Finally Friday!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

It’s definitely been ‘one of those’ weeks here in our neck of the woods!  There’s been just too much going on, and most of it’s been crazy, out-of-the-ordinary kinds of things.  Broken washers, leaky ceilings, sharing cars, family illness, you name it, we’ve had it!  If ever I needed to “keep calm and frag on”, it’s today!

Here’s what I woke up to find, this morning–


That’s supposed to be the new bird bath that Ed bought me for Mother’s Day, but, today, it appears to have fallen victim to something, but I have no idea what!  Hopefully, nothing’s broken.


So, I took a couple of days off from my search for a new washing machine, just to see how my old one would do, after Ed and Brad finished ‘tinkering’ with it.  It worked fine for exactly one day, then started up its usual nonsense, plus a new problem presented itself, too!  Last evening, I settled on a machine to buy on-line, put it in the (virtual)cart at Lowes, went through the checkout process, only to discover the transaction wouldn’t complete!  After 30 minutes of nonsense, I finally gave up!  Today, I shall try again, but I’ll try with Sears on-line.  Can I just take a moment to say how ridiculous I think it is to charge seventy-nine dollars to deliver a washing machine???  It’s a pitfall of living in the country, and not owning a truck!


Ed’s mom has been having health issues for several days.  Ed was at the ER with her, from midnight until two a.m., one night last week.  Early yesterday morning, his mom was back at the ER, and was admitted, this time.  She has several things wrong with her, but most stem from congestive heart failure.  Her ninety-one-year-old heart is simply not able to keep up anymore.  The doctor gives her a diuretic to remove the excess fluid buildup around her heart, she, in turn, becomes dehydrated.  As soon as the diuretic dosage is reduced, the fluid builds up again.  It’s a never-ending cycle.


Recently, our daughter has been experiencing several leaks coming from the ceiling of her house.  Ed crawled up into her attic, last night, and discovered the water is coming from the drain pan of the air conditioning unit.  The drain had become clogged, and the safety switch hadn’t cut the unit off.  In her case, water was pouring, and it wasn’t even raining!  Ed blew out the drain, so we’ll hope that cures her problems.


At 10:00 yesterday morning, our oldest son, Brett, called.  You could definitely say he was having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.  To begin with, he and his wife had been without one of their cars for several days because one car was being repaired from an accident.  Someone kept sending the body shop the wrong part, which, in turn, kept holding up the completion of repairs.  Yesterday, Brett borrowed Ed’s mom’s car.

I always tell Brett to beware because Mema’s car is old and is subject to have problems.  (Last time he used it, a knot came up on the  tire.)  Brett was already late for work because he had to stop by and get some blood work done on the way.  When he arrived at work, he rolled the car window down to swipe his ID card, and discovered the car window wouldn’t roll back up!  Panic set in.  Next, Brett couldn’t find a ‘legal’ place to park, so he had to park ‘illegally’, and thought he saw a woman trying to get his tag number.  He went into work, and explained to his boss that he needed to go back home, to return his grandmother’s car, because the window won’t roll up.  His boss wasn’t  overly sympathetic, and couldn’t understand what the big deal was!  So Brett went and bought some Saran Wrap.  He tried to put the plastic over the open window, but thanks to the uncontrollable stickiness of Saran Wrap and intermittent puffs of wind, he wasn’t successful.  He even tried using duct tape, too!  By then, Brett is beyond frustrated, and tells his boss that he’s going home.  Back at the car, Brett sticks his arm through the open window to unlock the car.  This action sets the car alarm off!  Brett doesn’t have the key fob with him, and has no idea how to shut off the alarm without it.  A bystander offers to help.  Finally, after rummaging through the overly crowded glove box, Brett retrieves the car manual, and discovers how to shut off the alarm (use the key).  He calls it a day at work, and heads home…and I thought my day was going bad!  By the way, Brett got their car out of the shop, yesterday, but Mema’s is in the shop now!


I think it’s safe to say, everyone in our neck of the woods is glad it’s Friday!  And to think, it was only a four-day week!

I’m linking up with Friday Fragments over at halfpastkissintime, and I thank Mrs.4444 for hosting 🙂  Have a great weekend!

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Random Tuesday Thoughts…

It’s been three whole days since I turned this computer on!  For me, that’s almost a record.  The truth is, I felt like I needed a break from the computer, so I took one.  Sometimes change is a good thing.

Jennifer and kids blow out candles

We started the three-day weekend off with a family gathering at our daughter, Brandy’s, house on Friday evening.  Jennifer had a birthday last Sunday, and I had one on  Tuesday, so the gathering on Friday evening was a late birthday celebration for the two of us.  Brandy and daughter-in-law, Christina took care of the cooking.  Brandy even baked and decorated a cake for us,  while Christina took care of the birthday decorations.  All we had to do was show up!  Everything was delicious, and I appreciate the hard work that went into preparing the supper for all of us.

Kathy and kids blow out candlesJennifer and kids blow out candles

Following the supper at Brandy’s house, Ed and I actually spent the rest of the three-day weekend at home…doing absolutely nothing.  Sometimes that’s the best kind of holiday.  We were both still somewhat tired from our adventures at the beach last week, so we used our long weekend to rest and relax.  At least I rested and relaxed–Ed seems to have a problem doing that!  He spent his time mowing the ditch, cleaning out his “man shed”, and raking the yard.  Those types of things are Ed’s idea of relaxation!  I took long naps, watched a movie, and read a book!

I finally decided to vacuum and mop a little on Monday.  That’s when Ed moved the washer/dryer to clean under them, and in the process,  discovered a leaking water hose behind the washing machine!  We just can’t seem to catch a break from water leaks this summer!  You know, we just got the leak fixed from the A/C unit, which is located in our hall closet.  In fact, I just mailed off the check for the final $436.00 repair bill!  That was for labor only since the leaking condenser coil was still covered under the warranty.  Thank goodness for small favors…I find myself thinking, what next? 

We were finally the recipients of two inches of much-needed rain on Sunday night!  We desperately needed it.  Lately, our water faucets have occasionally been spitting and sputtering.  Sputtering is not a good thing when you get your water supply from a shallow well!  We’ve been holding our breath that our well won’t run dry…Hopefully, those two inches of rain will buy us more time until we get more rainfall.

After the evening rain, I found myself thinking about all of those Labor Day campers.  I used to hate it when we went camping and it rained!  There is nothing worse than packing up wet camping gear–except for sleeping on the cold, hard, wet ground in a tent that leaks!  I’m happy that those days are in the past.

Speaking of days in the past…this morning brought an official end to summer for our granddaughter, Madison.  She officially began her school year at “Busy Beavers Preschool”.

Brandy and Madison outside of the school

I got up early, and went over to Maddie’s house because I wanted to be a part of her new adventure.  Madison was all dressed and ready to go!  In fact, she was a lot more ready to go than her mama was ready to let her go.  I took a few pictures, then rode with Brandy to take Madison to her first day of preschool.  Madison didn’t shed any tears…I can’t say that is true for the rest of us!  Where does the time go???
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