The Need For Speed…

The car in the photo was one of my hubby’s all-time favorite vehicles. It was a retired police cruiser that Ed won by placing the best sealed bid in a county auction. I believe he paid around two thousand dollars for it. He used it as a work car for several years, then sold it for the same amount of money that he paid for it.

Since the car was a former police cruiser, I don’t suppose I have to tell you that this car was built for speed.  I’m pretty sure it may have sprouted wings a time or two while Ed was driving…but there was a reason for this.  Ed used to be “on call” for the hospital–every third day, and every third weekend.  When someone came through the Emergency Room and needed stat x-rays after regular working hours, Ed had to get there in a hurry! 

The old police cruiser was also comfortable to ride in, and got pretty decent gas mileage.  For years, Ed had a second job, which required some traveling.  He enjoyed getting aound via his cruiser. (FYI:  For those who may be wondering, before the cars are auctioned, all of the extra hardware is removed–like the bars behind the front seat and the lights on top!)

A few weekends ago, while both of our sons were visiting, the subject of speeding came up in conversation. I looked over at my hubby, who was sprawled out in his favorite chair, and I asked, “What’s the fastest that you’ve ever been in a car?” Without missing a beat, he quickly answered “A hundred and forty miles an hour.” I nearly passed out! I quickly asked him which car he’d traveled so fast in, thinking he might say our old red Corvette or the police cruiser. Instead he calmly replied, “Mama’s  ’69 blue Mercury.” I replied, “I’m sure your mama would be thrilled to know about that!”

It was about this time that our boys confessed to going around 140 miles per hour in Brett’s red Firebird way back in the day! Oh my goodness! Say it ain’t so! I suddenly felt sick,  just thinking about my two teenaged sons flying down the highway at such a high rate of speed!  Mercy!  There are just some things a mother doesn’t need to know.

I was barely recovered from hearing the news about the boys “speed testing” the Firebird when they sprang the biggest surprise of all on me.  Apparently, Brett had tried out Ed’s police cruiser, too!  I don’t even remember him ever driving Ed’s car!  Brett apparently has tied his daddy’s record of 140 miles per hour–in his daddy’s car!  (The phrase, “Like father, Like Son” comes to mind…) 

Sometimes ignorance is bliss!   Thank you, God,  for watching over my big boys and keeping them safe–all three of them!


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  1. You’re so right … there are some things that a mother just does NOT need to know. ha!

  2. From one mother of boys now grown to another–ignorance is bliss indeed!

  3. My mother in law would agree! Not long ago my hubs and his brothers (who are all in their 40’s and 50’s) were telling stories and my mother in law was saying how she could have gone the rest of her life without knowing some of them : ) Boys will be boys is right!

  4. Won’t men ever understand that some things are better left unsaid? 😛

  5. Our daughter has a lead foot as well, I really didn’t want to know that but she had to to go to court because of it. Kids and speed. I’m glad God takes care of fools and children, I have often been both.

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