The “It’s All About Forty” Hodgepodge…

Today’s Hodgepodge is about all things forty!  If you’d like to join in the “forty fun” click on Joyce’s button at the top of this post and jump right in…

1. In a single sentence tell us something about your 40’s. If you haven’t reached that milestone yet tell us (in a single sentence) something about whatever decade you’re in now.

Life, as I’d previously known it, changed forever, when rheumatoid arthritis began attacking my body.

2. Life begins at forty. Agree or disagree? Tell us why. And if not at forty, when?

I disagree! (see my answer to #1)  My forties were filled with working a full-time job, raising three children through their middle school/high school years, all while dealing with a multitude of health issues.  Give me the twenties or thirties any day!

3. Share a favorite book, song, or quote with a number featured in it somewhere.

How about the oldie, but goodie, One (is the Loneliest Number)?  It kind of sums of the season of “social distancing” don’t you think?

4. A picture’s worth a thousand words, a stitch in time saves nine, back to square one, catch-22, on cloud nine, my two cents…pick a number phrase and tell us how it applies to your life currently.

“A picture’s worth a thousand words.”  I’ve seen so many crazy things on television during this season of quarantine.  For instance, the picture of those large white circles painted on the grass of a NY park, last weekend, will be forever etched in my brain…  The circles were for sitting in–to remind people to keep distance between them while relaxing in the park…  Really?

5. Last time you drove more than 40 miles from home?  It’s been quite some time since I “drove” more than 40 miles. (I rarely drive since Ed retired.)  However, Ed and I went to the dermatologist’s office together in February.

More than 400 miles from home?  At the end of February.

Where were you going? Ed and I went to Florida to visit family.

Was it before or after this current season of social distancing? It was just before covid 19 burst onto the scene with a vengeance.

6. It’s harvest time here in our neck of the woods!  If you look closely at the picture, you will see us picking our green beans.  (Our daughter snapped the picture without our knowledge)  We’ve canned 35 quarts of green beans in two days and we are tired!  It’s raining today, so we’re resting.


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A Mid-Winter Hodgepodge…

1. ASAP typically stands for ‘as soon as possible’. What else could it stand for in your life right now?

A Simple Answered Prayer. (see random)

2. Are you the last person to speak up in a group or the first to have an idea? Why do you suppose that is? Is it a good thing or no?

It depends on who else is in that group. If family members are in the group, there’s a good chance I might be one of the first to speak up or have an idea.  Otherwise, not so much.  Family is more important to me than anything in the world, so I’d likely speak up, if I thought I could help.

3. What do you remember best about being 12?

I remember feeling more independent at age 12, because I was in the seventh grade, which meant I was now attending classes at the local high school.  It was also the year I discovered boys.  I experienced several ‘crushes’ when I was 12, including one on the guy who would eventually become my husband. 🙂  The thing I remember most about being 12 was the absolute horror of experiencing the start of my first “monthly cycle”, during my 7th grade math class! Think of it this way: a personal crisis, a mean teacher, and me being afraid to ask permission to leave class.  Fortunately, I finally got up my nerve to ask to go to the  bathroom, and she said yes.  Thank God for those “little machines” in girls’ restrooms and for a pair of shorts I had in my locker.

4. January 18th is National Winnie the Pooh Day. Which character do you relate to the most, and why? If you’re stumped go here for inspiration.

I’m often like Eeyore,  who’s a bit on the slow-moving, pessimistic side, while Ed tends to be more like Tigger, who’s eager and usually happy. I guess we balance each other out, who knows?

5. What’s an app you use that helps simplify or make life easier for you in some way?

I don’t use any apps.  And, yes, I’m still living in the dark ages.

6. San Francisco (CA), San Diego (CA), San Juan (PR) San Antonio (TX) Sanibel (FL)…you have an all expenses paid long weekend to one of these destinations. Which one do you choose and why?

I’d choose Sanibel because it’s in Florida, and it’s also located along the Gulf of Mexico.  What more can I say?  Also, it wouldn’t be too far to travel, and, perhaps, I’d get a chance to see my brother and sister-in-law, too. (They live in Florida)

7. Share with us a song that makes you feel nostalgic? For what?

I always feel nostalgic (and sad) when I hear the song “Rainy Night In Georgia” (by Brook Benton) which was popular while Ed was in army basic training. Hearing this song takes me right back to the fall of 1969, and I still recall those feelings from long ago…

Ed and I were young, in love, and we were separated.  The song is sort of sad, which is how we both felt about being apart.  I think the words of the last verse accurately describe our feelings at the time:

Late at night when it’s hard to rest
I hold your picture to my chest
And I’m all right
A rainy night in Georgia
A rainy night in Georgia
I believe it’s rainin’ all over the world
Earlier in the week, I wrote a post entitled Always Expect the Unexpected, about some of the things have been going on in our lives, lately, and how we never know what’s around the bend.
On Monday, Ed and I were just about to get in the car to drive to a doctor’s appointment.  We were supposed to consult with the doctor about some recent biopsy results.  The phone rang, and, believe it or not, it was the doctor, himself, calling.  He called to let us know that the biopsy results were negative, and there was no need to make that trip to his office.  There is no sign of cancer, at this time.  Thank you, God, for answered prayers!
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Miscellaneous Monday…

I’ve been blogging so little, lately, I almost feel like a stranger in blog land.  However, I’ve really been missing it, so the dirty floors, the laundry, the peas waiting to be shelled, and the butts to be washed will just have to wait…  Now, where to begin?

Last Monday, Ed and I both had doctor’s appointments, together.  We’ve been scheduling our appointments for the same time, with the same doctor for over a year, and I’m still trying to get used to that.  We both go into the exam room together, and take turns getting checked over by the doctor. No medical secrets here!  We both got good reports, except my triglycerides are up again. Every time I add sugar back into my diet, this happens.  Sigh.

Last week, I spent most of my mornings helping my daughter with a project, then spent most of my afternoons on the couch.  For some unknown reason, I didn’t feel well most of the week, but, finally, by Saturday, I began to feel like myself again–just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day.

On Sunday morning, I baked a ham before going to church.  I invited the rest of the family to bring a side dish and join me for lunch, which they did.  Our daughter and her family also surprised me by going to church, with me, for Mother’s Day!  It’s been several years since we’ve attended church together, and I have to say, it was nice to have her [and family] sitting beside me on the pew.

I felt very special and blessed, on Mother’s Day, to have all of my children set aside the day and spend it with me (and I told them so). It means a lot that they all came to spend the day with me–and spend the day they did!  They didn’t leave to go home until around nine o’clock, last night.

100_5868 (2)

This year, the children chipped in together and bought me a beautiful windmill to go outside, for Mother’s Day.  (It’s shown in the edge of our picture, above.)  I’ve always admired my daughter’s windmill, and am tickled pink to now have one of my own!  I also received some nice cards, a rose, a Dove candy bar, and a small chicken statue.  Ed bought me a “rooster planter” that I’d picked out, and even planted some flowers in it for me, on the day before Mother’s Day.


Now it’s Monday, and the weekend is history.  This morning, Ed and I were in the garden picking peas before 8 o’clock!  In fact, Ed’s still in the garden, as I’m writing this post.  He’s busy adding a little fertilizer here, and a little garden dust there. (He’s in the the picture below)  Gardening is a chore that never ends, but I consider it “a labor of love”.  I “loved it”, yesterday, when I needed an onion for my potato salad, and simply sent Ed to the garden to get one 🙂

“Part A” of our garden, which we are now beginning to harvest


 “Part B” of our garden, which is coming along nicely, and will be ready in late June

As bad as I hate to, I must end this post and move on.  Today, is the time for the quarterly “butt washing” of our two old red hens.  Sorry, if that’s too much information!  The hens don’t seem to mind having dirty butts, but I do get tired of looking at them, so we wash them, occasionally!  The things we do for love…

Have a great Monday!

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Living In A ‘Special Needs’ Household…

If you’ve read my blog within the past three weeks, then you know I’ve been somewhat ‘out of commission’ with a back ailment.  During this time, my husband, Ed, has taken on the majority of the household chores.

As if this isn’t enough, he’s been shouldering all of the animal-related duties, as well.  Yes, poor Ed has been dealing with the feeding and care of  every single member of our ‘special needs’ household–including me.  Caring for an ailing wife and her pets is one thing, but, in our case, it borders on being downright ridiculous, as you will soon see.

For instance, our dog, Morris, is an outside dog, and he’s old.  He’s pretty much blind and deaf, and, therefore, marches to the beat of his own drum.  He doesn’t come when called, because he can’t hear, and it’s not always easy to find him at mealtime because he lays low, these days.  Making sure Morris gets fed can be quite a task.

Next come the cats–all fourteen of them.  Two of our cats are pretty old.  Trouble, the oldest cat of the bunch doesn’t even live at our house, but lives at Ed’s parents’ vacant house.  (You could say we inherited her, along with the house.)  Ed has to drive about a quarter of a mile, each day, just to feed her.


Charlie, our next oldest cat, is about 12. Both Charlie and Trouble now require some canned food at both meals, in addition to a little dry food.  Their teeth aren’t as good as they used to be.  Cans are just more aggravation and expense to deal with, but we do what we can to keep our oldest felines satisfied.

May-Oct 2014 419


Drake, our male tabby, is the next oldest of our clan.  I’m not exactly sure how old Drake is, because I adopted him from the animal shelter, as an adult.  My guess is he’s not far behind Charlie in age, but Drake is senile.  He gets agitated and confused easily, and his equilibrium is off, as well.  Bless him.



Smut, Kyle, Big Red, and Fat Susan are more of our shelter rescue cats, and all are close in age.  They’ve  just celebrated their 11th birthdays.  All are still in relatively good health, with the exception of Fat Susan, who’s overweight, and Big Red who has a bad limp from an old leg injury.  The problem with this bunch is we have to watch Fat Susan, carefully, because she’s a bully and a food hog!

May-Oct 2014 537

Fat Susan, who lives up to her name

Next we have Kitty Bee and Sarah Callie Girl, two calico cats, who were also rescued from the shelter.  They’re around age 11, as well.  The problem with these cats is they didn’t bond with the others, for some reason, and have to be fed separately–far away from the rest of the bunch.  More special needs kitties.  Both stay in the woods most of the time–in two different places!

100_1172May-Oct 2014 321






Kitty Bee (left) and Sarah Callie Girl 

Smut, Suzy, Bobs, Jo Jo, and Baby–who comprise the rest of our feline family–usually get along pretty well, and don’t seem to mind sharing a meal together, but then there’s MAC (acronym for Mean Ass Cat).  When MAC chooses to come and dine with the others, he always comes hissing and growling.  We have to keep a close eye on MAC to make sure he doesn’t attack anyone–including us!  He’s very temperamental, and a bit paranoid.

100_0220aMAC- before he grew up and became mean

Last, but not least, we have our nine hens, ‘the girls’.  (Sadly, we lost one of our ‘older girls’, to a health issue, yesterday.)   I love ‘my girls’, but let me tell you, it’s a lot of work taking care of them properly.  The coops have to be cleaned, the sand in the runs has to be scooped twice daily (think humongous litter box), and the chickens have to be fed and watered twice daily.  Oh, and eggs have to be gathered and washed each day, too!  Then, of course, there’s the occasional ‘booty washing’ that must be done… and let’s not forget the chore of trying to keep our two free-ranging girls in their proper place!

May-Oct 2014 619

One of those pesky red hens, sneaking up on the front porch…again!

Yes, poor Ed has his hands full, at the moment.  The good news is things are slowly beginning to get better with my back.  As my back improves, I’m trying to help Ed out in any way I can.  The bad news is, progress is coming slowly.  I’m thankful Ed is a patient man.  He’s outside feeding animals and cleaning coops, in the rain, as I am writing this…Bless him.



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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya’ Tomorrow…

For the past week or so, the theme song from ‘Annie’ has been running through my head.  While the weather has been cloudy and gray here, I’ve been ‘laid up’ with back/leg pain.  We’ve also been dealing with house issues of mold, termites, as well as dealing with the unemployment office and the Social Security Administration!  Talk about having a lot on one’s plate!

I’ve been trying to hold it together, hoping “the sun would come out tomorrow”, and things would eventually start to get better.  Finally, it looks as though we may be beginning to catch a tiny glimpse of the sun, both literally and figuratively, although our ‘clouds’ are still hanging about.

We had two more people inspect our home, last week, and both agreed our mold problem isn’t nearly as dire as it was presented by the first man we called to inspect for termites.  The humidity, under our house,  tested at 16% after three days of rainy weather, which is not as bad as we thought.  We’ll have the moldy spots treated, have the floor sealed with foam insulation, install a moisture barrier on the ground, and treat for termites, even though no termites have been seen under our house–only in the planters beside the house, and in one piece of lattice surrounding the house.  The cost for all of this will still be a substantial unexpected expense, but should run less than the original quote given to us by our first “inspector”.  I’m thankful for even small glimpses of “sunshine”, these days.

After weeks of dealing with the Social Security Administration, I think Ed finally got all of his “ducks in a row”, so to speak.  We were under the impression that this was already the case, but, alas, somebody had dropped the ball on our case…  Apparently all SS representatives are not created equal.  Praise the Lord, Ed finally got a capable one, who followed through and finally took care of everything.  His new Medicare part A/B card should be on the way, but in the meantime, they’re sending some ‘verification papers’ for him to use in case he needs medical attention.  We also found out that Ed’s first Social Security check won’t be arriving until mid-June, instead of mid-May like we thought, which brings us to our saga of dealing with The Department of Labor…

Oh, my!  I think the folks running our Department of Labor office must have been grown on the same bush as the folks who run our Social Security Administration office!  It took Ed two weeks, and three trips (60 miles each, round trip) to finally get the ball rolling with them!  Finally, we’ll have some funds to help sustain us until Ed’s retirement checks start coming in June.

As for my back/leg problems, they’re improving–at about the speed at which the Social Security Administration and the Department of Labor have been moving, but, at least, they are improving.  It looks like I’m going to be humming Annie’s theme song for a little while longer, yet.  The good news is, I’m getting caught up with all of the tv shows I’ve recorded.  The bad news is, I’d rather be up doing something!

I’ll leave you with a recent scenario that made me laugh…  I’ve pretty much been ‘laid up’ with my bad back for ten days.  On Thursday, when Ed made his third trip to the Department of Labor office, I decided to go along for the ride.  I’d developed a bad case of ‘cabin fever’, by then.  For comfort’s sake,  I chose to ride in the back seat of Ed’s mom’s old Lincoln Town Car, so I could stretch out.  We must have looked just like a scene out of ‘Driving Miss Daisy’…  (think Hoke driving Miss Daisy around) with Ed driving me all around town.  All Ed needed was the little chauffeur’s cap!  Gotta’ love days like that one 🙂

Have a great Monday, y’all!

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A ‘Taxing’ Wednesday Hodgepodge…

Happy Tax Day!  Ha!  Gotta’ love it–not!  What I do love, though, is participating in The Wednesday Hodgepodge, so let’s jump right in, shall we?  As always, thanks to our gracious hostess, Joyce, for the, sometimes ‘taxing’ questions. Ha!

1. Speaking of April 15th…what’s the most ‘taxing’ thing you’ve done recently?

You could say, just getting through the last seven days of life has been ‘taxing’.  Dealing with government agencies, termites, mold under the house, and a pinched nerve in my back tends to create stressful living conditions.

2. When did you last take a taxi somewhere and where was that somewhere?

Believe it or not, I’ve never ridden in a taxi!

3. What’s something you can do today that you couldn’t do a year ago?

I can now spend 24 hours a day/7 days a week with my husband, Ed.  I couldn’t do this a year ago, when he was working.  Retirement has been an adjustment, but we’re glad to have the extra time together.

4. How often is chicken (in some form or fashion) on your menu at home? Which of the following would you most like to see on your table tonight…a chicken salad sandwich, your mom’s fried chicken, a Chick-fil-A meal, Cracker Barrel’s chicken n’ dumplings, a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings, or ‘hold the chicken, I’m a vegetarian‘…?

Chicken is on the menu about once or twice a week, at our house.  Eggs are on the menu pretty much daily since they’re so plentiful here.

This isn’t one of the choices listed, but I’d most like to see a plate of my late father-in-law’s fried chicken on my table.  He made the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten, and oh, how I do miss it!

5. What was your favorite television program when you were a kid? What characters do you remember the most?

My [earliest] favorite show, as a child, was Captain Kangaroo.  I used to watch it every morning.  I most remember the Captain, Mr. Green Jeans, and Bunny Rabbit.  Bunny Rabbit was a rabbit puppet, who wore glasses, and was always grabbing carrots with his ‘paws’.  I remember Grandfather Clock, too, but he looked a little bit creepy when his eyes moved back and forth!


The cast of characters from Captain Kangaroo, lt. to rt. : Dancing Bear, Bunny Rabbit, The Captain, Grandfather Clock, Mr. Moose, and Mr. Green Jeans.

6. What was the last piece of ‘art’ you made?

I made some ornaments for Valentine’s Day and Easter, to hang on my ‘year round’ tree.

7. What frustrates you most about the Internet?

I used to get really frustrated when we had ‘Wild Blue’ satellite internet.  Every time it rained, we’d lose our internet service, which was pretty often.  A few years back, we finally got DSL in our neck of the woods!  Yay!  Not much frustrates me about the Internet, these days, unless it’s those folks who post every little thing they do on Facebook, or those who leave really nasty comments about someone.


If you read Monday’s post, then you  know Ed and I are dealing with several issues, at this time.  Nothing has been resolved, concerning our house issues, and my back and leg are continuing to give me trouble.  I’m pretty much stuck in a chair or on the couch all day.  Yes, you could say we’re experiencing some very ‘taxing days’… In addition to trying to take care of business matters (regarding Medicare, health insurance, termites, and mold), poor Ed is pulling ‘double duty’ now that I’m out of commission. He’s seeing about the house, the chickens, the garden, and anything else that arises. Taxing days, indeed.

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All Things Monday…

After a summer hiatus, ‘Monday Quiz’ is back, and I’m kick-starting my week by joining in the fun. It’s hosted by Heather and Wayne over at Acting Balanced, but today’s questions were written by Judy from Retired-not-Tired. Way to go, Judy!

Acting Balanced

1. I have heard the term”fummer” being used lately. Is it fall-like or summer-like in your neighbourhood?

It’s still very much summer-like here in southeastern Georgia.  People are still going swimming, and we’re still running our air conditioners 24/7.  Every once in a while, there’s a hint of fall in the morning air, but not much.  Our daily highs are still in the low 90’s.
2. The astrological sign for September is “Virgo” what is yours?

I’m a Virgo.  My birthday was on August 30.
3. The kids are back in school do you have your routine as well?

Since our children are all grown, and I am retired, my routine stays pretty much the same, year round, and I like it that way.
4. Sunday was “National Grandparent Day”. Did you honour your grandparents?

No, I didn’t honor my grandparents, because they’ve all been deceased for many years. Ed and I are now the grandparents of the family, and yes, we were honored by our grandchildren.  All four of them visited us, late Sunday afternoon, and presented us with some adorable hand-made cards, as well as a gift card.  The youngest ‘grand’, Evan, even showed off his newly acquired walking skills!  Evan officially began walking on Friday night, at the age of 10 months.

photo (39)

Our grands


cards from the grands

Weekend recap:

The weekend didn’t get off to a very good start, since I got up on Friday morning with a backache. At first, I thought I might be getting a kidney infection, but quickly ruled that out when I got out of bed on Saturday morning, and discovered some excruciating pain whenever I tried to lift my leg! I decided that back-to-back days of pea picking had finally gotten the best of me 😦  I spent much of the weekend on the couch, resting my back.

I always get a backache whenever I pick peas, but this crop of peas were extremely low to the ground.  I will make a mental note to plant taller peas, next time!  Poor Ed had to do the last picking for me, on Saturday morning.  Together, we managed to get them shelled.

That pretty much sums up our weekend, with the exception of the Sunday visits from the grandchildren, which turned out to be the highlight of the weekend 🙂

My back feels better today, except for the left side.  I still can’t cross my legs comfortably, and it’s  difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position.  I’m not requiring any pain medication, though, so that’s a good thing.  I’m officially retired from pea picking for the rest of the year!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Thursday’s Thoughts ~ On The Other Side Of The Situation

Yesterday, as I sat in the hospital room, watching Ed getting ready to have his colonoscopy, it occurred to me how different if feels to be the person on ‘the other side of the situation’.  In over forty years of marriage, it was a first for me.

I’ve always been the one in the hospital, getting the IV’s and waiting to be whisked away.  With three births and two surgeries in my history, I’ve had plenty of experience being on the receiving end of the situation!

As I sat and listened to the anesthesiologist explain the procedure and possible risks to Ed, I began to think about how fragile life really is.  It’s a sobering thought, especially for the one whose left behind in the waiting room!

Fortunately, Ed’s procedure went well, and he received a clean ‘bill of health’.  That’s always a relief, especially when there’s a history of colon cancer in your family.  I only had to spend thirty minutes in the waiting room, contemplating how fragile life is, before the nurse came and took me to the recovery room to be with Ed.  Hearing the surgeon give Ed the good news was like music to my weary ears!

After yesterday’s experience, I now have a new appreciation for all of the things Ed has had to endure with me throughout the years, especially my cancer scare.  Now I better understand the tired, distressed look on his face following each of my births and surgeries.

Given the choice in life, I still think I might rather be on the receiving end of the situation.  Ed awoke from his procedure saying, “That was some good sleep!”‘  Meanwhile,  I was still trying to soothe my frazzled nerves from the whole ordeal.

I feel slightly older and wiser today…and I treasure Ed more than ever before.  Sometimes it’s good to see things from a different perspective.

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Starting A New Year With The Hodgepodge…

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m still digging out from under the Christmas decorations, and trying to get my “blogging mojo” back.  It’s slow going, but there’s no better way to start the New Year than participating in the Wednesday Hodgepodge.

1. How did you ring in the new year?

I wasn’t feeling well on New Year’s Eve, so I went to bed around nine o’clock.  I rang in the new year by sleeping like a baby.

2. What is one thing you are looking forward to in 2013?

I’m looking forward to paying off the last of our debts.  It’s been a long time coming!

3. Steven Spielberg is quoted as saying, “All of us every single year, we’re a different person. I don’t think we’re the same person all our lives.” What say you?

I think I’m still the same person I’ve always been, at my core, but I’ve changed in some ways, as I’ve grown older.  I’ve grown and learned through life’s lessons, so thankfully, I’m wiser than I used to be.  Unfortunately, with age comes less patience, and sometimes I’m not as tolerant as I once was.  Sometimes age also brings health issues, so my body is different in that respect, as well.

4. The Pantone color of the year for 2013 is emerald green. Like or dislike? Do you already own something this color? Will you add something in this shade to your home or wardrobe in 2013?

Green isn’t among my favorite colors, but of all shades of green, emerald is my favorite.  I doubt I’ll add anything green to my home or wardrobe though.

5. Speaking of emerald…what’s your favorite gemstone?

My taste has changed over the years.  When I was young I liked aquamarine, and chose this stone for my high school ring.  Then I went through a phase of liking pearls–black ones!  Next came a fascination with opals.  These days, if I had to pick a favorite gemstone, I’d pick the blue sapphire.

6. Share a favorite book or movie from 2012.

I hate to admit it, but I got caught up in the hype and read the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy–not my normal, traditional type of literature, but I enjoyed them none-the-less.  Sex aside, the story of Christian and Anastasia was captivating.

7. What is something you want to tell yourself at the start of this brand new year?

“This, too, shall pass.”  (see explanation below)


I’m very discouraged as I begin a new year.  I’m entering my seventh month of battling candida (yeast).  Despite taking five rounds of Diflucan, three months of Nystatin (by mouth and topical), and three months of probiotics, I continue to plagued by the  problem.  Tomorrow marks two weeks of being on a very strict candida eradication diet, too.  This is the most restrictive diet I’ve ever seen!  Very few foods are allowed, and  it’s quite frustrating, especially when I’m not achieving the desired results.  My gynecologist has admitted that I have him “stumped”.  I have two weeks left before I go back for a check up.  I’m praying for a miracle between now and then, otherwise I’ll have to be referred to an infectious disease expert.

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Thursday’s Thoughts ~ Searching For Better Days

It has not been a good week in our neck of the woods.  First of all, my lap top died on Sunday night while I was trying to check my email.  I’ve spent the better part of this week trying to decide what kind of laptop to replace it with.  I’m not tech-savy and this chore is making my head want to explode!  Sitting in this computer chair (at the desk top) for hours on end is making my behind sore, too.  Computing from recliner is much more comfortable.

After four months of suffering, two rounds of medication by mouth,  taking probiotics twice daily, and two months of topical applications–my problem with overgrowth of yeast persists.  I’m ready to scream!  The weather here has turned cold, and wearing free-flowing dresses is not comfortable–but neither is wearing slacks.  It’s a “no-win” situation.  I’m currently on round three of Diflucan–and I sure would appreciate prayers.  My doctor says sometimes yeast can be difficult to get rid of.  No kidding!

Honeybun, our aging and paralyzed rabbit continues to grow worse.  Ed and I have both been working hard to keep him as comfortable as possible until the end, but the inevitable has happened to him.  He’s developed a “bedsore”, or as Ed would say in medical terms– a decubitus ulcer.  Bedsores are caused by pressure from staying in the same position for a long period of time.  They are horrific things– maggots actually get in them to eat the rotting flesh, but Ed explains to me that this is actually a good thing.  In the past, there have been cases where maggots were actually put in the bedsores of people to clean them out!  Enough said about that!

Last but not least, I couldn’t help but feel a sad and sinking feeling on Tuesday evening, as I watched the election results.  I was hoping and praying for a turnaround for our country, but alas, it was not to be.  The majority of voting Americans apparently approve of the direction our country is heading, but I’m afraid most don’t have a clue of what direction that truly is.  A couple of quotes keep running through my mind…”poor choices have consequences” and “you reap what you sow”…

Like the title of this post says, I’m searching for better days.  Hopefully, I’ll find them lurking somewhere just around the next bend of life!

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