Another Rainy Monday…

We’re beginning this week on a very wet note!  We’ve had rain every day for several days.  We’ve gone from dry conditions to soggy conditions.  How quickly things can change!  Neither condition is good for our garden, but that’s a post for another day…

Today is the day I participate in “The Monday Quiz”.  I’ll answer Heather’s four questions, then present one of my own.  I’ll end the post with a brief recap of the weekend.

Acting Balanced

1. June 10th is Iced Tea Day – do you drink iced tea? Sweet or unsweetened? Flavored?

I don’t care for flavored teas at all.  I love sweetened iced tea (Luzianne is my favorite brand), but I rarely drink it anymore because of the sugar and caffeine.  I know I could drink decaffeinated tea sweetened with artificial sweetener, but it’s just not the same!   These days, I usually drink water because it’s the healthiest choice.  On special occasions I’ll reward myself with a nice, tall glass of sweet tea, and it’s delicious.

2. What would be an essential for you to survive a long airplane flight?

I’ve never flown, and I tend to get claustrophobic, so I’d probably need a mild sedative to make it through a long airplane flight.  I’d definitely need someone to keep me company!

3. How do you explain wanting an iron to someone who does not speak English?

Now that would be interesting to watch!  I’d do the motions of ironing with my hands–and hope they didn’t laugh.

4. Should smoking be allowed in restaurants?

Absolutely not!  There’s nothing worse than trying to eat a meal while breathing someone’s second hand smoke!  It’s just plain nasty.

Here’s my rant on cigarette smoking:

I grew up with two parents who smoked cigarettes until the day they died.  I breathed their second-hand smoke for many, many years.  It stung my eyes, made my lungs burn, and made me sick to my stomach.  Shame on parents who force their children to breathe second hand smoke, especially in a car!

When Ed and I married, his mother also smoked (thank goodness, she quit twenty-six years ago).  During the early years of our marriage, out of respect, Ed and I felt we had to tolerate our parents smoking whenever they came to visit our home.  After every visit, our home always wreaked of stale smoke!  It would take days to rid our home of the smell!  During the first few years of our marriage, one parent set our car door on fire, another burned a hole in our couch, and yet another scorched the kitchen counter top with a cigarette.  Finally, we’d had enough, and we refused to let anyone smoke in our home anymore!  Which leads me to my question for you:

5.  Do you allow smoking in your home?

Weekend recap:

It was a busy weekend around our house.  Ed’s mom is in the hospital, so part of the weekend was spend running back and forth seeing about her.  Thankfully, she is responding to treatment, and seems to be getting better.

There was a nearby wreck and five stabbings at the local prison on Saturday.  The tech working weekends at the hospital called Ed to see about getting more help in x-ray.  They called in a second tech, but Ed decided to go in and help out as well.  He was gone a couple of hours!

On Sunday, I cooked and we had all of our grown children/families over for lunch.  It’s always special to get everyone together under our roof again.  Why is does food always taste better when you share it with family?  I hope my children and grandchildren will remember these Sunday dinners at Mimi’s, with fondness, one day.  I know I sure will!

I know I’m running behind with posting and visiting.  I’ll get caught up one of these days!  Until then, I’m just doing the best I can.  Have a great Monday!

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A Special Day For A Special Lady…

Yesterday I mentioned that May is a busy month for our family due to several birthdays and an anniversary.  One of those birthdays belongs to my mother-in-law, Vivian.  She turned ninety-one on May 5.

100_2292 (2)

Vivian is more than a mother-in-law to me–she’s been like a second mother to me.  I met Ed at the ripe old age of fifteen, and not long after, I met his mom.  While Ed was serving in the army and I was still living at home finishing high school,  I spent many weekends with his parents at their house.  They felt like family to me long before we actually became family.  Their home was like a second home to me, and we’ve celebrated some great times in that house– holidays, birthdays, showers, even a family wedding!

Ed and I debated about how to celebrate his mom’s birthday.  She’s been living in an assisted living facility for almost three years.  We’ve noticed that she seems to have gotten more fragile during this past year.  I would have liked to have thrown a party in her honor, but wasn’t sure it would be in her best interest.  Crowds seem to confuse her somewhat.  Ed and I decided to take Vivian out to eat–and to take her to see her house.  It had been quite a long time since Vivian had been inside of her house, and Ed recently had a new roof put on it, which she hadn’t seen.

We decided to celebrate Vivian’s birthday one day early, so she would be available at the living facility, for visitors, on her actual birthday.  We also knew the local restaurants wouldn’t be as crowded on Saturday.  I knew we’d made a good decision to go on Saturday, when we arrived at the restaurant and Vivian commented about how noisy it was!  The Saturday crowd was tiny compared to what Sunday’s would be.

The highlight of the day came when we drove up to Vivian’s house and helped her go inside.  It was like watching a child on Christmas morning!  Although she had to pause and rest in between, she went into every room in her house!  She opened closets, cabinets, drawers, and the refrigerator.  She inspected pictures on the walls.  She tried to play her piano.  It was a sight to behold!  She didn’t seem to notice that the house has become a bit run-down or that Brad and Jennifer still have several boxes of their junk on the kitchen table waiting to be moved.  She only saw home!

We sat and talked, and yes, we even cried a bit.  We talked about the good times we’ve had in that old house, and we talked about how sad it is that she’s no longer able to live there.  Growing old is tough, and there aren’t always easy answers.  We just try to do the best that we can in our given situation.  Although it was bittersweet when we had to leave the house, at the end of the day, Ed and I knew we’d given Vivian the best birthday gift we could possibly have given her–a trip back home, even if it was only for a while.

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Flashback Friday ~ MeMa’s Car Mishaps…

On Wednesday,  I went to visit my mother-in-law, also known in our family as “Mema”.  It had been a few weeks since I’d seen Mema, and we had a great visit.  As we sat in our rocking chairs, we began reminiscing about days gone by.

Somehow the subject of cars came  up, and we began discussing some of the ” car mishaps” that Mema has been involved in over the years.  There have been a few…

The first  car mishap took place somewhere around the late 1950’s.  My hubby, Ed,  was an older child by then, probably eleven, but his two younger brothers were still quite young.  Ed had been painting on this particular day, when he forgot and left the can of paint and brush unattended.  Ed’s little brothers found the paint and proceeded to paint all over their mother’s car with it!  Fortunately, their handiwork was soon discovered,  before it had a chance to dry and ruin the car, but Ed still got into trouble for his error!  (Above is a photo of Ed’s dad and his little brothers, along with the car)

I guess you could say Ed got his payback for the “car painting incident”, some years later, when his mother accidentally set his car door on fire by placing a  lit cigarette butt in a paper cup in the car door!  Ed and his mom were in the drug store browsing, when a person came rushing in to say that somebody’s car outside was on fire!  It happened to be mine and Ed’s!  Fortunately, the damage was minor, but Ed was still left with a hole burned into the upholstery of the door!   Ed’s mom offered to pay for the damage, but we decided not to worry about it.  We sold the car a few months later.

I happened to be involved in ” car mishap #3″.  By this time, Mema was driving a 1975, black Ford Elite.  This car was actually the first new car that Ed and I ever owned.  We bought it new, but later sold it to her.  Ed’s mom and I had been on a shopping trip and were on our way back home, when suddenly a large black cow wandered out onto the highway…  Mema applied the brakes, but wasn’t able to come to a complete stop before hitting the cow.  The car knocked the cow off its feet with a thud.  However, the cow was able to get back up on her feet and walk away, with nothing more than a few bumps and bruises. Luckily, this happened back in the day when cars were still made with sturdy metal bumpers, so it didn’t hurt the car either–not even a scratch!

Car mishap #4 involved a different car, many years later, and the car wasn’t so lucky this time!  It all began when my mother-in-law headed to work one morning, and ended up literally driving into the building where she worked!  She’s still not quite sure what happened, but somehow the car was propelled straight through the front of the building, and into the waiting room of the doctor’s office where she worked!  Fortunately, nobody was injured, but I can’t say the same for the car.  Every piece of that car was either dented or scraped!  It was a total loss.  The building didn’t look so good either!  (Somewhere we have a newspaper clipping showing this, but I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it)

Mema’s next car was a lovely baby blue Grand Marquis.  I always loved that car!  Unfortunately, this car was involved in two–yes, two– “mishaps”!  The first accident occurred when another driver ran a red light, and plowed into the side of the car, while Ed’s parents and another couple were in it.  Nobody was seriously injured, but the car was!  The car was repaired and eventually my husband ended up owning it.

The second, and final “mishap”  involving the baby blue Grand Marquis occurred late one evening, when Ed sped off in it to see about our daughter, who called and said she thought she heard an intruder outside of her home!  Ed lost control of the car on the curve in our road, and landed upside down in the middle of the soybean field between our home and hers!  I don’t know how Ed escaped with only a broken shoulder, hurt knee,  and lots of bumps and bruises.  The car rolled several times before coming to rest on its top!  Ed’s a very lucky man–the car?  Not so lucky.  Another total loss.

MeMa  bought one final new car after the blue Grand Marquis,  a white Lincoln Town Car.  It was a beauty, and came equipped with all sorts of “bells and whistles”.  It was the nicest car she’d ever owned.  These days her car sits at her house, parked under the car port.  It only gets driven on special occasions.  It’s been nearly ten years since Mema stopped driving, which means the days of Mema’s car mishaps are a thing of the past…hopefully!

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