Tuesday Blog Hop… Our Christmas Traditions

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, so I am thrilled to write about my family’s Christmas traditions.  Now that my children are grown and some have families of their own, our traditions are different from what they used to be.

One new tradition that we started about 3 or 4 years ago was to stop buying presents for each family member.  With some of the family being newlyweds and some starting a family, money was getting to be an issue.  We got together and decided to make a game out of exchanging gifts.  Each lady in the family buys 2 lady’s gifts with a limit of 20 dollars each.  The men do the same thing.  On Christmas day we put the lady’s gifts in one pile and the men’s gifts in another.  Next we each draw a number.  Number 1 gets to choose and open a gift.  Number 2 can choose a gift to open or steal the gift from number 1, and so on until all have had a turn.  The larger number that you have, the larger your selection of pre-opened gifts to choose from.  We have so much fun with this game, and everyone ends up with 2 nice gifts each, plus nobody has to spend a fortune on gifts.

my oldest son trying to open a gift wearing gloves

Actually one of our favorite family traditions began a couple of years ago on Christmas Eve.  Our family, along with our son-in-law’s family, get together and serve finger foods. After we eat, we play a variety of games and laugh until we can’t stand it!  One of the games that we play is called “Pass the Present”.  Music is played and everyone passes a present around from person to person until the music stops.  The person holding the present puts on a funny hat, gloves, and then tries to open the present before the music begins again.  I wrap my presents very well–with lots of tape, and usually several layers of paper.  Sometimes a box is inside of another box.  This game is so funny!  We get lots of funny pictures, too.  The person who actually makes it to the gift gets to keep it.  Sometimes it may be a gag gift.

my son-in-law and his dad in their santa suits made from tissue paper

Last Christmas Eve we tried a new activity in addition to our games.  We divided into teams and competed to see who could make the best looking Santa in 5 minutes–using only tissue paper and tape!  The picture above shows our Santa suits.  I thought they turned out pretty good, and it was such fun.  I can’t wait to see what activities we will come up with this year.

My advent calendar

I began a  personal tradition of my own a few years ago when I purchased a collectible Hummel Advent Calendar.  I love opening the little doors on my Hummel Advent calendar, finding an ornament there,  and hanging one on the tree each day until Christmas.  On Christmas Eve the tree is completely decorated.  I like to think that when I pass away, someone will take my advent calendar and continue the tradition for me.

That pretty much sums up my family traditions, except for the holiday baking and candy making that we do.  It wouldn’t be Christmas without spending a few hours in the kitchen making goodies.  Our family loves to eat, and Christmas is the perfect time for that!  Have a nice day, and thanks for stopping by…

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  1. Your family has a great time at the holidays! I love the tissue paper Santas.

  2. Great traditions, I really LOVE LOVE LOVE the Santa Suits….what fun!!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. We also play games at Christmas. One that they all really like is the story of the Wright family. As the story begins everyone has a gift. Each time the word right (Wright) or left is mentioned in the story the gift is passed in that direction. If the word is mentioned more than once in a row the gift is passed that many times. At the end of the story whichever gift yu are holding is the gift you get. Great fun.

  4. you have great traditions! I am definately going to keep some of these in mind for when my kids are older. : )

    Merry Christmas!

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