My Week In 500 Words…

Once again, I hesitate to write a post, since life is slow and normal, at the moment.  However, these are the kinds of days that keep me sane, even if they don’t yield much blogging material.

I’m up early, this morning, in fact, I beat Ed out of bed.  That rarely happens!  He’s been battling a cold for almost two weeks, so he needs the rest.  I finally ‘suggested’ he go to the doctor, yesterday.  He reluctantly complied, and came home with some antibiotics and some “nasty cough medicine” (his words, not mine).  I do hope the medication helps him get well.  Two weeks is a l-o-n-g time to put up with a nasty cold.

The weather was really nice for two days, this week.  Our temperatures reached near 70 degrees. Even though he was sick, Ed took full advantage of those days by doing some outside chores, like pruning the grapevines, fruit trees, and pecan trees.  He also began preparing the ground in our garden for spring planting.  No, it’s not time to plant, but we still had “greens” growing from the fall, and they needed to be ‘turned under’  (mowing down what’s growing and ‘harrowing’ it under the ground).

Seeing the ground freshly tilled gave me a bit of ‘spring fever’!  Ed and I will make our garden smaller, this year, because of our health issues, but we both still enjoy growing our own food, and want to have a garden.  We may find we enjoy it even more if we don’t have to work ourselves to death while doing it!

Once again, Ed and I had to wash the butts of our two oldest red hens, this week.  For reasons unknown to us, those two tend to accumulate fecal matter under their tail feathers.  After about two months, it gets rather disgusting.  I’ll  hold one of the hens in my lap, while Ed uses the water hose to slowly get her bottom clean.  The ‘girls’ are used to it, by now, and really don’t put up much of a fuss.  Of course, we always wait until the temperatures are on the warm side before we do this!

Speaking of ‘the girls’, egg production is picking up, with an increase in daylight hours.  Did you realize the amount of light in a day affects how many eggs hens lay?  I didn’t until we got chickens!  The hens laid a total of three eggs, yesterday, but only one of them made it to my kitchen.  One got eaten, another lay broken in the nest.  Did you know some hens will eat their eggs after laying them?  I didn’t, until we got chickens.  In fact, I didn’t know a lot of things, concerning chickens, but I’ve learned!

We’ve been going through the process of having our mailing address changed over, for the past two weeks.  What a headache it’s been!  Some places we’ve called, still haven’t changed the address, while others changed it immediately.  I had to re-order checks, with our new address on them, even though I’d just bought 8 new boxes, last year.  What a headache!  In the end, it’s all worth it, though, not to have to go 1/4 mile down the road, to check our mail, while four lanes of traffic whiz by!

I’ve exceeded 500 words, so I guess that means it’s time to stop writing. Until the next time…






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  1. 70 degrees! Why’d ya have to go and say that. I was happy looking forward to Sunday when it will be approaching 50, and next Thursday when they say 57! No, seriously,enjoy your time outside and as for me, this is great for up here. I am very grateful.

  2. Gorgeous here today, and more wonderful weather on the way. Our builder is happy and so are we : )

  3. Ha! It’s like the hens have their very own bidet! 😀
    My dad said he doesn’t think he’s going to have a garden this year; he said it was just too much work last year. At 90 years old, he’s definitely started to slow down.

  4. I think you are warmer there than we are down here! But at least the rain has gone and the sun is out in a beautiful blue sky! Hope Ed’s cold goes away now that he has some meds!

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