My Daughter Is Turning Into Me!

Mother, daughter, granddaughter

It’s a strange thing how our personalities and tendencies evolve over the years.  The older my daughter gets–the more like me that she gets!  I don’t know if this is a blessing or curse–probably depends on who you ask!  It seems like my daughter, Brandy, and I have a lot more in common than our looks.

Recently, my daughter became involved in church.  She began teaching the pre-schoolers Sunday School class.  When I was just about her age, I began teaching the primary class.  Brandy spends hours planning her lessons.  She plans a craft, and/or a game for each Sunday to go along with the lesson.  Her Sunday School room is very inviting.  She’s decorated the walls, made a bulletin board, and hangs up the pictures and crafts that are left behind.  I used to do those very same things!  I could never be satisfied with mediocre–it had to be all or nothing!

Brandy never used to like to shop–I’ve always loved shopping.  Now when we go off together, I find that Brandy loves to shop as good as I do.  We can spend hours browsing.  I watched Brandy shopping for 3 months prior to Christmas.  She examined every toy in every store!  If she thought Madison would like it, she bought it!  I used to do the same thing.

Christmas at my house has always been an ordeal.  I spend days decorating, and put up several trees.  For the past couple of years, Brandy has done the same thing.  We both decorate nearly every “nook and cranny” in every room of our homes.

Brandy mentioned today that she’d found a picture of my husband, me, and her taken during Christmas 1980.  It was taken in front of the Christmas tree– in the same house that she and her family live in now.  She remarked to me how strange it was to be celebrating Christmas in that same house nearly 30 years later with a daughter of her own.  The picture showed the  same paneling on the living room walls, the same ceiling tiles,  and even how Brandy’s daughter looks exactly like Brandy looked in that picture–it’s a bit uncanny.

Brandy is a devoted, stay-at-home mother, just as I was.  She takes her motherly responsibility very seriously, just like I did.  She is a very protective mother–just like her own mother was.

I was about the age that Brandy is now when I first began having unexplained health issues.  These issues continued until I had my “flare” in 1994 and was diagnosed with arthritis, then later a herniated disc in my cervical spine.  Brandy has begun suffering from some of the same problems that I have had in the past.  I suspect that she may have some of the same health problems.  When we speak of our symptoms, each of us understands completely.  This is one trait that I wish we didn’t share.

Yes, my daughter, Brandy, and I are a lot alike.  We are very close, and always have been.  She’s my best friend as well as my daughter.  I am so grateful that we have such a strong bond.  I hope that  Brandy and Madison will always share a bond that is just as strong–it sure seems like they are headed in that direction for now.

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