Meet Me On Monday…March 28

It’s time to join Java for “Meet Me On Monday”! Come join in the fun by clicking Java’s button at the top of this post! Here are today’s questions:

1. Crunchy or soft tacos? 

Crunchy tacos, please!!!  I’ve tried the soft ones, and I just can’t eat them because they remind me of soggy bread!
2. Do you scrapbook?  Yes, I do!  Recently, I began removing my old high school photos from those horrible old magnetic photo albums (and making a “70’s” scrapbook with them).  My scrapbooking table is still sitting in the living room.  See…
3. Do you take any daily medications?  Unfortunately, I take several daily medications due to my rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, hormone replacement therapy, and high cholesterol.  Let’s just say, our local pharmacist sees us often, because my husband has high blood pressure and high cholesterol, too. (sigh)  I feel like we take this many pills each day…(but it’s not quite that bad)

4. What is your favorite sound?  I absolutely love the sound of the ocean waves crashing at the shore!  I always sleep with the window cracked whenever we rent a condo on the beach, so I can fall asleep listening to the waves.

5. Where were you born? I’ve lived in Georgia for most of my life, but I was born in the “Sunshine State” of Florida–in a hospital 🙂  I think I’ll keep the city a secret for security purposes.

Thought for today…

March 28, 1994…the day is etched in my brain, for it’s the day my journey with rheumatoid arthritis began…My life was forever changed–seventeen years ago today.  Even so, I have been blessed.  Within a few months, my doctor found the right combination of medications for me.  I began to feel better.  Thanks to those medications, my disease has stayed under control.  I enjoy the good days, and tolerate the bad ones.  When life gives you lemons, you just have to make lemonade…

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  1. My pharmacist & I are on a first name basis too *sigh*
    Have a great week!

  2. Ohhh look how neat your scrap table is!!! I can’t let my husband see that, mine is usually spread out over 2 tables and a counter top so I can decide what paper to use with which picture. 😉 Have a great week!

  3. You really need to get a sound machine for your bedroom and set it on the ocean waves. Maybe that way you’d be able to drown out Bobs scratching at the door. LOL 😛

    • Ha Ha It’s funny that you should mention that, because I spent Saturday night on the couch–due to Bobs’ unrelenting scratching at my door!!!

      • Cats…you can’t live with ’em and you hate to live without ’em. LOL 😀

  4. Oh, I am just so with you on #4!!! I love, love, love the ocean and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. We’ve never been fortunate enough to be able to stay ON the beach … close enough to hear the sounds of the ocean waves from our room. That would be pure bliss.

  5. The sound of the ocean would be in my favorites list too! I need to orgranize my scrapbooking stuff…its a slow process but I’m trying to get old pics in scrapbooks too. Have a nice week!

  6. I so wish I had a scrapbooking table. I have scrapbooking piles, covered by boxes of pictures ~ all too tall for me to reach at this point!

  7. Good morning, Cathy
    lots of good information here and thanks for visiting me.
    Mama Bear

  8. I hear ya on the pills. I take just a few different kinds, but if I happen to also need to take a couple of Advil on top of what I take, I too feel like it’s a ridiculous handful of pills, sheesh! 🙂

  9. love the sound machine as an anti-Bobs noise strategy! Ocean waves and streams gurgling in the Smokies, two of my favs!

  10. Wow. Tis’ true.

    I live in California, grew up in Oregon and Idaho but I was born in Virginia.

  11. soggy bread? that never occurred to me and I refuse to eat soggy bread lol

    i know the pharmacy tech that always gets my prescription ready every month but dang if I ever got her name. i just know her by face.

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