden (note his missing tooth!)


granddaughter, Madison (can’t believe she’s in 3rd grade already!)

Ed and I tried to help things get up and running smooth for the home-schooling mama’s.  Chase, the younger brother of Caden, spent the morning at our house, where he played and watched cartoons with Ed. (This freed up his mama to concentrate on over-seeing big brother, Caden’s first day of first grade.)  Madison and her mama entered the scary new world of third grade at their house.  Meanwhile, I took on the roll of the “lunch lady” and cooked lunch for everyone.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the spaghetti, salad, bread, and s’mores cupcakes for lunch.  After everyone went home, Ed and I both enjoyed a long nap!  Assisting with home-school is hard work 🙂


On a serious note, I’d like to say how proud I am of all of our grandchildren, and, especially, how proud I am of their parents for doing such a great job of raising them! Whether or not they realize it, all of our grandchildren are blessed with some great parents!  It’s not an easy task to raise children properly, especially in this day and time.

Home-schooling requires sacrifice.  First of all, it means giving up the second income, so many people have come to depend upon, these days.   It means being with your children 24/7, and rarely ever getting a break.  It means having to go “the extra mile” to make sure they have a good and pleasurable school year.  In addition to being “mom”, you have to be “teacher”, too.  This means planning each day in advance, giving tests, and grading papers–in addition to your regular mom duties.  Some days can be tiring!

If Ed and I can help make the task a little easier, for our home-schooling mamas, it’s our pleasure to do so!  This “lunch lady” has to go now–it’s time to get cooking 🙂




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Another Miscellaneous Monday…

Ed and I made it through another cold and wet weekend!  We finally got out of the house on Friday and Saturday, and we both felt like we’d been freed from prison!  The weather still wasn’t suitable for being outside, so we did a little shopping both days.  Actually, on Friday, we did some browsing in one town, then we waited until Saturday to do our actual shopping in a different town.  It didn’t matter what we did, it was just great to be out of the house!  Ed even said, “Shopping in the rain sure beats being cooped up in the house!”

On Friday, we made a stop by the Tractor Supply Store.  We saw a sign saying they were having “Chick Days”, and couldn’t resist stopping in to see the newly arrived baby chicks.  The chicks are always so cute, I want to bring them all home with me!  Of course, “there’s no room in the inn” at my house, so I can only admire them, then leave empty-handed.  My ‘babies’ will be 6 months old, this week, and are currently keeping us and our family supplied in eggs 🙂

Speaking of chickens and eggs,  a strange occurrence has begun at our house!  One of our old hens has decided to stop laying her eggs in the nest inside of the chicken coop.  Even stranger is the new spot she’s chosen to lay her eggs–on the blanket [under the car port] where our dog sleeps!  For the past two days Ed has found an egg on the blanket, right beside the dog!

Our ‘local children’ (the ones who live near us), and their families gathered at our house on Friday night.  That’s always a nice way to end the week, and kick off the weekend. The cousins always enjoy playing together, at Mimi’s house, while the adults get caught up with what’s been going on during the week.  Would you believe, the cousins actually asked to have their picture taken, this week?!  Ed happily obliged, and here’s the result:


our three oldest ‘grands”, Madison, Caden, and Chase

Our youngest son and his family were not able to join us for a visit, this weekend.  We missed them, since it’s been two weeks since we last saw them.  This mama is looking forward to a day when they will live ‘local’, as well, and will able to join us for spontaneous Friday night visits with the rest of the gang!  Besides, this little fella’ needs more opportunities to play with his cousins, before they all grow up!


our youngest ‘grand’, Evan

Speaking of growing up, last week, our oldest son’s graduating [high school] class of 2000 lost its second member.  The class was small, with maybe thirty-something students in it, so everybody knew everybody.  This classmate also happened to have been one of our son’s friends during the school years.  Sadly, he’s gone too soon, at the young age of thirty-two…

While walking about and browsing, on Friday, I quickly realized how out of shape I’ve become!  Ed’s been cooking breakfast for us nearly every morning, since he retired, and it usually includes eggs and bread.  Ed also helps me with the housework, now, so I have less to do around the house.  As a result, I’ve gotten even more out of shape that I was before!  Beginning today, I’m dusting off the treadmill–at least until spring decides to come.  Eventually, I’ll get my exercise while working in the garden, which is a lot more fun than walking on the treadmill–sometimes!

Today is the day I’m going back to the dentist to have my permanent crown put on.  I hope it fits better than the temporary one did in the beginning.  (Wouldn’t you know I was just starting to get used to it?)  Unfortunately, I have a feeling it won’t be long before another ‘patched’ tooth bites the dust, and I’ll have to start this awful (and costly) process all over again.

Our temperatures are supposed to be in the 70’s for the next couple of days–but without any sun!  I guess it would be too much to expect a warm and sunny day, but I’ll take it!  At least I can move all of the plants out of the laundry room while I wash a few clothes this morning.

That’s about it for what’s happening around here–not very exciting, but, hey, it’s life!

Have a great Monday!


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A Few Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

What a week it’s been!  It’s been the most ‘normal’ week we’ve had in two weeks, but, still, it’s been far from a normal week.  It’s been one of those weeks when it’s just plain hard to keep calm!

For instance, on Monday, I received a phone call telling me that our daughter-in-law, Jennifer, was in the hospital because she was having labor pains while at work!  For two days, amidst the back and forth phone calls, tracking Jennifer’s progress, I stayed busy writing thank you notes concerning Ed’s mom’s funeral. I’m happy to report, the thank you notes are finished, and Jennifer is home from the hospital.  Life goes on, and God is good.

Jennifer spent two days and nights in the hospital, where she received medication to stop her contractions. She also received steroid shots to help the baby’s lungs develop.  Jennifer was released on Wednesday afternoon, but will remain under the  frequent, watchful eye of her doctor.  Hopefully, baby Evan will stay put for a little while longer.  Jennifer has just under seven weeks to go until her due date, but I don’t expect her to go that long.  However, every day that baby Evan stays put, will make it easier for him at birth.  According to the sonograms, he weighs in at 4 1/2 pounds right now.

On Monday I rode with Ed to take care of some of his mom’s business.  He had to go out-of-town to see about stopping her VA checks, since she recently passed away.  Tuesday was followed by more out-of-town business.  So many ‘loose ends’ to tie up, following a death, and we’re just getting started!  Sigh. Ed and I keep telling ourselves, “One day at a time…”

On Tuesday I, also, went to visit our youngest grandson, Chase, at his house.  For some strange reason, Chase has begun to associate me with being separated from his mother, which he dislikes very much!  The sight of me brings him to tears!  I’m determined to over come this stigma by visiting with him at his house–at times when I’m not needed to babysit!

After three days of cloudiness, mixed with a little rain, the sun is shining here this morning.  It’s very cool outside, a typical fall morning, which I’m glad to see.  I already have my fall decorations out, soon I’ll be getting ready to shift into Halloween mode.  My grandchildren enjoy those decorations!

Speaking of grandchildren, Caden, our oldest grandson, who’s four, is still adjusting to pre-K.  He’s been finding the separation from his mom a little difficult, but he’s working on it, and doing better. Granddaughter, Madison, who is almost seven, is doing well with first grade home-schooling.  I’m amazed at how much she has learned in just six weeks!  She writes beautifully, in cursive, and has memorized many math facts, as well as an entire (long chapter) passage from the Bible!  She reads very well, too.  Oh, to have the mind of a six-year-old again!

Today I’m going to town to run a few errands, stop by the cemetery, then come home and try to catch up on a little housework.  I’m running so far behind, I’ll never catch up!  There just aren’t enough hours in a day…  I keep telling myself, “One day at a time, Kathy. One day at a time…”

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Thanks to Mrs. 4444 for hosting ‘Friday Fragments’ over at

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