Still Kicking, But Not Very High…

Alas, it’s the beginning of another new week.  Ed’s in the garden planting sweet potatoes, and I’m sitting here at the desk top computer.  Life goes on, almost as usual, here in Gooseneck.  Ed works, while Kathy rests…

Ed and I spent a quiet weekend at home, with each one of our off-spring popping in and out at various times.  No big get togethers or family dinners, just one family or other stopping by for a visit.  Brad, Jennifer, and Evan surprised us by bringing lunch, on Sunday, which I greatly appreciated.

Speaking of Brad and Jennifer, both started their new jobs today.  My thoughts and prayers are with them both, especially Jennifer, who will be working a 12 hour shift on her first day.  Evan will be spending his first day with his step-grandmother, so I’m hoping and praying they have a good first day together. For now, Jennifer and Evan will be staying at her dad’s house, while Brad continues to stay at their house, in the city, until it closes.  (There are still some loose ends to tie up there.)  Jennifer’s new job is closer to here, while Brad’s is still in the city.

Our daughter and her husband spent a productive weekend together, working on their marriage issues.  I’m hoping and praying they can eventually get things resolved, and will come out of this with a stronger marriage than before.  (Next month will be their 14th wedding anniversary.)  I told my daughter the other day, “If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger.”  When a marriage gets into trouble, it has a ‘ripple effect’ and everyone feels the pain.  Our family is no exception.

Our oldest son, who traveled to buy a new car, last weekend, had to come and borrow a ride to work, on Friday.  His wife’s new car is fine, but the battery in her old car (that’s now his new car) was dead!  It’s funny how things like that happen.  Years ago, after years of driving an older car, Ed and I finally bought a brand new mini van, so we’d have a “dependable” ride.  We’d only had the van for a couple of weeks, when we went out to crank it and found it to be dead.  The dealership had to send a wrecker to tow it in for service!  So much for “dependable” new rides…

My primary care physician called me on Friday, to discuss my MRI results.  He feels the need to refer me to a specialist, concerning my back.  I’ve chosen to go back to the neurologist who did my cervical fusion, ten years ago.  The doctor’s office should be working on the referral, this week, but I don’t expect to hear back from them for several days.  In the meantime, I’m taking prednisone, which has helped a great deal with the numbness and spasms in my left leg. While walking has become somewhat easier, sitting has become a bit more of a challenge.

Before I leave the subject of my back ailment, I have to share this bit of knowledge.  Three years ago, this summer, I was hit by the mother of all yeast infections.  I made numerous trips to doctors in an effort to eradicate this condition, without any success.  Eventually, by Christmas of that year, I was forced to go on a sugar-free diet.  This helped my condition, but didn’t cure it.  Finally, after searching the internet for cures, I started a three-step ThreeLac (probiotics) program, along with an herbal supplement called Candida Clear.  Now, three years later, I’m still only 85% rid of the yeast.  Because of this “condition”, for the sake of comfort, I’ve been forced to sit on my lower spine, instead of on my actual behind, most of the time.  I’d be willing to bet money, that’s what’s happened to my back!  I’m thinking that sitting incorrectly has affected my back.  It’s funny how one thing can lead to another, huh?

Speaking of sitting incorrectly and bulging discs,  my back is telling me it’s time to get up and take a break from sitting.  Have a great Monday.  I’ll try to make it around to visit your blogs, a few at a time, throughout the day.


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  1. So glad to hear you’re making progress with your back problems.

  2. Hoping and praying for relief … From your yeast problem and your back issues, my friend.

  3. Hope they get your back issue all figured out quickly and that you’ll be pain free soon.

  4. Hi Kathy! I’m glad to hear the prednisone is helping. My Joe calls it “Dr. Feelgood” since it usually cures all ills while on it. I’ve always been prone to yeast infections and know how miserable they can make you feel. I can’t imagine never getting rid of it. Prayers continue for you and for your daughter’s marriage. Hugs!

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