It’s Almost Time…

Thursday evening:

I didn’t intend to blog this week, but here I am…again.  As I write this, I’m winding down from a very busy day.  I love blogging, so it only makes sense to do what I love, while relaxing.  Besides, this blog will also serve as a record of wedding-related events. 

Eight o’clock this morning found hubby and me in Wal-mart!  Quite a feat considering Wal-mart is thirty-eight miles from our house!  You could say, we got an early star! It was so nice having Wal-mart all to ourselves!  The only problem was…my stomach began to “act up” while I was trying to shop!  After two trips to the bathroom, I asked Ed to grab a bottle of Pepto Bismol off the shelf.  I opened it, and downed a slug of  it–right in the dairy department!!!  Soon, it was business as usual. (Pepto Bismol is my miracle cure–it works for me!)  An hour and a half later, and two hundred dollars poorer, we exited Wal-mart.  The next stop was to the church annex to unload.

The plan was to meet at the church annex at 1:30 to set up tables, iron tablecloths, and decorate for the rehearsal dinner.  My daughter, Brandy, and my daughter-in-law, Christina, offered to help me, and I graciously accepted.  Madison getting sick sort of changed the plan.  Madison was still running fever, so Brandy didn’t get to come help until later, when her husband got home from work.

Fortunately, my husband is a man of many talents!  He got the extra tables folded and put away in a jiffy, t hen proceeded to arrange them in the way I told him to.  Then he got the music system set up. 

I began ironing tablecloths, while Christina began decorating.  Christina has an eye for decorating, and she’s a perfectionist.  She set up two picture displays of the couple in no time, then moved on to setting the tables.  I had all of the stuff packed in tubs, so she unpacked everything, then put it on the tables. 

a photo display of the couple while growing up and dating...

Preparing these photo displays was fun for me.  I enjoyed sifting through nearly a hundred photographs, finding “just the right ones”.  I especially enjoyed making the pink and blue collages of the couple as children/adolescents.  His says “What are little boys made of…snips and snails, and puppy dog’s tails, while her’s says “What are little girls made of…sugar and spice, and all things nice”!  🙂

engagement photos and more dating photos

Anyway, back to my story… Before long, I was getting pooped from ironing tablecloths, so my multi-talented hubby took over the ironing duties.  He puts me to shame in the ironing department!  Daughter, Brandy, arrived just in time to put the finishing touches on the tables.  At the last-minute, the girls decided we needed a couple more decorations over by the photo displays, so off to town they went, while I took a quick nap on the loveseat in the pastor’s office!  Ed left, to take his mother’s dress to her, and to borrow a projector from where he works.  Soon Christina and Brandy returned with the necessary items,  we finished decorating, and arrived home around 6 p.m.

annex is decorated...all we need is food and people

I’m so blessed…Ed returned from his errands bringing supper!  We ate supper, then I got busy cooking–until 10 p.m.!

I’ve just finished making a Strawberry Trifle, for the first time, I might add.  I’m not sure that was such a good idea!  It didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped, but we’ll eat it anyway.  I didn’t agree with the order in which the recipe said to layer the ingredients, but I was afraid to change it.  Next time I’ll do it my way!  It will taste the same, but my way will look prettier… 

Next I made a Seven Layer Salad–for the first time!  I’m a bit adventurous, aren’t I?  I made my husband promise to at least try it tomorrow night, because I’ll probably never make another one–too much cutting and chopping–of ingredients that I don’t especially like to cut and chop!  It seemed like Thanksgiving, having to chop celery and onions!

We hit a snag today when my husband went to pick up the projector from the hospital.  He’d made arrangements to borrow it so we could show the video montage that I made for Brad and Jennifer on their first year anniversary of dating, at the rehearsal dinner.  Guess what?!  The projector bulb is burned out!  Ed was going to go and try to find one, but we were told that the cost is between two and four hundred dollars–for a BULB! 

Ed’s boss did a very kind thing.  She’s having a new projector overnighted to the hospital tomorrow–so we can borrow it.  She said it was nearly as cheap to buy the entire projector as the bulb, so they did.  I hope it arrives before 6 o’clock!  If not–no video presentation.  I’m not going to worry, if it’s meant to be, it will happen.

I’m going to go to bed now.  It’s late, I’m tired, and tomorrow is another busy day…The day before the “big day”!  I can’t believe it’s almost time for our Brad to get married.  It just doesn’t seem possible…

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