Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I must say, this week has been relatively calm compared to last week!  No hammering, no sawing, and no unintentional cutting of our electrical wires, since the workmen finished their part of our construction, last Friday.  Thank goodness for the quiet and calm!

Ed and I still have some work to do on the porch before it’s  completely finished.  We have some painting to do, and Ed needs to cut off the new posts of our step railings.  I’m sure we’ll get this stuff accomplished–eventually.  There’s always something to do, and there’s never enough time to get it done!

Speaking of the ‘wire cutting incident’, when Ed put the wires back together, he accidentally traded places with two of our light switches.  As a result, every time I turn on the lights in the living room, I end up turning on the ceiling fan instead (they’re on separate switches)!  I wonder how long it will take to retrain my weary brain to flip the first switch instead of the second one.  Ed offered to switch them back around, but I figured a challenge is good for me!  Eight days and counting…  I still haven’t retrained my brain!

We bought a new charcoal grill, a couple of weeks ago.  Ed finally got around to putting it together yesterday.  Our plan is to grill on Easter Sunday.  It will be something we haven’t done before.  Somehow, the thought of slaving over a ham or a turkey just didn’t seem appealing, this year.  Oops, is my age showing?

We had a mini storm on Monday afternoon.  The wind blew in from the west, which is never a good thing, because we still have lots of tall pine trees on that side of our house.  Ed and I watched in horror as the tops of those pines twisted and twirled in the wind!  Some good-sized limbs fell near the chicken house, and nearly gave ‘the girls’ a heart attack!  We later learned that a tornado had touched down just a few miles away.

Some of our garden has sprouted!  Most of the seeds that we planted last Tuesday have now come up.  It sure looks good to look down the rows and see those little green vegetable plants!  Unfortunately, weeds will soon follow.  I guess I’d better get ready to hoe!  One more thing to add to our ‘to do’ list.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying watching the birds around the yard.  They’ve been enjoying the warm temperatures and sunshine.  Our daughter has a couple of bluebirds nesting in a bird house in her yard.  Apparently, they have babies because I watched them taking food into the bird house, on Saturday.  Some mockingbirds have a nest in the cedar tree, as usual.  Ed and I, also, have a cardinal couple who regularly come to pick up the stray food from around our chicken’s pen.  We have a bird feeder, but this couple seems to enjoy stealing the scratch food.

I’ve spent a great deal of this week trying to finish and upload the last of my video montages from One True Media over to YouTube, since One True Media is going out of business next month.  I only have six weeks left before all of my videos will be deleted, unless they’re published on YouTube.  Unfortunately, lots of other customers must be doing the same thing because it’s taking FOREVER to get a video to process!  I spent two days waiting for the video, below, to process!  Believe it or not, I’ve posted 77 video montages to YouTube, over the past three years.

Here is a montage of our tree cutting experience, last summer.  It’s worth watching, especially if you’ve never seen anyone walk up, tie off, then cut down some VERY TALL pine trees (which happen to have been located VERY CLOSE to our house)!  It amazed me to learn that the tree climber had once fallen from a tree, landed on a concrete picnic table, and shattered one side of his entire body!  He wasn’t even expected to survive, yet there he was, climbing trees again, believe it or not!

Thanks to Mrs. 4-4-4-4 at Half-Past Kissin’ Time  for hosting Friday Fragments each week.  It’s always fun to link up and see what everyone else is ‘fragging’ about, and she’s, also, having a celebration all month! You should check it out!


Have a great weekend, everybody!  I’ll see you on Monday 🙂


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  1. Wow! What a busy frag. Always love to hear about the garden. Sorry to hear about the tornado – glad it missed you. Have a good weekend.

  2. I hope you get the lights straightened out — that would mess with me every time!
    Glad to hear your garden is coming up!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. You do a wonderful job with your videos and your family will love having them available to them. I love YouTube. That is funny about the light switches. I believe that after cooking holiday meals year after year after year, there comes a time when it just isn’t fun anymore. We will probably be cooking a Prime Rib this year which has become our Easter tradition.

  4. Glad the girls weren’t hurt in the storm.

    Hope you get all your montages transferred before they go away.

    We had a sycamore tree taken down a few years ago. It was about 8-10 feet from the house and probably about as tall as your pines. I miss the shade from it too.

    Have a really great weekend.

  5. I just recently starting remembering which light switch to flip after a year in our new family room! So, don’t feel bad! Exciting to see those little plants pop up! Hubby has cut down a few trees in our yard. It always made me anxious, but we never had a in incident. That is until our neighbor cut one down and it hit our back fence! Insurance covered it, so it was all good! Smart to grill for Easter…let Ed help with the cooking!! 🙂

  6. Lucky you didn’t know it was a tornado you would really have been nervous watching those treetops. Although spring has finally arrived here, you definitely have a headstart on summer

  7. Light switches are tough enough to remember when they don’t get flipped around. I wonder why you didn’t hear a tornado warning. Those are so dangerous.

  8. I’ve been living in my home for over 30 years and still get the light switches wrong – that kind of change would throw me completely!

  9. So glad that the tornado didn’t touch down closer to you all. DH grouses about having to go to the basement when there’s tornado warnings, but those things are so dangerous, so deadly that I do NOT take any chances! Hope you relearn which switch is which soon.

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