Chillin’ With The Wednesday Hodgepodge…

I don’t know about where you live, but here in southeastern Georgia it’s HOT!  My favorite place to be, during the month of July, is indoors.  Today I’m going to be spending some time ‘chillin’ with The Wednesday Hodgepodge!  Here are today’s questions, furnished by our gracious hostess, Joyce, @ From This Side of the Pond:

1. July is National Anti-Boredom Month. When was the last time you were bored? What’s your go-to cure for boredom?

Usually, I only get really bored when I’m waiting in the doctor or dentist’s office.  During those times, my go-to cure for boredom is reading.  Most of the time I’ll bring my own reading material.

2. What’s the last thing you made a reservation for?

A hotel stay–but that’s been quite a while ago!

3. What’s one thing on your summer ‘bucket list’? Any plans to make it happen?

I’d love to visit the Florida Keys or someplace where the ocean is clear and blue.  (It’s cloudy and gray where we live.)  Unfortunately, I don’t foresee any trips to the Florida Keys in our future.

4. What’s your favorite summertime sip?

Ice cold water!

5. What do you find is the best way to handle another person’s hostility and hopefully ease the tension?

Remain calm and try to talk things out, but sometimes it’s very hard to do.

6. Your favorite film set in summer?

I had to think about this one for a while, then suddenly two films came to mind, and I couldn’t choose between them! The first film is Dirty Dancing.  Oh, my!  Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze, need I say more???  The second movie that came to mind is Jaws.  I sat on the edge of my seat the entire time!  Didn’t you just love how that creepy music would begin to play just before the shark would strike???  They just don’t make movies like that anymore!
7. What’s a word you’re using too much of lately.

This isn’t an official word, but my answer is ‘ aroundtuit’…as in “I’ll get around to it.”  Lately, more and more things are getting put off until tomorrow–or later!



Ed surprised me with peaches (in a heart-shaped dish) on our anniversary!

On the morning of our 42nd anniversary, I woke up to find a small dish of peaches on the table in the living room!  This was interesting, funny, and so sweet–because there is a story behind those peaches!

You see, Ed and I saw a ‘peach stand’ on the way home from the family visit to our son, Brad’s, house, back in June.  Ed actually stopped (in a thunder-storm) to see how much the peaches were, but refused to buy any when he learned the price!  I was disappointed that he didn’t buy any, and I let him know this on the way home.

Three days later, Ed presented me those over-priced peaches from that same peach stand–located thirty-something miles from our house!   Ed said to me, “I wanted to give you something that I knew you really wanted.”  How did Ed accomplish this?  He solicited the help of our son-in-law, who drives a truck for a living, and goes by the peach stand on a regular basis!

I ate every one of those over-priced peaches, and enjoyed them very much!  Ed couldn’t have given me anything that I’d have enjoyed any better–except the trip to St. Simon’s Island that went along with the peaches 🙂




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  1. Sometimes it really is the little things! I love that sweet thoughtful gift! Happy Anniversary! We’re going to the Keys later this summer, and we are beyond ready : )

  2. I think SWMBO would love a visit to the Florida Keys too. I love the peaches story. Ed sounds like a great guy. Happy 42nd anniversary. A good marriage is a tremendous blessing.

  3. I forgot all about Dirty Dancing which surprises me as the theme song was getting air time when DH and I were “courting”, so when I hear it, I’m always reminded of that summer/fall.

    What a sweet, sweet thing Ed did! Glad you got in some time at SSI to go along with those peaches! 😉

    I’d like to go to the Keys, too.

  4. Wrote, that was a great happy anniversary story!!

  5. Well, he sounds like a keeper! What a sweet thing to do…I know it made you smile! 🙂

  6. i love that you both are so creative and thoughtful about mahing your anniversary special.

  7. Love Dirty Dancing!
    That was so sweet of Ed, I’m so happy for you 🙂

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