A Very Chilly Monday…

Acting Balanced

Brrr!  It’s cold here in our neck of the woods!  We’ve been having a cold spell for the past three days.  This morning, the frost is so thick on our daughter’s roof, it looked like snow.  The thermometer says 27 degrees, but it feels much colder than that!  It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to join Heather for the Monday Quiz.

Here are today’s questions:

1. Who was the last person you said ‘I love you to?’

My hubby, Ed.
2. What was the last non-kid friendly movie you saw?

I’m not sure.  It might have been the Clint Eastwood movie, “Gran Torino”, a movie we’d seen before, but watched again.
3. When was the last time you got angry about something that you felt silly about later?

There have been so many occasions during the past two months, it’s hard to remember just one.  Low carb/sugar-free diet + me = cranky person!   I actually learned there’s a name for this crankiness–“Atkins Attitude”.   I’m now taking a vitamin/herbal supplement to help alleviate it.
4. Where is your favorite object at this moment?

In the living room, sitting in front of me.  The only problem is, I can’t decide if it’s the television or the laptop.

My question:

5.  Have you ever had a reader leave a vile or inappropriate comment ?    


When I last posted, on Wednesday, it was raining.  We received 8 inches of rain in just two days!  By lunch, on Wednesday, I called Ed in a bit of a panic.  The chicken coop was flooded, and our poor chickens were wading around in several inches of water!  I spent the morning trying to ditch the water myself, without success.  Ed came home right after lunch, and began to plow drainage ditches with the tractor.  By sunset, most of the water was gone, but our troubles weren’t over.

Whenever it rains a lot in a short period of time, the water in our well gets cloudy.  By Thursday night, the water coming out of the faucets was nasty looking!  We’ve been drinking bottled water since then.  Our well is finally clearing up, and should be normal within another day or two.  I just noticed it’s supposed to rain again on Tuesday evening!


Ed surprised me on Valentine’s Day by taking the day off!  He announced to me, “I’m yours for the day!”  What a nice gift that turned out to be!  (I neglected to mention, before, when Ed came home to rescue me and the flooded chickens, on Wednesday, he came home bearing a vase of three pink roses, too!  Love a guy who not only comes to rescue his lady in distress, but brings her flowers, too!)  I baked him a heart-shaped German Chocolate cake–his favorite.

We spent part of our Valentine’s Day eating lunch  in front of the fireplace at The Cracker Barrel.  The day proceeded with visits from all of the grandchildren, plus we made a visit over to our daughter’s house later in the evening. It was a special Valentine’s Day, and I won’t soon forget it.

100_2159 (2)

The weekend began with the birthday celebration of our daughter-in-law, Christina, on Friday evening.  We celebrated her day with pizza and an ice cream cake.  The rest of the weekend was quiet and uneventful.  We just stayed inside, tried to stay warm and comfortable, and watched a lot of television.

I’m glad it’s a new week and there are no special occasions this week.  I may have been tempted by the cakes in my presence, and may have been guilty of trying a piece– or two.  I may now be paying the price of my guilty pleasure.  Increase in sugar in body = increase in yeast in body 😦  Sometimes life can be cruel…

Happy Monday…

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9 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Yep, have had a few less than kind comments. Depending if I think it is still of value will depend on my approving or trashing the comment.

  2. Hi Kathy,
    I know it must be hard staying on that diet………I imagine you’ve lost a good bit of weight since you started.
    I receive comments on a regular basis from someone signing as anonymous. I can tell by the wording that they want me to click on the link they leave and I am leery of doing so. I simple delete them every time.
    I did receive a couple of comments when I first began blogging that were offensive. Even though we don’t know where these come from, its hard to take them lightly.
    Hope your week keeps going well.
    Mama Bear

  3. I’ve not had any offensive comments – yet! I think one day my time will come, in the meantime, I’m enjoying the wonderful people who stop by and leave a comment. Sounds like you had a great weekend, and I sure hope the chickens are all dried off by now.

  4. I do not think I have ever had anyone leave an inappropriate comment and I write stuff that at times would invite that. I get you on the diet thing. It really stinks! Thanks for joining in on the MQAM.

  5. So far, no nasty or inappropriate comments on my blog. 😉

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  6. Sounds like it was a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

    Comments on my blog have to be approved before they are published. While I will always post a respectfully worded comment that disagrees with me, I won’t publish disrespectful or profane comments. I make that fairly clear in my blog so I’ve pretty much avoided getting any inappropriate comments. I get the occasional spam that the blogger filters miss, but I just delete those comments and forget about them.

  7. I have my settings set so that if a new visitor leaves a comment I will moderate it, but repeat commentators get published straight away. I’m fortunate that I’ve not had any horrible comments (yet!).

    Great post, I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about you. I keep promising myself I will take part in this one Monday but I always remember after the event and usually miss it. Maybe next week haha!!

  8. I have a well too. I’ve taken to always drinking bottle water and giving it to the cats as well since the water is blue. When you put it in a white cup you can see blue.
    I also have a dry well which holds the gray wastewater – sinks and washer. My weather-related problem is that in winter the water in it freezes rather than draining into the ground. So I have to limit my wash loads or go to t he laundromate, Nothing like opening the washing machine and finding it half full and having to wring out jeans the bale the water out. And good luck with dring all those sopping wet jeans and towels.

  9. Sounds like an eventful Valentine’s Day! I’m glad it had a happy ending…hoping the next batch of rain isn’t troublesome. It’s snowing here right now. It came out of nowhere, just as I was getting ready to go out. ugh. Trying to regroup and see if I can figure out dinner from my freezer ingredients. We’ve been away so I really need to go to the store.

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