No, Not Today…

By now, you probably know me.  I’m that fairly predictable creature of habit, who likes little change in her life.  It’s Wednesday, and you’re probably expecting to see my usual Wednesday edition of ‘The Hodgepodge’, but surprise,  there’s no Hodgepodge today!  Our Hodgepodge hostess, Joyce, is still recuperating from her daughter’s wedding, last weekend.

Who out there remembers their child’s wedding?  I know I sure do, from the first wedding until the last one, several years later!  I still remember all of the planning before the wedding, the preparations on the day of wedding, and the cleaning up after the wedding!  I also remember recuperating the week after the wedding, so I hope Joyce gets some much-needed rest!

As for me, I’m still plodding along, individually wrapping Christmas ornaments, and putting away boxes of decorations.  Santa is slowly being replaced, on the living room shelves, by my collection of Snowmen, which I display during the month of January.  Those cheerful-looking snowmen will help me fight off my usual case of ‘winter doldrums’ during this cold, boring month of January.

My coca-cola tree, in the pool/play room is still decorated for Christmas.  It was the last tree up, so it will be the last to come down.  I really love all of the coca-cola ornaments I’ve collected, and hate to pack them away.  I’m leaving my gingerbread village on display for a while longer, too…  Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas?!

In other news, this week, the new company officially took over running the hospital where Ed is employed. Three men, who comprise this company, will be working within the hospital for two weeks, deciding what cuts and changes they want to make, then they will proceed to make those cuts and changes.  If you are a praying person, will you please send up a prayer, or two, for all of the hospital employees, whose livelihood depends on decisions of these men.

Old man winter is ‘officially’ on his way to southeastern Georgia, according to the weatherman.  Our outside pipes are wrapped, and I’m planning to make some chili for supper tomorrow night.  That’s about as prepared as I know how to be.  We don’t get a lot of freezing temperatures here, and they never last very long, thank goodness!

One last thought, before I go.  On Monday, I blogged about my camping vacation memories.  Who would’ve thought I’d get so many negative thoughts concerning camping?!  I guess there just aren’t that many ‘happy campers’ out there in blog land!  Ha!  All jokes aside, camping really is fun, especially in a camper.  I’ve tried ‘tent camping’, too, but that’s just not for me!

In closing, I apologize, again, for not visiting other blogs as much as I normally do.  As soon as I finish packing up the last of the Christmas decorations, I will do a lot more visiting.  In the meantime, there are two boxes of ornaments sitting in the living room floor, just waiting to be individually wrapped!  Hope to see you soon.

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Meet Me On Monday…I Have Some Wonderful News!

Time to join Java for her Monday meme.  Here are this week’s questions:

1. What is your favorite food?  I can’t think of one food that is my favorite–but I’ll say “cake” because I have a hard time passing up a piece of cake–of any kind!
2. What color scheme is your bedroom?  khaki and burgundy
3. Do you carry a donor card?  No.  I have this crazy fear of being “killed off” for my body parts. 
4. In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full?  Funny that you should ask, because I wrote a post about this once.  If we’re  literally talking about a glass of liquid, I view the glass as  half empty–and I worry about running out of drink with my meal.  However, if we’re  referring to my view on life, I see the glass as half full.
5. Vanilla or Chocolate?  definitely chocolate!

Weekend wrap-up:

If you are  regular reader here, you know that our youngest son (and last single child) got married this past Saturday.  The past week has been a flurry of excitement and preparation, culminating in the wedding and reception held on June 25th.  The newlyweds safely arrived to their cruise ship on Sunday afternoon, and called yesterday to let us know.  We appreciated hearing from them!

Most of yesterday was spent, resting and reflecting on the events of the past two days.    Our other two children, and their families came over at lunch to eat left-overs from the rehearsal dinner with us.  We spent the afternoon watching some video of the wedding, and looking at the pictures that I had taken over the past two days.  I’ll be sharing some of those later this week.

Sunday evening, my husband and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating supper alone, when our oldest son and his family came back for a second visit.  They grabbed plates, and joined in finishing off the last of the lasagna and strawberry trifle. 

Our youngest grandchild, Caden, was rambling around in the kitchen while his mother fixed his plate.  I noticed that he had on a new-looking t-shirt that I didn’t recall seeing before.  I always enjoy reading the front of his little shirts, so I called him over so I could see what was written on his shirt.  Here is what I saw…

Wow!   I so wish I had a photo of my face when I finished reading Cade’s shirt!!!  I was caught totally by surprise!  The expectant couple has known about the pregnancy for eight weeks, but kept the news to themselves!!!  Christina didn’t want to distract from Brad and Jennifer’s wedding.  How considerate was that?! 

Christina is creative and very thoughtful.  She has announced both of her pregnancies to us in unique ways.  After reading Cade’s shirt, and letting me get over the thrill of the news for a bit, she presented me with the (above) photo of Cade, along with an ultrasound of the new baby. 

The funniest thing about all of this was that earlier in the day, when family had been gathered around, I was trying to get Cade to let me rock him.  Of course, he doesn’t have time for rocking, and I was lamenting because I don’t have anymore babies to rock!  Cade’s parents didn’t say a thing!  Around New Year’s Day, things will change, and once again, I’ll have another baby to rock!  Our family is growing!   Life is good.

Have a great Monday, y’all!  I know I will!

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Let’s Talk Dresses…

This is just not my style...

You probably already know we are anticipating a family wedding in about another month.  Weddings and dresses go hand-in-hand, right?  This post concerns dresses–for the upcoming wedding.

You may recall my plight of trying to find a “mother of the groom” dress way back in January.  I searched the internet, and I also traveled to the city and searched the area department stores.  I wouldn’t be caught dead in most of the dresses that I found!  Finally, with the help of my daughter, I found a dress that I would could wear and live with.  I didn’t love it, but it would do.  I simply got tired of stressing over a dress, but little did I know that stresses over dresses was only beginning!

Next came the saga of the bridesmaids dresses.  Jennifer, the bride to be, was a bit unsure of what she wanted in the beginning.  She chose one color, then quickly changed her mind.  Then she chose another color, and changed her mind again.  Finally, she chose two different solid colors for the bridesmaids, plus a printed dress fabric for the maid of honor.  Jennifer told her attendants they could pick the style of their choice, within her color choices.  Her attendants are of varying age, shapes and sizes.  While the younger, slimmer young ladies leaned toward the shorter styles, the older or pregnant attendants liked the long dresses.  They split their color choices evenly.  Are you still with me?

At the urging of the saleslady at the bridal shop, my daughter was the first attendant to order her dress.  I went to the bridal shop with her, watched her try on several long dresses, and helped her decide on the style that was most flattering to her figure.  Her dress was ordered, and arrived a few short weeks later.  In the meantime, while Brandy was waiting for her dress to arrive, the other attendants decided among themselves to limit their dress styles to just two–and my daughter’s dress wasn’t in their chosen style (or material).  Understandably, my daughter was a bit upset.  She didn’t want to be “odd man out”. 

Jennifer offered to talk with the bridal shop to see if they would do an exchange on Brandy’s dress.  The shop agreed to exchange the dress, but by then it was too late to order a dress in the style of the other dresses and have it arrive before the wedding.  However, a similar style of dress, in the same material and color, was available, and would arrive on time.  Brandy had no choice but to order the similar dress. 

One by one, the attendants been getting their dresses, but not Brandy.  On Tuesday, Jennifer was at the bridal shop, and she finally asked about Brandy’s dress.  She discovered that apparently there was an error, and the dress never got ordered!  It’s four weeks until the wedding, and my daughter, who ordered her dress first–has no dress, and it’s too late to order anything!  Can you say D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R? I’m feeling so stressed…

There is a dress, in my daughter’s size, in the correct style, but in a different color of blue, at the bridal store.  Jennifer has offered to let Brandy wear that dress in the wedding.  If she wears this dress, Brandy is still back where she started from–being “odd man out”with a different dress, but as of today–she has no dress!  How is that for a circle of bad luck?  My head is aching, just thinking about it all! 

In addition to these other dress sagas, I’ve also had a third dress issue going on concerning this wedding!  I’ve been stressing over finding a dress for my mother-in-law to wear to the wedding!  I thought finding my own dress was tough, but I had no idea of what lay ahead!  I don’t know what eighty-year-old ladies are supposed to do for clothing these days, but there are no appropriate dresses in our department stores!  None!  Nada!  Zilch! 

Out of sheer desperation, I googled “dresses for mature women” and found a site featuring two(and only two) dresses that I thought my mother-in-law would wear.   I showed them to my daughter, and we agreed on one.  I took a chance, guessed at the size (since my MIL has lost weight), placed an order, and then I waited. 

My MIL’s dress arrived on Tuesday.  It looked even better than the picture!  I went to the personal care home on Wednesday, and tried it on my MIL.  Praise the Lord, it fits except for the sleeve length– and she loves it!  My mission will be accomplished as soon as I hem the sleeves of the jacket!  Now! That just leaves the problem of her shoes…I feel my head beginning to ache again.

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Six Word Saturday…April 9


Just got back from the city!

My husband and I got up early this morning and drove fifty-five miles–one way– to Savannah, to return and exchange some of the rehearsal dinner items that I purchased on Wednesday!  Some items just didn’t work for me!  Welcome to my world!  If you need to do anything requiring much shopping, you have to travel to do it, because we live on the back side of nowhere.

Mission accomplished!  We made the trip to the city and back, exchanged and returned the items, ate breakfast on the way there and lunch on the way home, and it’s only four o’clock in the afternoon! I’m on the couch with my laptop and hubby’s down the road trying to kill a tree!  Life is good! 


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