Tuesday’s Thoughts and Giving Thanks Challenge # 23

I am a little slow in getting my post up today.  I haven’t been feeling my best for the past few days, plus I am trying to get preparations underway for Thanksgiving.  It can be a bit overwhelming especially you aren’t feeling well to begin with!

The turkey is officially thawing, and the rest of the food has been purchased, thanks to an early morning trip to the grocery store!  Tomorrow and Thursday will be spent in the kitchen cooking.  If you read my blog regularly, you already know how I feel about cooking….After I cook for two days, I will retire from that duty for the rest of the week!  We’ll eat cold turkey sandwiches and grilled hamburgers or whatever I don’t have to cook!  Besides, I’ll be busy doing other things–like decorating!

I keep thinking about all of those Christmas decorations in boxes waiting to be dragged out of the storage room.  On Friday, my house will look like a tornado blew through it…It’s not a pretty sight when I open the door to the storage room…My husband hates it when I drag out seasonal decorations.  You see, I not only decorate for Christmas, I decorate for every holiday–so I have a mess every month, and he hates it every time!

I think Jennifer went back to work today.  I hope she’s feeling okay.  Her shifts are twelve hours long–and that’s a long time to be working–even when you are feeling your best. Bless her heart, she has to work on Thanksgiving this year, but it may be easier for her anyway.  I know she and her family will be missing their mom and wife all throughout the holidays.  There is just no easy way to get through holidays after losing a loved one–especially that first year.  Which brings me to my thankful thought for today…

(23)  I am thankful to be having all of the family with me for another Thanksgiving.  A lot can happen in a year’s time, as we all know.  I’ve never been made more aware of that fact than during this past year.  Thank you, God, for letting us make it through another year together.

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  1. Sorry you aren’t feeling well. Hope it passes very soon! I’m with you on the cooking. Luckily, I don’t have to do the cooking this year! And the decorating will be a mess here too…until it’s all done! Have a great Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks for the well-wishes, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. Enjoy not having to cook, I would! I’ll think of you as I wade through my decorating mess…LOL

  2. Hope you feel better in time to enjoy all the fun and not have to feel so drug down.

    • Thanks for the well-wishes, Ruth. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I just said a special prayer for you. I hope that you feel better soon and have a very Happy Thanksgiving with the family. 😀

    • Thanks for that prayer, Cindy. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, as well.

  4. hope you feel better soon. put up your feet after you do your cooking. let someone help with other things. my prayers for jeniffer and your family. have a greatthanksgiving. rose

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