PT Crusin’ Mama…

It was early in 2001.  I was sitting in a Wendy’s eating a bowl of chili for lunch.  I was by myself and was looking out of the window toward a new car dealership lot located directly across the highway…and then I saw it!  It was a 2001 white Chrysler PT Cruiser!  I sat there looking the car over and thinking, I like the way that looks!

I remember going home and mentioning to my husband, Ed, that I’d seen THE CAR , and I wanted one!  That same experience had happened to me about 11 years earlier, love at first sight–with a car–but I’ll save that story for another time! 

Shortly after I saw my first PT Cruiser, we went out to eat lunch after church one Sunday.  Like we sometimes did, we decided to ride on over to a nearby town and do a little quick shopping–still wearing our church clothes.  Then it happened again…I saw THE CAR again!  This PT Cruiser was black and I loved it!  I normally wouldn’t be attracted to a black car since I’d had one before(hard to keep clean), but black just suited this car so perfectly!  I knew then, that I definately wanted a black PT Cruiser…bad!   We pulled into the car lot.  The dealership was closed, but we peaked in the windows and looked THE CAR over good.  I was in love!  I happened to have my camera with me, so I got Ed to take my picture with my dream car.  9-3-2009 6;03;25 PM

A few days later, I did something that I’ve never done before in my whole life…Something that is totally out of character for me.  I drove over to that car dealership, took that car for a test drive, and talked with the salesman about buying it!  I still can’t believe I did that!  The car was being sold as used because it had 2000 miles on it, however, it still  had all of the plastic coverings and stickers on it like a new car does.  Perhaps it was a demo model, I don’t know, but the fact that it was being sold as used knocked the price down within my price range…YES!

Long story short, Ed went back with me and we ended up buying the little black PT Cruiser.  This was right after the Cruisers came on the market for the first time,  and demand for them was high, but there weren’t many available.  I was the first person in our little town to drive one, which led to more attention than I was comfortable with.  Every time I stopped for gas, people would come over to look at the car or to ask me how I liked it.  When I was driving down the road, people would turn their heads to get a better look.  Sometimes it was embarrassing!   I was working at the elementary school at the time, and everyone  at work wanted to know who owned the PT Cruiser in the parking lot.  It caused quite a commotion when they found out it was me!  My students loved it, they said it was a “cool car”….I am NOT a “cool” person, though!

That was over eight years ago, and I am still drivng my litle PT Cruiser!  I still love it as much as I did that first day.  I love the retro look on the inside, all of the room that it has inside of it, especially for a car of it’s size.  I just love the way it rides and drives.  You would not believe all of the things I have been able to load inside of that car–from trees to several very large boxes!  It is actually supposed to be able to hold a full sized bicycle, but I haven’t tried that–yet!

I have to admit, I was glad when so many others began to drive PT Cruisers, it took some of that extra attention away from me.  However, just the other day, my daughter and I were out shopping when a couple came by and asked how we liked the PT Cruiser… then the couple told us that they own two of them!  They also told us that the PT isn’t being manufactered any more.  I just might have to keep my little black PT Cruiser… forever!


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  1. […] My little PT Cruiser, ”Old Classy”, is like me–she’s getting some age on her, but I still love her!  With the exception of a dead battery once and overheating twice from a faulty radiator problem, “Old Classy” has never let me down.  She spends most of her days under the shelter waiting to go for a drive–and she’s always ready and willing!  I’ll get another car one day, but there will never be another “Classy”!  I wrote a post about her once, if you’re interested, click here. […]

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