Counting down the days…1971-1972

The Japanese Geisha Doll from Okinawa

The Japanese Geisha Doll from Okinawa

Once Ed left for Okinawa, I began counting down the days until his return.  I had a calendar on my bedroom wall with the days numbered…all 548 of them!  Each night I would put an X over the day.  It somehow made me feel better.

As I stated before, I immersed myself in high school.  I was in the eleventh grade.  I had a couple of girlfriends that I spent a little time with after school, but I was never a big socialite.  Most of the time I just went to school and stayed home writing letters to Ed.

Ed was gone for two Christmases, which was  hard, but I made it through.  He  sent me a Japenese Geisha doll for the first Christmas.  She was beautiful, all dressed in her red/white kimono.  She came with a lovely glass case to store her in.  Unfortunately, the postal service must have played kickball with the package because every piece of the glass case was broken when she finally arrived.   Of course I was disappointed, but Ed’s wonderful daddy took the case and had it repaired for me.  When he returned it to me, it was as good as new. 

The same Christmas that Ed sent the doll, I landed my first job.  Sharon, a friend of mine, had been hired as a gift wrapper in a local department store.  It was a two week job.  At the last minute, Sharon was unable to work and suggested me to the manager as her replacement.  I got the job! 

I’d stand in the back of the store and wrap whatever gifts that the shoppers  brought to me.  I loved it!  I’ve never had so much fun making money.  At the end of the two weeks, the store manager asked me to continue working part-time as a clerk in the store.  Of course I accepted!

Time passed more quickly once I began to work.  I had less free time and  I also had spending money which helped.  I began a “hope chest” in my bedroom.  It started out as a small box beside my bed, but eventually took over the whole side of the bedroom!  I bought dishes, flatware, towels, glasses, etc.  I was ready to set up housekeeping!

 The second Christmas that he was overseas, Ed sent me a set of Noritake china.  It was white with delicate white flowers all around the edges.  I loved it so much!  I was probably the only girl in my senior class that got a set of china for Christmas.  Like me, Ed was thinking ahead…

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