Celebrating 44 Years Of Marriage…


Ed and I with the mailman/pastor who delivered Ed’s letters to me for over two years, then eventually married us on June 18, 1972

Tomorrow Ed and I will be celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary.  That means we will have been husband and wife for 16, 060 days!  That’s a long time, but I so feel blessed and honored to have been given this opportunity to share my life with this wonderful man!  I’ve always told Ed, “If you die before me, there will be no other husbands for me!”  (I found “gold” the first time around, and would never attempt it twice.)

I really don’t know where our time together has gone.  It seems like just yesterday, we were so young, and had our entire lives ahead of us.  We blinked and suddenly we were middle aged, and our parents were celebrating their own 44th wedding anniversaries!  Oh, and I thought our parents were so old, back then!  It’s funny, but I sure don’t feel that way, now!

Ed’s parents made it well past their 50th anniversary, before his dad passed away, but my parents didn’t quite make it to their 47th year before my dad died.  I would be thrilled to make it “well past” the 50th anniversary mark, but, these days, since Ed survived the “widow maker”, I am just content with each and every day the Lord lets us share.

I had a real “wake up call” this week, when I found myself sitting in the Social Security Administration office, signing up for Social Security.  Wow, I’m almost old enough to draw my first check!  How did that happen?  There was also another reality check when we discussed future  “Spousal Survivor Benefits” while at the SSA.  Not something we like to think about, but something to be dealt with, sooner or later.

It’s interesting to sit back and look at our three children, today.  I can remember when Ed and I were their ages, living the kind of lives they are now living.  It was busy time–Ed working two jobs, me taking care of the house, then later working outside of the home, too, fulfilling our church duties, tending to my ailing parents, all while raising three children. There was so little time and energy left over for each other–and I thought we’d be young forever!  Ha!  Boy was I wrong!


Fast-forward about thirty more years, and here we are, today.  Both retired, with some chronic health issues, but not nearly as many as we could be having.

These days, we have more time on our hands than we have dollars to spend. We also work harder, while sometimes seeming to accomplish less. However, at the end of each and every day we are thankful we’ve lived another day.  Every night, we hug, kiss, and tell each other “I love you”, and go to bed hoping we’ll  share another tomorrow.

We watch our grandchildren growing up, and wonder what in the world the future holds for them.  We watch the news and just shake our heads. We wonder, how did things get so out of whack?

And, of course, we live our marriage vows–“for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; to love and to cherish, until death do us part.”  It’s not always easy, but it’s SO worth it!

Happy Anniversary to my “better half”.  I love you with all of my heart!  “You complete me.”





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  1. Please accept my heartiest congratulations. I hope you’ll be continuing your KFC tradition, perhaps topped off by a trip to St. Simon Island,

  2. Happy Anniversary

  3. How sweet!! Happy anniversary on your 44th!! You two look like you were 12 in that wedding photo! LOL So young (weren’t we all!) and the time does go much too fast. Congratulations and wishes for more than 50!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!

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